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That innocent person is loved by that haunted room who goes

That innocent person is loved by that haunted room who goes

 to her so much sitting and playing out so much
And control all the Mavha never open the door even darkened the place and quiet and quiet fear
And became sleepy and drowning in dreams .. That room accustomed to it is cared for and wrote on the walls words do not delete
He sat by her so much she likes his whisper and called him and liked his smell became for that room feeling
He moved by the "sense" they were saying to that dark and dark room and was settled by but he ran the room
She managed to make her the nicest room that the room had become for him
This room became a sense of high felt everything else was covered by dust dead
Mottled does not feel around forever but it is the person who drives it all out of that room :)
She became agonized when she did not see how long she longed for him. She became more moldy if she did not hear his voice
That room I called my life and my soul that room gave it bigger than its size because it only removed dust from them
I tell you what that room is "my heart" Yes it is the end of my heart Yes, it moved my feelings Yes I grabbed my hand
And I care about that heart I love my heart and make him long for him a lot was an architectural heart does not like anything but ..
His attention to his question is the one who made him beat him is a wonderful person I did not like his good I am sorry my heart
I am very sorry it does not fit you it is not for you not to skimp it will break the days and you will get used to it again
And you will imagine his voice everywhere because you will never see him and will not hear his voice after the painful fact of his differences but you will get used to pain
If you close the door and do not open it again this will leave you stupid room filled with dust comes someone shut it off
And ... -

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