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The most despised

The most despised

Jealousy is the actions and thoughts and feelings that appear when a person feels that there is a person threatens his relationship strongly with others in the sense of another competitor, and can be jealousy with intent or unintentionally, jealousy negative feeling undesirable, and must work hard to stop the negative feelings towards others, Here in my article this brought you some of the expressions about jealousy and poetry. Expressions of jealousy in jealousy love more than the love of the other. Jealousy in love like the water of a little rose refreshes and kills many. When the jealousy entered, the truth came out of the head. A little jealousy is built and many of them are destructive. Love as strong as death and jealousy is as cruel as a grave. Jealousy paralyzes love. Jealousy is the tyranny in the kingdom of love. We are women with our men, men with others. Not always jealous of the love guide .. Sometimes you will be a guide to other things .. Quite far from love. How we sing in the warmth of relations in the East, for the absurd and the lies! The basis of relations Unfortunately jealousy and envy and delight in the misfortunes of others either to find someone who rejoice from his heart to your successes is rare. There is a feeling of jealousy over the sanctity of God and the desire to protect it, and the feeling of hatred for God's slaves and the desire to humiliate them. Jealousy is confusing the mind, and does not allow rational thinking, just like alcohol. Jealousy is not an issue. About that? It is more fundamental; it depends on one's knowledge that his love is not reciprocal. So one keeps waiting, waiting and waiting for the beloved to turn into someone else. The jealousy of many makes you a woman who is authoritarian and annoying and you are not sure of yourself or your legs and make them make you a cool female give up one of her female instincts so as not to look weak but the jealousy of him is the feeling of his regrets and renewed love between you and the weak man is not sensitive to the feelings of his wife and say and do what he likes Without giving the slightest attention to her dignity, no doubt Sir will abandon you if she tries to provoke her madness. What is the best jealousy in the time ... And uglier jealousy at all times who is still accused of wedding ... Proponents of the leper of the manon or doubt that tempting him ... Who is afraid to bring to the eyes of your calculation of the fortification and put ... from you to a true view and religion does not expect you to suspicion ... spouse. Curiosity is born of jealousy. Jealousy also physical pain. Jealousy is a natural instinct. Jealousy sees everything but what is being. Fear and jealousy have big eyes. Jealousy ... is the confluence of the voice of emotion in the voice of the storm. Jealousy ... the lens grows up small things. Knights are carrying the flag of the right .. This is what the nation needs today, and the world needs .. The lack of the use of swords and horses does not mean the absence of equestrian in our time. «The believer is jealous and God is the most jealous». «Halal has turned the nose of jealousy». If I did not fight in your hobby, I would not be tempted. I have attacked you from my eyes and my heart ... and from you and from your control and the place ... If I made you in my Ayyubi ... to the Day of Resurrection is enough. He attacked her from her father and her mother. He rained against him, even ... of him himself aggrieved. I am jealous of the breeze if it is secret. I love the money, but I am jealous. What is the best jealousy in time ... and ugliness at all times. Jealousy knows more than you know the truth. I love you, O happiness, Distorting your joys, Blessed is in my heart, Who is ignorant of the coyness of jealousy alone, Death makes my jealousy alone. Nothing more active than the imagination of a woman jealous. Athena did not differentiate between the twin twins .. Jealousy and suspicion. When a woman is jealous .. Crying and when the man lures .. Silence when jealous of women hate man and when jealous man hates himself! Sometimes a man is jealous of a woman she loves even if he does not love her. A woman is jealous of a man he loves even if she does not love him! The most beautiful types of jealousy jealousy of love .. And the worst types of jealousy jealousy of hatred. The signs of jealousy ignite the woman and extinguish the man! The woman gets happy with the jealousy of the man she loves . Jealousy of the man who loves her and does not love him! We .. Naggar on those we love because we love them and scold those who love us because we love ourselves! Do not express your love for them jealous .. If you are unsure of their sense towards you may reveal your moments of weakness to those who do not deserve!

What is the biggest difference between love and jealousy? Great love breeds jealousy. And extreme jealousy kills love and the greatest difference between jealousy and suspicion .. And most cases of jealousy in the tales of emotional origin .. Doubt! If you caught yourself in jealousy on someone who loses your feelings well, you may be in love and you do not know. When a woman is jealous, she weeps ... When a man is jealous, he is silent. When a woman is jealous she hates a man ... When a man is jealous he hates himself. Sometimes a man is jealous of a woman she loves even if he does not love her. A woman is jealous of a man he loves even if she does not love him. The most beautiful types of jealousy "jealous love. The worst unconscious jealousy jealousy hatred. Signs of jealousy flare women, Extinction man. Happy woman jealous man who loves him .. and choked jealous man who loves her and loves him. We are jealous for those who love them because we love them ... and jealous on who love us because we love ourselves. do not express to one of your love to him jealous if you are unsure of their sense to you, it is possible to reveal moments of weakness to those who deserve. the biggest difference between love and jealousy ... great love generates jealousy ... and jealousy severe kill love. Poetry Talal al-Saeed about jealousy Ttabni Bnazratn hidden, and Ijamlha and I do not know Wosh and her eyes and answers Bnazratn sad tired T for Dhana spirit and Hqaha Ocyrha and I will answer all look and Okhbay existence, and looking for her consent before the Show her Znat my heart DALLAH biography of love and Sllagha Following the lip I knew my heart forget them, but what but forgotten Gllagha increases with the supplied nights and sold the people of my heart, and bought it and became I of them attacked by a line myself and I I take it down and attacked her mother until her father and attacked who by His command, aha and envy who Tibra care and envy Elly Bohacesh took care of and envied ga not the marketed afraid he joins me Gllagha and envy the wind to move my hair and envy the eyes of others do not see and attacked from the moon does not beam light Khzt light moon became Duaha and envy The sun does not shine on it Cause in their harm and envy land not trampled upon the impact of steps Yahya Theraha agar stars Ilia Talt and Chavtha my eyes what you see and jealous of Agom who for six Asaha what cut it Asaha agar rings in her hands, and his watch and all who Amaaha and agar of necklaces in slaughtered and raided the divisions for those who hung and envy who live at home with them and I do not exaggerate envy Qasraha and envy the heart to set up wishes because the heart is patient Blaha raided the whole point is not Qrtha though is my story and Eshki Ajafaha include Gertie until the mirror is entitled God Bhovtha Tbaha Yes agar even from the pillow and envy Afrachha Weah covered him only Yamen help me it brings me It is the soul and its meaning is impotence I will heal my wounds with my spirit, and if I am tall, I will be slain with my desire

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