Love is one of the highest human feelings through which people express their love and passion for each other. In the past

Love is one of the highest human feelings through which people express their love and passion for each other. In the past, many writers and lovers talked about love and described it as sweet and bitter. We will remind you in this article of some of the judgments, sayings and poems about love.

Ruling and Sayings of Love Work as if you do not need money, and love as if no one ever tortures you, and dance as if no one sees you, it goes as if no one hears you, and lives as if paradise is under your feet. The comfort that one feels when feeling safe with someone is the comfort that can not be expressed accurately, can not be weighed by ideas, nor expressed in words, it is a flowing flow of the soul and an abundance of ideas and words. Love your brother with your heart, and forgive him, even while stabbing you, perhaps, and you fall down addicted, you need to put your hand on his shoulder. The least of lies and the most fruitful is to make those who lie to you believe you believe him. By medicine we can treat physical diseases, but love alone is a cure for loneliness and despair. In the world many die because they do not find bread, but there are also many who die and are thirsty for a little love. Every second begins with our new life, so let us start with joy. It is always better to look forward, rather than looking back. Speak softly when you talk about love. Love unbearable hell, life without unbearable love unbearable. Friendship may grow to become love, but love does not retreat into friendship. Love is a living experience that only those who live in it suffer. Love is king, and therefore it is above the law. Love as a war, easy to ignite, but difficult to suppress. Love is the only game in which two are involved, shared together, or lost together. Love is part of a man's existence, but it is the presence of the entire woman. A man loves to be happy with life, and women live to be happy with love. Love may be born with a word, but it can never die with a word. Love does not kill lovers, it just makes them hung between life and death. Who loves everything incredible or incredible anything. Young people hope for love, money, health, but the day will come when you wish health, money, love. The tragedy of love is that a man wants to be the first to enter the heart of a woman, and women want to be the last to enter the man's heart. The love of the heart is not Mnsik Jamal Habib is a weak love.

Poetry in love These are some of the most important poems of poets of love and spinning through the ages: the most beautiful love - Mahmoud Darwish. As the grass grows between the joints of a rock we found strange days and the spring sky was forming a star ... and starred and I composed a paragraph of love .. For your eyes .. Rich! I know that I waited for a long time as the summer waited for a bird and grew up .. As the immigrant sleeps to wake up an eye .. Long and cry for her sister, we are sweet, until the moon sleeps and we know that hugging, and kissing food nights spinning and morning calls my sins to continue on the road days New! We are friends, I will walk close together and we will make bread and songs. Why are we asking this way? What fate is going on with us? And where to fill our feet? I think, I'm going ... Together, forever Why do we search for songs of weeping in old poetry? And we ask, our love! Do you last? I love you love caravans oasis of grass and water and the love of the poor baguette! As the grass grows between the joints of a rock we have found two strange days and remain two companions always. I do not care who is forever .. I am Tishreen .. The month of the wind, the rain .. And the cold .. I am Tishreen, I was crushed like a bolt on my body. .. love me .. all wildly Altter .. All the heat of the bush all the ruthlessness of the rain and do not keep and do not purge .. Do not prepare at all .. has fallen on your lips every civilization Urban love .. As a quake .. As death is not expected .. Love me .. Do not ask how .. Do not Tltamy shy and do not fall for fear Loved me .. No complaint Aishkou Sheath .. As he receives the sword? And be the sea and the port .. Being the land and exile and be calm and hurricane Kony soft and violent .. Love me .. A thousand and a thousand style and do not repeat like summer .. I hate summer .. Love me .. And say to refuse to love me without a voice and refuse to Oari love in the grave of silence love me .. away from the country of oppression and repression away from our city, which is full of death .. away from the fanaticism .. away from Bkhabha .. love me .. away from our city that from the day that was to love does not come .. love me .. Do not fear on your feet - Madam - from the water will not baptize a woman and your body outside the water and your hair out of the water love me .. Bathari .. Or my mistakes in my health .. or Anu Ei and cover .. No roof of flowers .. O forests Henna .. And dropped rain on my thirst and Sahrai .. And melt in my mouth .. As wax and disturbed me Ajsai.

