arctic fox The beautiful bald eagle, Americas national bird, they are really stunning, this is an old male eagle.

arctic fox The beautiful bald eagle, Americas national bird, they are really stunning, this is an 

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Life is the opposite of death, and life has many forms. We live in it for a moment, and we have to enjoy our lives and walk in the right way, because we only live once. Arab rule on life do not cry over who sold you and do not let him cry over your loss. All we buy is pain but pain itself: free. You can tear down a mountain. But you can not hide a wreck. A person should know everything about something, and know a bit about everything. Raise your heart to lose the things you love so as not to come down when you lose. The heart is called the heart of a large fluctuation. There are countries within which there are peoples and there are peoples without countries. Who does not risk anything that does not win anything. When you fall, you know your brother. The head of wisdom is the fear of God. A person may sell something that he has inherited ... but he does not sell a heart that he loves. If he kneels behind you, you know in the foreground. If I love you a million I'm with them .. And if I love you one is me .. And if no one loves you .. Know that I am dead. Be like the moon that shines for people millions of years ago and does not wait for one of the people to raise his head and say thanks to him. Three guests come without a prior appointment (love .. luck .. death ..). Satan is enough for ten hours to deceive a man and a woman enough for one hour to deceive ten demons. Conscience is a quiet voice. It tells you that someone is looking at you. Sometimes the noise dies .. The bones of silence are grinded. The problem of the world is that idiots and fanatics are always confident of themselves, while the wise are filled with doubts in themselves. Every disease is a medicine to be used only foolishness is less than the cure. He asked the good Lord: Where do I find my place? And he said: In the hearts of those who are broken to me, who reproach me. Those who do not know misery .. will not realize the value of happiness. Three things in life go without return (speech - opportunity - time). Minimum. An enemy in the clothes of a friend. In the end we do not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Despite eclipse and eclipses ... the Moon remains moon. Do not cry over who sold you, and do not let him cry over your loss. I am not a lover of honey, but a lover of sincere advice. Every moment in life treasure is not repeated. One of the wise men said: My son has tasted all the good things, but I have not found any better than wellness. I did not find anything of the need for people, and I quoted iron. I did not find anything heavier than religion. If you make yourself a worm on earth, do not touch those who trample you with your feet. This man who combines the very weakness of illness and lust, the power of war and the creation of means of building and destruction, is the only evidence of the existence of God. The secret of happiness is to marvel at something without wanting to acquire it. Be like thorns, place your peaks. Mostly evil evil. Whoever loved God saw everything beautiful. To arrive late is better than not to arrive. All if there is a lot of literature except literature, if it is too expensive. If you choose life on the sidelines, you know you will die without an address. The secret is a key that a person must preserve and maintain. If you do not have a hammer you will treat anything as a nail. Happy houses have no voice. Everyone is thinking of changing the world .. but no one is thinking about changing himself. When there is no hope for the future, there will certainly be no meaning to the present. If people only talk about what they know. Those who love you really will never accept to cry. The artificial smile, like artificial roses, is easily discovered. For each fall pickup. Let us like Asami to change time. Friendship as a parachute whenever the greater the need for it. It is not shame if we fall but shame that we can not rise. The lover does not forget his love ... and the friend does not forget his friend. .. And the killer does not forget his dead. .. and the wounded do not forget the wounded. Do not be distressed if life gets tough !! She is like a mother .. hit her son  ??! So that he learns in the coming times. Keep in your life the first two rules: Do not try to reach a person ... does not try to reach you. Second: Do not fight the world for a human being ... He can not fight his pride for you. It is not the strong who always win the war, but the weak who always lose peace. Happiness to see the smile on the gap of others and the pain to see others suffering. The eye sees everything but itself. Rejoice to whom you want, you are captive. Turn away from what you want, be his counterpart. Good to you, you are Amir. Disrupt yourself. The child who is writing with fire is afraid of fire. The fox does not sign himself in shirk twice. If life were not difficult. When we came out of our mothers' bellies, we cried. If life was a rose, everyone would be able to breathe its nectar. A crumb is not something important. But it is nonetheless worth everything for a starving homeless person. If the garlic was washed with rose water, it still smells. What is nicer that a man weeps and smiles on his lips and laughs and tears in his eyes. Experience is the comb that gives you life after you have lost your hair. Write the best that you hear .. And keep the best what you write .. And spoke the best you hear. Repentance before punishment. The cloud does not hurt the dogs barking. You should not say everything you know but you should know everything you say. Do not spit in the well; you might drink from it one day. It is not hard to sacrifice for a friend .. but it is hard to find a friend who deserves to sacrifice! Life is full of stones, so do not stumble upon it, but gather it up and build a ladder that will lift it towards success. Be in the world as a passerby and leave behind all the beautiful impact of what we are in the world only guests and the guest only to leave. And it is the light of virtue, and thanks to his family, he will be saved and rewarded. I am an enemy of my uncle and I am an enemy of his enemies. Do not have to say what we know but you should know what you are saying. One does not make friends, but recognize them. Difficult to choose who you love .. The hardest to try to hate who you love. Do not waste your time arguing with them. Do not be sad if you come from the nearest people to you .. The person will come and plant in your heart love and smile. The most difficult things when the cause of your crying someone was telling you: do not cry, your tears are expensive. Hjrk painful I know ... But Hjri deadly and you will know when someone betray you .. Stand up lifting your head anda