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after the absence the heart was beating for one of the transients

after the absence the heart was beating for one of the transients 

in the left and left behind the last breath of his breath in the mazes of fancy; deserted and empty inhabited by the satiety and the euphoria and a bit of nostalgia and love of the '

I wish I could sink into your depths to turn your secrets .. to know how you think of me and when to have my love live .. to know the amount of your longing .. and your love .. to reveal the secret of magic .. In the Nak .. my love .. In the past the circle was limited to us .. And today .. Knowledge of love a lot .. Vtagt the circle .. And will continue to grow .. So drown in it, nothing in your hobby ... is worth forgetting !! After the first poem of love I write and know that I will cry more .. After the last poem of love I did not write between crying and writing a relationship I do not know, I cry to write .. And I write so as not to cry and that is the difficult equation .. And carried my wound on the shoulders of the Virgin and walked to you. And my dream to find the medicine Rahaqa sweet flowing from your lips ,,, Basma in my heart .. O star in the Sahadi .. Oh flower my love and my brother and Woody .. Ahdiki Omri .. Is guided by age only to the semantic, I loved the glamor of your eyes and the magic of your eyes There is no such thing as a prisoner of their love from the look of a gesture to the party of the kohil, if I gather the sea in your eyes ... I do not care if the sea scorched tears ... No If I kill my tears with a grave I do not care ... If you kill love with your hands if I buried in the heart Jamra ,,, I will not care since the duration .. I am lost in this world strange .. Since the extension .. I did not see your eyes have not heard your voice tones since the extension. And longing in my chest is flames .. Where are you from me! You did not leave me! Have you forgotten my love ... or my beloved forgetfulness !! If you ask about love .. He is in the heart of my love if you ask about fulfillment .. It is printed in my love if you asked for truth .. It is in the words of my love and if you asked about compassion .. Fhanan world find him in the look .. From the eye of my beloved said who you love! .. I said my love they said why you love! .. I said my love they said how to love! .. I said my love they said we did not understand! .. I said I do not understand ... My mind my love I write you for the twentieth time after I received your first response to tell you about my crazy Shawky and my heart about you what I love you as a tricky eyes long Cod and a taller Rams every day you grow up day .. At every moment your love grows in my heart .. Here is my love, the most precious gift I have given you my age ... Every year and you I am ..! I looked in the dictionaries .. I searched the logarithms for one word describing the amount of my love .. I found only a word .. I adore you Vickevk humble .. You are my lover, ,, betrayed me forgetting at every moment .. Because I remind you at the moment .. A thousand times ..

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