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"Sword Art Online" I just started watching this tremendously 

hyped show, and already, by the end of only Episode 

3, Kirito and Sachi had me all choked up and maybe a bit of

 "sweat" in my eyes - not "tears" of course - I'm 


too manly to shed those! :)

Okay, maybe tears... Anyway, despite the fact that so many 

self-appointed "Anime Critics" keep going on and on 

and on about how poor this show 

is compared to the original light novels, and how 

simply awful the plot holes and story are. I think that

 it is a very 

good show to watch! I am glad that I have watched 

the 1st three episodes, and would recommend that 


watch at least these 3! I haven't watched the rest, so 

maybe it will not seem as great as it progresses, but I


that it has already been worth watching - even if the

 rest of the show does flop!

Now I am going to start watching the 4th episode of 

this "lousy" show! Crossing my fingers, and expecting 


enjoy it!

BTW, I have noticed that I usually greatly enjoy 

shows so-called Critics tend to call mediocre! Perhaps

 because I 

am watching them for ENTERTAINMENT, and not 

trying to tear them apart to see how many faults I 


find! I 

recently watched "Hotel Transylvania" and I LOVED 

that also - yet the critics were saying it was only 


watching if you simply couldn't find something more 

interesting to do - such as cleaning your room, etc.!!!


were wrong - it is great! Go see it at the theater now,

 and buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD! (Don't 


this isn't just me trying to sell something - I doubt if

 Gold Star will ever carry any merchandise featuring


movie - I just personally enjoyed it!