cute hippo play so funny lol

wallpaper cute animals cute hippo play so funny lol

Happy Birthday to my best pal - and the inspiration for Groot's eyes - Dr. Wesley Von Spears. #VonSpears #dog #dogsofinstagram the_cal3First raptor__redAww Happy Birthday Von! baileyrsweetThose precious eyes!!! wilks7272🎂 total_janarchyAw, Happy​ birthday, Dr Von Spears! ❤️❤️❤️ I still can't find you Vol 2 though. 🐕❤️ slideaway81Awww happy birthday!!!! irishjohn78Happy birthday, Von! creaturediluceA very special and happy birthday 😍🎂🍰 tobynooler🎈Happy BIRTHDAY❢🎈🎉 alyleviosaHappy birthday Von Spears!!! ❤️❤️ chrisquartlyHappy birthday!!! getzamanialdazphotoSuch a face 😟 lolitaconundrumAwww HaPpY BiRtHdAy Dr. Wesley Von Spears!!!!!! ❤️ mafer.limaThis is amazing, I share my birthday with Von Spears. 🙌😍 Happy Birthday! birthday!!!!!! jen.h.xSo adorable 😊 jenchristie11Awww he is so sweet trosemoreI Am Von Spears! daikouhappy barkday, doctah von speahs! monicktlv24Happy bday!!!! 🎂 🎉 🎉 cfbjrock49Yes!!!!! growl_towels🐶 joanna.maria.wHappy Birthday! 🐶🎂 maricscoutinho😍😍😍😍😍 tspeedy132Lol anamaske24Happy birthday 🎈🎂🎊🎉🎁🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 nicosprideHappy Birthday Dr Wesley Von Spears 🐶🎾🍗🍦 how old? australianfilmandpopcultureHappy Bday! louiesuggs❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ nicosprideI can see what your talking about, those 👀. That face, so cute. Xoxo darthswihartHope he has himself a good day! My pup just passed away today from stomach cancer. I've been really down lately and guardians 2 has definitely lifted my spirits lately and I'm really grateful for it. Thank you James! thesalsacreativeOh my Dog happy birthday! lysioszeusWe Are Von Spears. admadamaAww! So adorable!❤️❤️ teknikalriftMy family and I LOVE the vol.2 mixtape; you actually got my son to like older songs! Just wish there was a mix like it for the 80s jujufresh12Happy birthday, Von Spears 😍 azukidogHi! christinemccannofficialI want the name of his fur colorist...😉 sirem68_Wonderfull 💛 w mintmintdoodlesAwww Hope you have the Happiest Birthday, Von Spears ❤️😍 (I need to draw you again soon ❤️) michalxbHe's definitely judging you in this picture. He is just rearranging the woofs in his mind so i guess you're about to be told off. Nevertheless - happybirthday dr. 👌❤ robert.downeylifeAYEEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY😍😄 piart33💖💖💖 twins_squadHappy Birthday il est trop beau ! dhqkatezee😍😍😍 berniec47❤️❤️❤️ diggidoggie😅😂😂did u find it yet calliebearochoa🎊🎉Happy Birthday! 🎉🎊 michelledenousseAbsolutely Adorable! ❤❤ My chubby pug Mugsy says "Hellooo!" @jamesgunn michelledenousse"Happy Birthday 🎂 dude!!" ❤😘💋 lous_instagramHappy birthday #VonSpears 🎂 natasha_chowHappy birthdayyyyyyy zmulkeGet out of town! Cutest dog ever! opheliabitsOh my god @jamesgunn STOP IT! themercurypearlHappy birthday adorable boy! 🎂 siena.bite16Happy Birthday Dr. Von Spears!🐶🎉💗 avigailbohbot1Happy birthday ❤❤ nat_linstedHappy birthday ce.celder1Awesome looking at Groot ....Happy Birthday alive_toys_photoHappy Birthday 😘😘😘🎆🎆🎇🎇✨✨🎈🎈🎈🎁🐶🐶 mctigger1337Happy birthday Dr Wesley Von Spears! 🎊🎈🎉 filip_the_dachshundHappy Birthday Von Spears from your bigest fan Filip 🐕🐾🍗🎉 clare.doucierHe's so cute :) I like dogs with brows 😀 many happy returns of the day to this wonderful eyebrows capricornlady85Awwww 😄 Those eyed will melt your heart 😍💞 theminniemuffinSuch a handsome gentleman. mejritonL'âme de groot ?? @jamesgunn timsgmaSoooooo cute!! frogtoes1282Happy Birthday 🐕 merlegirl73He's so cute! nicolacoombeWhat a beautiful pooch😊 Happy Birthday! maya.r148Awww happy birthday!! 🎉🐶🎉 brownsuga62To Dr. Wesley Von Spears, have a I am Groot Day!! 🐶 b_i_l_l_e_Herzlichen Glückwunsch h.p.nerdcraft@designsbymyranda designsbymyrandaHeeey, our doggos have the same bday! 🎂🎂🎂 happiallwaysAwe😍 kcatkcat10Happy Birthday, Cutie Pie Pup! andrewjmyersWhat breed is he? andresrules100Happy Birthday!!! jpdtxI still can't find the cameo lol movie_musings_by_melissa@jamesgunn Groot's eyes!!! Of course!! That is awesome!! ❤️ louisemoonincAwwww! Happy Birthday sweet sweet boy! 