I remembered Laila - Qais bin Zuhair. I remembered Laila and the old days Khawalia and days do not fear the fun Nahia and day as the spear of the shadow of the shadow Pali Vlhani and I was Lahia Bstmdn Leila fire and accompanied me with the same greed Almtai Nguyia said the sight of the people hinted at the planet appeared in the dark of the night a Yemeni man I said to him, but the fire of Leila stoked Baalia Tsami light And Leah began to Fleet passengers of the folk did not cut the greedy and Lait the rich walk passengers to Leila Vila how much night I need to task if I came to you at night I did not manage Maheya Khalili If you cry for a friend, if you bleed tears, weep for Leah, what is the most honorable of the slaves except the Sababa, and not only the poems of prayer, but God may gather the two Shtetin after they think that do not meet the lives of God sayings that we have found for all time to love Shavia and Ahli Belili, With the cattle of the cattle, the sons of Laila, and the sons of Laila, and the children of Laila, and Laila's companions in my heart, as if we sat down a council, Ania watered God to the neighbors Laila diverged by the nuclei where they humiliated Almtalia and did not forget me Laila lack and indispensable repentance until embraced Swarya and the women of Sabgan as a joy to resemble Laila and then offered to Lea Khalili No God does not have that God spent in Laila and spent what he spent for others and missed me love So it is something other than a tired night, and you knew that the house of Laila would be a summer, if the summer had thrown away, the summer months of us had passed. Throw the Blailli Maramia Vloh that Balimama Darh and Dari top Hadramout guided Lia and what they do not better God their luck in the Laila Hbalia and I have been the highest love of Laila I still have the veto and the conclusion even publicly, Lord is only the love between me and be a contour neither Ali nor Lia The star, which is guided by the sun and not the sun, but the Hija mentioned Lea and Sirte miles from Damascus and did not look Suhail to the people of Syria, but seemed to Lea and I called her a toxicity of the But the tears of tears and the wind blew the south to the ground of the night but a bit of wind Hanania, prevent Laila and protect her country, you will not protect the Qawafia Vahdah God that I love her, this is my own, so she has to spend the best of God to others and Bzouk me and grams spent Lia, although I hoped O Mother of Malik Ashef Fwaidi and Estham Vuadia prepared the nights night after night, and I lived a time that I did not prepare for the night and I went out of the houses perhaps What is your involvement with her, but her love and the greatness of the air? I know the doctor who is sick. I love the names. I do not agree with her name. Bia Lamry I have been crying, O pigeon of the garnet, and I cried the eyes of the gazelles, my beloved, what I hope to live after I see my need to buy and not buy Leah, I salute and it is not hidden to the people what Biya did not see our Khalili Sababa more severe despite the extreme sanitation Kalilan Do not hope to meet and see Khalil only hope to meet and I am not pleased to expose the Mona in your own or to expose me in the mouth to say people on the crazy Amer rave Salwa said I Why do not you despair me or the disease of infirmity hurt me, I do not care about you do not have what you see if it lasts for a long time, or the mother of Malik, Mnaya women judges and Shania if I caught eyes with your eyes? I am still fine and I was filled with pride, you are a fan, if you want to raise my life and you that if you liked Balia and you that no friend and no other sees what I kept but lamented Leah Lmroba Leila to visit her and take her sin to Trania if I walked in the ground space I saw a factory If you are right, if you are in the north, you will be distracted from Shamalia, and I will not be distracted. And I am not two thousand for her age, if we are Adlgna and you are in front of us Mtayana with your thoughts Hadia spark fire Shawki in my heart and became a glare in the early Voada not you, the knees, My belly is Noman, I will meet with you, why do not you sing to me, and I will weep for you in the middle of my prayer, and I did not understand the tears of the eye if I were empty? Then, if you are either coming or looking after the ruins of the past,

Waeli Bilili, do not you see to whom she Chia or who I come to Asia, while the Lovers of love, O mother of Malik, what is the light of love, which is in Voada Va Lord, as it became Laila is the Mona Vzny with her eyes as Zena Lea or Vggha to me and her family, I am the same and if you are from Laila to despair, Tawiya Khalili, if they slept in Billy, I would have a coffin and coffins, and I would be afraid of her, if she died of the disease of the mist, I would make the sun like me peaceful. Quotes on Love I loved you as if you were the last of my loved ones on earth, and you hurt me like I was your last enemy on Earth. Oh, lovers, fools, good people, stupid .. Put this saying in your eyes: "Woe to vinegar did not see in his enemy" .. To witness the literature that I reached! Enter into love, and bring out a great love, and get out of it a princess, because as you enter it will stay, rose so as not to touch the rest of your asceticism in love, do not exaggerate in anything, but being excessive in everything, go in every case to the extreme, in extremism lies your strength, The ordinary woman became moderated to be forgotten and replaced. Every woman who has a relationship with him, every female he needs, everything that can touch him, every pet that he loves, all his eyes, his daughter, his work, his cat, his swimming pool, his bath soap, and his car. Connie sofa sitting, and the palm rest, and its screen, being home, being a woman who did not see the woman before, and will not come after a woman, but just a female! There are seasons for messages that will not be written, for the phone that does not ring, for the confessions that will not be told, for the age that we have to spend in a moment of betting, there is a time not created for love, there are lovers who have not been created for this time, There is a love in the ferocity of hatred, there is hatred that is not matched by love, there is a more memorable forgetfulness than a memory, there is a truer lie than honesty, there I am, there you are, there are fake dates more fun than all appointments, there are parting delicious than a thousand encounter, there are differences delicious than a thousand peace, there are moments pass lifetime, there is a life abbreviated moment, there Na, there you are, there is always impossible, what is born with all the love, there is a bet where we play our heart on the gambling table, there are great players engaged in the loss of superiority! They ask you what you do, not what you want to be, they ask you what you have, not what you lost, they ask you about the news of the woman you married, not the one you love, they ask you what your name is, not whether this name suits you, they ask you how old are you, , They ask you which city you live in, not any city that inhabits you. They ask you whether you pray and do not ask you. Are you afraid of God, and so I used to answer these questions with silence? When we fast, we force others to correct their sins. Is joy doing resistance ?! Or that some of the sadness of supplies lovers? Without guilt, the hearts of women die because of a man who entered their lives with all this invasion, and then left with all this cruelty, without any explanation, to pray to destroy the heart of another woman fleeing from the first ... And so on I can now interrupt you in absentia, When you arrived, on that day when nothing would suggest that you would come, and everything that I would say I would leave!

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