How Tears are the most true expressions that describe the sadness and pain that is inside us

How Tears are the most true expressions that describe the sadness and pain that is inside us

Tears are the most true expressions that describe the sadness and pain that is inside us,
 It reflects the extent of the wound within our hearts. Tears are the only thing we can not control or prevent; they reveal our secrets and the secrets of our souls, and the extent of our longing and weakness, and the extent of regret and regret, this is the words of tears and sadness.

Sadness Sadness is a difficult thing for a person, because it makes him incapable of doing anything, distracting his thinking, but he also has some positives, it may be a source of excellence and motivation for success, and here we will give some sad and painful words. Very sad and painful words I gave her everything, I painted everything for her, I lit all her candles, and wiped all my tears with her hand, forgetting it is impossible but I forgot, forgetting is impossible. The absence of the sun remains for moments, moments and evening comes, and in the evening comes farewell, and in farewell farewell tears, and from those tears extinguish all the candles, except candle lit by tears so as not to forget, farewell was a pain, betrayal ... farewell ... loss ... impossible. I gave her my heart and my love and my kindness, but she lost everything, and I asked myself where is that love? She replied that he was in a world of loss. She said: tears are not our tears, blood is not our blood, so she said mockingly, how they are one, it is impossible in her eyes, I forgot that I loved the air of Mentora, her pain hurt me, her grief saddened me, drowned many wounds, and built great hopes on it, That hope was killed. For my eyes she was overwhelmed with dreams, but I was surprised by the delusions, Ohhami, which I had not yet reached, With fire and fire burned me, My story with her tired me, I forgot that the hopes disappear under the feet of fate. I have suffered from you humiliation and wounds and stomped on my heart and I said: Habibi no matter how satisfied I am, drinking on the impotence hurts the liver, and love on the unfriendly loss of salvation, what I seek excuse, salvation please please Madame This is the beginning of how the latter. I feel lonely, everyone around me does not exist, as if the days control me with the death of my feelings, as if tears capture me. I do not know where I will stay: I am inside me, or I wake up to a dream that has been lost in the pages of years. I feel words without letters and memories without a past. I feel that my loneliness will kill my senses in this life. I am used to my feelings but to my own. I wish I could live a distant world, a world where I do not feel human, but I feel the smells of morning and night and tree conversations and the caress of dew drops of floral leaves. Everything inside me was crashing and scattering, I had become scattered over the sea, perhaps fear of the unknown inhabited me, and those tears captured me, but I lost my sense of security and confidence in time. A life is empty, a black void, a deadly unity, the language of silence prevails in the place, and the pain lies on the ruins of the heart, until the body feels alienated and bitter, the loneliness kills me, the pain settles me, the memories of the past occupy me. The surgeon is still in my heart, a surgeon is still bleeding, a surgeon is suffocating from the abundance of blood, a surgeon rubbed me until all my tears dried up, a surgeon extinguished my desire to continue to live. I do not know the meaning of color, the days when the moon was gone, and no longer mastered only the language of crying, days of dying, days like the ghosts, the days when my breath stopped, and I have despair and loss. Was my heart hard to have this abandonment of my destiny? Or am I oppressed in the sea of ​​love alone? I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. O the power of your hard heart to a right that forgets and disguises and becomes a forgotten man, and he in me grows up? I am sailing with the world on a boat without a paddle, on the edge of the time Tae and I do not know Win Jeremini, strange what you crave for my voice and you love to hear Scotty, what if you were happy with my death? I did not know the taste of sleep, I felt I was dying, and I corrected and called and I ruled my intention before I die, and I did not end I gave my order, where to give it? I love you, death, I will love you, O my age, I am more tired than I am once satisfied with you, But do not forget me at all. Thirst, and the earth is rain, and the eye is full of sight; O one who has fallen on my chest, how did you learn my betrayal? I was a weapon in my hand and became a dagger in my back. The hardest thing in the world is that you sit with yourself, do not find them, I used the phrase to read it, I thought I am your galician, but time taught me who I am. You are just an unknown passerby in your life, not an eye that does not weep and live a blessing of forgetfulness. I will write our love on the wall of time, if we lived together, if we share the shroud. I love you Lynn raise me the hands of people I'm buried, I love you Lin I'm overwhelmed by the dust of the grave and its dust, oh my heart, you poor, you see your loved ones, say, be patient with your wound God forgives her, my mistake I taught you that my heart is glass, Oh God, and the judgment of fate I live alone, neither vinegar nor the owner of all human, left me patience as you left me. I almost see the tomb and in it and my pillow, until my tears smile for my death, I who died my tears, and my fountain dried, I who turned my love gardens against my tears. In Halzman if hurt and tortured love you, and if you love and torture forget you, O love takes the game Beware you see love Ghaddar, do not count love laugh, see time rotten. What is harder to cry without tears, and what is harder to go without return, and what is harder to feel upset as if the place around you narrow, the hardest to speak without a voice, to live to wait for death, the hardest to feel bored see all around you not, A sense of remorse for a sin you do not know and guilt you have not committed. What is harder is to feel deep sadness as if inside you, a long pain that completes the road alone without a goal, without a partner, without a companion, and you become sad and regret a team, and find your face between the tears and the hope turns to glitter. What is harder to live within yourself alone without a friend, without a companion, without a lover, feel that the joy is far away, suffer from a wound that does not please, a deep wound, a stubborn wound, an injured doctor. Partition melancholy as the flame of the sun