🐾🎂 thibaud76520Happy Birthday !!! 🍗🍗🍗 triclyopsWas that him in the dairy queen parking lot? machodoodleHappy birthday!! 🎉Tell him i love him micha_leaHe has such a great name! Happy birthday doggo sarahhattrickI'm not going to lie...I love your dog. vickiefernzWhere did he get his doctorate? carolynferes💚 pomniniSweet <3 guardian.nessie.pratthappy bday von spears! 🐶🎉 themarvelousgabbieHappy birthday pup! 💛 vishalsmash72Nice makkinasJajaja awesome. Groots eyes. Happy birthday you fur ball michelstaffordHappy Birthday! :D rachepedia@allisonmoore100 inspo for Groot's eyes 😭😍 christinesstagramHappy barkday! sarahhattrickI'm not going to lie...I love your dog. caughtalitebreeHappy birthday to the furbaby! 🎉 you are absolutely adorable Dr. Wesley von Spears royce_priHappy birthday furball! Have a good one! aud1sportHappy Birthday crystalappleofficialNice post you got there, James Gunn 💎 radja_officialSo cute❤️😍❤️ majorvendorCute! delightfullyuncomfortable@kylorenzgido cute!!!!!! houseofsquirrelsAwe, I noticed Groots eyes too in the final. They were so sweet ccnomadHBD, WVS 🐾 :) artistjendyAwww happy birthday pupper! annaluisacruzHappy birthday, Mr. Von Spears ❤ maramacorlettI want him sammas24Happy birthday Mr Von Spears! Love the name @jamesgunn Just a bit jealous that my dog hasn't got her own PHD; pretty sure it could come in handy at some point! Xxx brettgursky😃 cinemoviescoAmazing looopy811Happy birthday to Dr. Wesley Von Spears! I see it now! #GrootsEyes collisionofcolorCutie pie clifford_kanLockjaw??? dogsploringwow, heavenly picture! plage__palmierBonne anniversaire 🎂🎂🍾 max_dstnsSo beautiful 🐾 ilserijnders😊 hjakmanHermoso 💟 maciey0Show it to the world! e_brienneHappy birthday #VonSpears! ❤️ boday_ciousAwww look his posing 😍Happy Birthday cutie 💓💓🎂🎂 roseenadOmggg I see it ! The eyes ;_; skyblueerik💙🐕 thezoebearAww jamesgunn so cute! vulnerablegangster@j.buchananbarnes j.buchananbarnes@vulnerablegangster ini dia tk9336I protest the lack of Von Spears in GOTG VOL 2! gamora3001Meditation for dogs MVP? stevenbjamminPeople look like their dogs!!! ...... wait.. what?? from_arisu_to_youHow old is he?.. reenaaahhhHappy Birthday Von Spears!!! 😃🎂🎁🎈 k9naturesupplementsHappy birthday, Dr. Wesley Von Spears! ddelilahhhGood to know 🙄 pearl_correiaAwww so cute. Dogs hv expressive eyes. Mine just melts me with hers cleon.t.g@jamesgunn are you still blocking people from posting spoilers on your facebook? buristreetdog🐶😀🐕 pillucushionYou are awesome! dog_.lovers_.clubFollow us 🐶 thebubbaandthebeanHi doggie! 👋🏻 pppapierreCute dvs242🎁🎂🐶🎂🎁🎉🎉🎉🎉🍖🍗🍖🍗😏 did he earn his degree? katvik82😍 utahtherotthey! I really dig this picture! Barkatcha later :) mscasiecat8491Awww... what an adorable dog. 🙂 brentgaelhaydenAwesome dog! Put him in a movie! aathifmohammed.2016Hello, Dr. Wesley Von Spears! Happy Birthday to you! @jamesgunn, your pick is a great choice, for Groot's eyes.✌ vermontsweetieAww Happy Birthday Von Spears, I have 2 Italian Greyhounds who's names are Rocco and Elvis. Your pups name is awesome @jamesgunn walkerjulian7478No way, same day as my dog 🐶 pokemonkonnamiartszoh, dreamy photo! the_se7enthhis eyes are reallly lovely nerstagram_Cute dogopengreat :) masmoskiei cant believe but it this awesome mimirodolfoHappy Birthday Wes!🐾 Cheer up it's your special day!🎉 Love your soulful eyes!💕 peter.james.taylorSo cute!! 💖💖 my_innner_childBelated happy birthday Von Spears 💋 paws.explores.adventuresToo cute 💕🐾🐾 dopvidsgreat, follow me for daily viral vids 😉 porcelandiafmhCute💙 nerstagram_Amazing dillonkummerAnd the dog from the beginning of GOTGv1 sgp_ukA doctor? Or maybe a DOGtor. Mwahahaha yodaandthebabesOh my goodness! I love dogs :) f_ataman_Cool brian.nazHappy birthday doggo ❤️ growl_towels🐶 kawaii_doubutsu❤️️💕❤️️💕❤️️💕 kmcoriginalsHappy Birthday! enjoy your day. adam_nicholsonHappy B-Day Doctor!

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I need one. 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