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THE BEST WAY to breed million guppy fish in your aquarium

THE BEST WAY to breed million guppy fish in your aquarium

via Channel Name (or Channel URL) the best way to breed million guppy fish in your aquarium Can you keep guppies in a bowl? Wild-type Guppies. ... Also commonly raised as feeder guppies, these bright, colorful fish have been known to live in just a few quarts of water (though it's recommended that they live in a proper, filtered fish bowl or tank). Can you use tap water for guppies? Guppies are a freshwater fish, but you may not be able to use water straight from the tap. Chlorine is a problem for fish, so you need to use dechlorinated water. You could buy water for the tank, or you could use tap water and leave it in an uncovered container for 24 hours. This lets the chlorine evaporate. What do guppies fry eat? Feed your guppy fry 4 to 8 times daily. When feeding fry it is important to offer a variety of food. A couple of quality, high-protein flake foods should be given, crushed up finely. Flakes are an excellent food just before lights out. How does a female guppy get pregnant? To be able to control when your guppies breed, separate them when they are young. Identify the females by looking for the dark spot, called the gravid spot, on the underside, just where the tail starts. Guppies can get pregnant as early as three months of age, so it's best to separate them well before that time. How many gallons do you need for guppies? For an experienced fish keeper, I would say you could keep anywhere from 10-15 guppies in 10 gallons of water. But because your a beginner, I would advise starting small. If you figure the general rule of thumb of 1 inch of fish per every gallon of water… that puts you at around 5-8 guppies. aquarium fish tropical fish types of fish freshwater fish fish aquarium fish tank fish bowl Relaxing Aquarium Fish The DIY FISH Nature Aquarium FISH ideasaquarium setuptropical fish tank wallpaper hd



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