How Because it is a picture of Sadness is the blackness of the muzzle in your chest, the mute of

Because it is a picture of Sadness is the blackness

of the muzzle in your chest, the mute of your breath, the feeling of tightness of breath, and the tear of your heart until it closes the tears of the eyes. The heart is full of sorrow like a warm, hard-to-carry cup. Tears save you from the fire, it is a tear of fear of God.

A man may sell something he has inherited, but he does not sell a heart that he loves. Separation is a fire that has no limits, it is not felt except by those who are infused with fire. Today I am among you, and tomorrow I will leave you, if you stay, do not abandon me, and if you leave, do not forget me. He was impressed by how this ability to be absent leaves behind you a heart that melts with love and sadness in your absence. How painful it is that I need you, I do not find you, I miss you, I do not talk to you, I love you and I am not with you. The sun sends golden love, and the moon sends a silver love, and I send you eternal love. The greatest oppression if your life is lost behind a man who wants his love and wants a second person. Do not cry do not cry, live the grace of forgetfulness, the loss of your tears descend on those who do not observe them. A love and a heartbeat. Always meeting is governed by the times and circumstances, I miss you so how can I meet you? The law does not protect fools and love does not protect the faithful. When you wait for someone to be mad, you will definitely lose the sweetness of meeting him because of his negligence. What is in my hands is the tear and the tears? Hormany of time of tenderness and Lulac What I felt safe and a barrier to my heart in your heart place. I miss you, I love you, I love you. I lie to myself if I say to Pensak and I will lie to you if I say Nasek. I and my imagination and my heart, and my love will remain elusive, do not love me because I am assigned, do you know who I am? I am the night when silence is silent, neither am I a child nor an old man, nor am I laughing like youth, my face is interspersed with melancholy maps, seasick tears, hills of depression, do not love me because I am torment; and if I say that I love you, do not hear me. Because I am wounded, I will long to rest, and I want to return my mind and extinguish my fire, I will kill innocent eyes in you do not love me because I sin. May you love us and our hearts can not bear all this longing and all this pain. If we do not gather the days, the memories bring us together, and if the heart does not rest, the eye will not be forgotten. I went to buy an hour that was more expensive than the time I met you. I will continue to love you even if you wait for me, if you are not my destiny, then you are my choice. If I love you a million, I am one of them, and if I love you, he is me. If no one loves you, I know that I am dead. I waited, and as long as I waited, I sent the sweetest meaning, "Do not be absent, O Gali." Send a peace pigeon with its mouth and a rose of gold from the lulhan to the most precious and dearest human being. Do not break all the bridges with all who you love, perhaps you will want fate for each day another meeting brings back the past and reaches what has been interrupted, if the beautiful age has gone, who knows perhaps waiting for you beautiful age. If it was not for modesty, fear, and death, I would not cry with death. What is harder to cry without tears, and harder to go without return, and harder to feel upset, as if the place around you narrow. What is harder is to speak without a voice, to live to wait for death, to be more difficult to feel bored, to see all around you is not, and you feel the sense of remorse for sin you do not know and guilt did not commit. What is harder is to feel deep sorrow, as if inside you a long pain, complete the road alone, without a goal, without a partner, without a companion and become you and the sadness and regret team, and find your face between the tears and the remaining hope turns to glitter. Do not grieve and do not despair, and do not shed your tears at the sea shore, and do not tell the sea with a news of my life, it is the most sad of me and most of them know me. In the evening of Saher with a star Saher sent a bouquet of roses Ather for the most expensive than passed on the risk. I hugged your love with my heart and gave light to my chest, because you are my age and my heart love you so much. If you find out that all doors are closed, that hope is hopeless, and that one day I have closed the keys of his heart and delivered in the vaults of forgetfulness, here I will only tell you that your dignity is much more important than your heart wounded even if the blood covered the sky of this vast universe will not help you to call love not He will hear you, and you will live in a house where no one knows you anymore, and live on the memory of a man who is overbearing for no reason. In love, do not overdo those who share with you. After the separation do not wait for the rise of the moon to doubt the pain of the distance; because he will miss to throw what he carried, and come back to us a new moon, not stand in front of the sea to irritate the waves, and more than a hundred of your tears; because he will throw them at the bottom has no decision, and back to us a calm sea again , And this is the year of the universe, a day that holds you and the day you bear it. The night of the moon and my heart Habib tortured me Dalala. What is harder to cry without tears! What is harder to go without return! What is harder to feel tight! As if the place around you narrowed. If time deprives me of meeting. . You will not deprive me of your memory. . I love you . . I promise you I will not forget you. Tears of secrets, and love effects, and your fire. When parting, make your eyes speak, he will read the love of blackness, and make your farewell plate of emotions, artists aspire to paint and can not, this is the last thing that will be recorded by time in your balance. How sad I feel and feel weak when I find myself away from the loved, at a time is in dire need of a heart loves and strengthens and draws from his arms, to the lap includes reassuring protect him from himself and others, how I feel sorry of myself as long as I was invited to be next to him.

