‪‪Fire‬, ‪Azusa‬, ‪Duarte‬, ‪Angeles National Forest‬‬ Fire‬ ‪Los Angele...

‪‪Fire‬, ‪Azusa‬, ‪Duarte‬, ‪Angeles National Forest‬‬ ‪‪Fire‬, ‪Silver Lake‬, ‪Los Angeles‬‬ ‪‪Fire‬, ‪Potrero‬, ‪California‬‬



Families were forced to evacuate their homes Monday as two brush fires burned hundreds of acres in the San Gabriel Mountains.

The following communities are under evacuation orders.

• Mountain Cove in Azusa is under mandatory evacuation, according to Azusa Police.

• Rainbow Ranch community is also being asked to evacuate by Azusa PD.

An evacuation center has been set up at 1600 Huntington Drive in Duarte, said Captain Keith Mora.

Horses and other large animals should be taken to the LA County Fairplex in Pomona.

James Finlay, 35, and his family was evacuated from his home on Brookridge Road in Duarte, said his mother, Margaret Finlay, a city councilwoman in Duarte and long time resident.

Margaret and her husband, Brad, were sitting in their backyard of their Duarte home at the top of Mount Olive Drive, watching the flames approach the ridge while their grandkids swam in the pool.

“It is starting to come over the ridge again,” said Margaret. “We are sitting here in the back yard; you can see the black puffs. The wind has picked up. If it ends up turning we could be in a world of hurt.”

“We’ve already packed up our cars and we are ready to go at any time.”

Finlay’s father, Ed Ferguson, lives closer to the fire. She helped them pack their things earlier Monday. “They are sitting there with a car packed and cats in the cat cage,” Margaret said.

Feguson turned 91. “Today is his birthday. Some birthday present,” she said.

Evacuations are underway at Brookridge and Encanto Parkway and also in between Greenbank and Encanto Parkway, she said.