Beautiful collection aggressive fish and piranha attack hand from aquarium

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Beautiful collection aggressive fish and piranha attack hand from aquarium

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The Archerfish is famed for its amazing ability to shoot down resting insects above the water surface. However jumping out of the water to catch its prey is much more preferred than 'shooting', as the one that caught the insect doesn't always get to it first. When the insect is near in enough, the archerfish will leap out of the water to catch it in its mouth. If this fails, then it will resort to shooting. Generally the fish swim in 'shooting parties'. When prey is sighted they will shoot relentlessly. Each archerfish will shoot at the same insect, when it falls the entire archerfish 'party' rushes towards it, wanting to be the first to grab it.

Archerfish are able to shoot by putting their tongue against the roof of the mouth, forming a tube. By suddenly shutting their gills, water is then powerfully forced along the tube and out. The tip of the tongue directs the aim. Their large eyes are located near the mouth giving off a binocular vision thus assisting their aim to accuracy. To get a good jet of water, the snout is pointed out of the


Cynotilapia afra

Afra Cichlid

The Afra Cichlid is a brightly colored mbuna from Lake Malawi Africa.

Pterophyllum scalare

Freshwater Angelfish

Can be temperamental with other species when they pair off.

Cyrtocara moorii

Blue Dolphin Cichlid

A popular cichlid that needs a larger aquarium. Really pretty shades of blue depending on the aquarium lighting they are under.

Apsitogramma cacatuoides

Cockatoo Cichlid

Colorful cichlid that likes hiding places and live plants.

Archocentrus nigrofasciatus

Convict Cichlid

One of the most commonly kept cichlids. They are great parents and fairly easy to breed.

Pseudotropheus Demasoni

Demasoni Cichlid

A dwarf mbuna cichlid that needs to be kept in groups.

Symphysodon aequifasciatus


The ultimate freshwater tropical fish species perhaps, it's definitely one of the prettiest and can be considered challenging to keep long term.

Thorichthys meeki

Firemouth Cichlid

Another great cichlid that is an excellent parent to it's young.

Cichlasoma octofasciatum

Jack Dempsey

Named after the famous prize fighter, these cichlids need larger tanks.

Parachromis managuensis

Jaguar Cichlid

A big cichlid (up to 21 inches) that needs a big aquarium.

Hemichromis bimaculatus

Jewel Cichlid

The Jewel cichlid can get aggressive with tank mates (like many cichlids) when they pair off.

Metriaclima lombardoi

Kenyi Cichlid

Use caution when mixing with other kenyi (must only be in ratio of 1 male to 2+ females) and not with other fish from Metriclima group due to aggression. Not compatable with other types of fish, not a community fish.

Pelvicachromis pulcher

Kribensis Cichlid - Krib

Another one of the easier to breed cichlids.

Astronotus spp.

Oscar Fish

Often sold to new hobbyists that should now better. Oscars need larger tanks than most hobbyists can provide.

A hybrid

Blood Red Parrot Cichlid

An interesting hybrid cichlid that needs some hiding places and an established tank.

Pseudotropheus polit

Polit Cichlid

The Polit Cichlid is a highly aggressive mbuna from Lake Malawi Africa.

Microgeophagus ramirezi

Blue Ram Cichlid

Awesome looking cichlid that needs to be slowly acclimated and fed a high quality diet.

Amphilophus labiatus

Red Devil Cichlid

A large and mean cichlid that needs a large tank.

Protomelas taeniolatus

Red Empress Cichlid

Gets to around 5 inches in size and considered one of the less aggressive cichlids. Endemic to Lake Malawi.

Pseudotropheus Saulosi

Saulosi Cichlid (Dwarf Mbuna)

A dwarf mbuna cichlid that gets to about 3.4 inches as adults.

Heros efasciatus


The common severum, needs at least a 55 gallon or larger.

Neolamprologus multifasciatus

Shell Dweller Cichlid

Multies are a special type of cichlid for many reasons. The first reason is they are shell-dwellers, or Shellies, which means that they live and breed in shells.

Labidochromis caeruleus

Yellow Lab Cichlid

The Yellow Lab Cichlid is a brightly colored mbuna from Lake Malawi.

Pseudotropheus sp.

Zebra Cichlid

The zebra cichlid also known as the Malawi blue or Malawi zebra cichlid and it originates from East Africa in the Lake Malawi.

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