It is very easy to sacrifice a young man for a girl, but it is hard to find a girl worthy of sacrifice, do not be sad if you betrayed a girl, she is like a drunk drinking from every channel. My Lord has removed from my heart those things that hurt me. He has been disappointed in many, and I think you do not disappoint. If you see a wolf picking flowers and then throwing them do not be surprised, some people pick the hearts of loved ones and then trampled without feelings or mercy. Darling, thank you for hurting me with your words before your departure, because when I lean to you I remember your words and I hate you. What are the most who fancy that they understand us, because they found in some of our manifestations something similar to what they have experienced once in their lives, and they are not satisfied with claiming knowledge of our secrets, which we ourselves do not realize. The beauty of the night with the gaze of your eyes and the light of the moon is decreed with your eyelids and all the universe is settled without you. If the time is back, and the meeting remains forever, but no matter how long we go, death will remain the whining, and the memories will remain a dictionary that resonates with him for the touch of farewell and separation, and farewell and death is survival. I am absent, but what is left is my imagination. You are the only one who is absent in my sight and God is precious. Separation as the ongoing eye, which after green, its surroundings are depleted. Is there a place for a farewell or a ship without a sail? They say in the distance the heart hardens, and I say who loves what he forgets. Separation as love can not describe the characters, and Abini separated. The voice is not the voice has changed his tone, and changed, and only comes out melodies melancholy and sorrow, and the heart, which has long been a source of love and affection, filled with wounds days can not cure. If love is words you write because I have finished my words, but love is life, can my soul suffice you? Separation: He is the silent murderer, the immoral and the dead, the wound that does not heal, and the pregnant disease of his blood. We agreed to be two, I am the blink and you are the eye. Parting: His tongue is tears, his silence is silent, and his gaze roams the sky. Coolest heart your heart, and the most beautiful words whispered, and sweetest in my love. You in the anniversary Shjuni for the tears of my eyes, if the long time did not see me, look for me to those who love me, and if increased separation did not see me, this is my words remember me. What is harder to live inside yourself alone without a friend, without a companion, without a lover, you feel that joy is far away, suffer from a wound, do not feel deep wound, a stubborn wound, an injured doctor. The hearts of tilted and near to it impossible, because I am wounded and I long to rest, so do not trick me with a new love because I am afraid to call me far. If you love me, there is nothing for me to take, and I am not a thing nor a heart for me to love, you may regret and get away from me and in the heart a secret you will not know in your days make a collection of beautiful pictures of this man who once inhabited your heart, its features and the glitter of his sad eyes and smile at the moment of clarity and brutality In a narrow moment, and the hope that grew up among you a day and grew up even though he had withered and died. I miss you, sweeter than all men, O soul twin, and closer than my pulse and blood. If you divide the days between you, do not remember who you love but every sense of truth and talk about it only with all that is wonderful and noble has given you a heart, and gave him age and there is more precious than the heart and age in human life. I will go away, and if you go back one day, I say that you do not know me. My heart is dark and my love is speech, and I still want revenge.

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 The smiles are digging the channels of future tears. Anger, tears and grief are surrendering weapons. If you have tears, prepare to shed them. Sadness is that you love madly, violently and lovingly but at the moment you discover that this is all an illusion. Unleash your tears whenever you want to start and maintain your pride.
 Often the facts of life are a mixture of tears and smiles. Tears of joy are only tears of sadness were boiling within us, and in the hour of joy we bid farewell to sadness to come out with the tears of sincere tears 0 In the tears of women does not see the wise only water.
 Teardrop is a small drop that carries the greatest emotions and the most severe pain, a small drop in size, but large with its burdens and sorrows, absorbs my pains from my body to come out hot and inflamed. Mistakes source of temporary happiness and lasting sadness. Any man dies,
 He does not end up looking at those who love him unless they wash him with tears. The tears are the last atoms of dirt that make up the dead and say that it is over. We can represent laughter, we can smile courtesy, andwallpaper cute animals drawings cute animals videos cute animals cartoon cute animals to draw cute animals list cute animals pictures cute wild animals baby animals names photo model fashion fashionweek photographer popularphoto hairstylist makeup instagood bestoftheday photooftheday day likes good female world beauty art style photos amazing bride travel camera canon nikon vacation happy farm love nature naturelovers hd for #photo #model #fashion #fashionweek #photographer #popularphoto #hairstylist #makeup #instagood #bestoftheday #photooftheday #day #likes #good #female #world #beauty #art #style #photos #amazing #bride #travel #camera #canon #nikon #vacation #happy #farm #love #nature #naturelovers 2017 wallpaper cute animals drawings cute animals videos cute animals cartoon cute animals to draw cute animals list cute animals pictures cute wild animals baby animals names 2017 photo model fashion fashionweek photographer popularphoto hairstylist makeup instagood bestoftheday photooftheday day likes good female world beauty art style photos amazing bride travel camera canon nikon vacation happy farm love nature naturelovers hd for #photo #model #fashion #fashionweek #photographer #popularphoto #hairstylist #makeup #instagood #bestoftheday #photooftheday #day #likes #good #female #world #beauty #art #style #photos #amazing #bride #travel #camera #canon #nikon #vacation #happy #farm #love #nature #naturelovers cute animals drawings cute animals cartoon cute animals to draw cute animals videos cute animals pictures cute animals list cute wild animals pictures of cute baby animals