Life is either a daring adventure or nothing No one is more miserable than the one


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing (Helen Keller). No one is more miserable than the one who has become a non-decision is his only habit (William James). If you do not try to do anything beyond what you have mastered, you never progress (Ronald Asport). When I build a team, I always look for people who like to win. If I do not find any of them, I look for people who hate defeat (Ross Brut). The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can change his life, if he can change his mental tendencies (William James). One is the origin of all that Aristotle does. You should trust yourself. If you do not trust yourself, who will trust you? What you get without effort or price has no value. If it fails, you will not work hard. What a failure only a temporary defeat creates you chances of success. Escape is the only cause of failure, so you fail as long as you do not stop trying. The only answer to defeat is Winston Churchill. Perhaps it is a wonder of life, if you reject everything below the summit level, you always reach it (Somerset Mum). What the high man seeks is in himself, but the poor seeks for what others have (Confucius). Many may accept advice, but only the wise are the ones who benefit from it (Papelius Sears). There is nothing necessary to achieve success of any kind more than perseverance, because it transcends everything even nature. You have to do things that you think you can not do (Roosevelt). Those who live in fear will never be free (Horace). The great man is reassuring, free from anxiety, while the narrow-minded man is usually tense. Your eyes are only a reflection of your thoughts (d. Ibrahim al-Faqi). Communication in human relations is similar to human breathing, both aimed at the continuation of life (Virginia Satir). Doing the right thing will make some grateful while others are surprised (Mark Twain). That the world gives way to one who knows where he is going (Ralph and Amerson). A person without a goal as a ship without a helm will both end up on the rocks (Thomas Carlyle). Goals are not only necessary to motivate us, but are essential to our survival (Robert Schuler). Happiness lies in the pleasure of accomplishment and the recognition of creative effort (Roosevelt). The direction that begins with learning will determine one's life in the future (Plato). There is no description of the greatest leader that he helps his men to train for strength, effectiveness and influence (Mencius). The great discoveries and achievements require the cooperation of many hands. And who is afraid of the rise of the mountains .. live forever between the pits. Nationalism alone is not enough. We should not harbor hatred or bitterness towards anyone. In all things stop to the success of a previous preparation and without such preparation there must be failure. Spending seven hours planning with clear ideas and goals is the best and best result of spending seven days without direction or goal. The true wisdom is not only in seeing what is in front of your eyes, but in predicting what will happen in the future. Plant trees today grow under it tomorrow. When you are exposed to a problem, distance yourself from prejudices and prejudices .. Know the facts of the situation and rank and then took a position that shows you that it is more just and stick to it. We must have a ready-made cemetery where we can find friends' mistakes. With every right a responsibility .. Why do people only mention their rights. God created us to give to them, so we must not make ourselves funds to save but channels to express good Faisal to others. Our business defines us as much as we define our business. The highest degree of human wisdom is knowledge of the conditions and the creation of internal knife and calm in spite of external storms. Research teaches a person to recognize his mistake and pride in this fact rather than try with all his might to defend something illogical for fear of recognizing weakness while acknowledging the sign of power. The qualities that make the manager successful are the courage to think and the courage to work and the courage to expect failure. Your ability to maintain your balance in emergencies and amid disturbances and avoid panic are the real signs of leadership. The president is the man who bears the responsibility, he does not say the majority of my men but says I conquered .. This is the man really. We are making it difficult for others to commit the same mistakes. Praise your friend publicly. First tree .. (kernel). If you execute an error you will execute it poorly. It is impossible to satisfy people in all matters. Therefore, our only concern should be to satisfy our conscience. It is best to arrive three hours early to be delayed one minute. Control is only harmful to your control of yourself. Success is not measured by the position that one occupies in his life, as measured by the difficulties he overcome. The lesson in the number of achievements achieved regardless of who achieved.

One of the most common mistakes made by man in his life .. was the result of positions had to say no .. He said yes. The righteous man is the source of strength. The righteous man may never become famous. But he becomes respected and loved by all his acquaintances, because he has established a solid foundation of success and will take his right from life. One must not forget the human aspect in dealing with others, whether in their practical or social life. If you take responsibility for those you do not deserve, you will always reveal your true creation. If you find pleasure in your work, others will find it fun to work under your command. The best ways may be the most difficult but you should always follow them as habituation will make things look easy. Work who you are responsible for as you like to treat you who is responsible for you. Go back to good habits and it will make you. Success is often the ally of those who act boldly, and are rarely the ally of those who resent the positions and their consequences (Jawaharlal Nehru). We should not judge the qualities of men by their qualifications, but by using them for qualifications. We fall in order to rise .. We lose in the battles to liberate the greatest victory .. Just as we sleep to advise more powerful and active (Brownbach). The successful man is the one who remains looking for a job, after finding a job. The losers are divided into two halves: those who think and do not work, and those who work and never think (John Charles Salak). People do not reach the Garden of Success without passing the stations of fatigue, failure and despair, and the strong will does not prolong the stand in these stations.