The memories are hidden from the heart to make them to their eyes, and the eyes respond to them with a sprinkling of water to extinguish the flames of memories. Separation is a fire that is not a flame of limits, but only the one who sheds its fire, the parting of its tongue, tears and silence. Which can not be cured, and the pregnant disease of his blood, separation as love, can not describe the character, separation as the ongoing eye, which after green surroundings have been depleted. and what about you? You did not endure all the days, you did not stand still, scarring the ruins, tears and tears, and Ttqlk pain, and eat you regret, and hit the ears of the groans of what they missed, will restore what was? No, you will not return the river to its outlet, and the sun to the beginning, but will be like grinding flour is crushed, and spread sawdust, and will be what it was. If you are ever asked about a person you loved, do not forget a secret that was between you, and never try to distort the beautiful image of this person you loved, make your heart a secret hiding place for all its secrets and stories, love morality before it was feelings. If you sit alone days trying to gather around the shadows of beautiful days you have lived with your lover, leave away all the feelings of pain and cruelty that separated you, try to gather in your notebooks all the beautiful words that you heard of who you love, and all the sincere words that I said to those you love. Sad poetry of the poems written by poets in moments of grief, we chose for you the following: I grieved grief to forget Farazdq Abe grief to forget the calamities I felt the heart of Fuad was not humiliating and I am only like people follow a number of events Menon even if the events paid by a man, When I got my hands and my eyes in this sad day, moon Sabri al-Jassim in the Eid asks me the letters where I accepted them? Where is her tenderness? In the feast kills me nostalgia to the distant Eid ahead of me .. How dreams were reluctant to sleep to wake up the morning Wear the available from the closet of my beauty, not my body heavy concern after the anniversary of my sad Sad .. Will you smile mirrors if you wear the clothes of patience in the Eid the new? Who will give me the feast of dreams here, and then urges me, do not buy pain, and upset the people of our neighborhood with a burst of tears? Who will call me to swim .. Or pat on the shoulders of absence to incite the heart of my sorrow to cheer: It is a happy feast in the Eid is not a country that breaks my laughter, no friends are dancing on my tears, not my parents get my hopes, I do not know what to do. I'm not alone in this holiday. I was just a joy away from her bosom on this different day of grief. I woke up to ringing her whimpering voice and I gave her a tearful phone and I accepted him. I feel "My mother .." I say .. I know that my memory tears her dress .. - "I have .." Trying to show the fullness of the dimension of tenderness, which relieves my loneliness .. Crying Fttlm all the distance and return a child in the arms of her smile Agrd, when I close my steering wheel, my cell phone shuts down, the song humbles me, and I sit back behind the steering wheel of my room, my anniversary bike. I am aware of the memory. I am the postman. I grab kisses, sweets and dishes of tenderness. I gather all the tastes. I hug them, like my blood is frozen in the veins of the mobile phone. ... and rested on my age did not let Afqa ... For the .. And the Samar is not black sheet ... Haflh him ... And the tail is called in the magic of morning morning ... Did not send Bchaih ?! Or is it from the shib and who is older? !! Not true of Sunnah ?! Or is it a poison? So that he hides his eyes from human beings, he migrates to sleep ... days ... and leaves me on cushions ... of thorns and of stone, the suhad has become my friend's eyes ... so every day ... we have the cups. My heart is still planted with my travel, I have been saddened by my eyelids ... And my long night has hugged me ... On the swing of the vigil I have howled in it! And how much I am glad I wash the face of the night ... rain rain the heart of my heart ... A sailor with no banks but the waves are playing .. Balharr assembled cars of the age ... and launched in the land of my age ... I left only the drilling intersected the history of the body in my body Betchers of Bedouin ... and the one who attended the extension of the sea ... and a large desert in which the stories revolve ... from the gypsies hid the path Hmoma ... Do not leave me walk ... and go on the giraffes ... ... on the archaeological harboring my ribs .. From every aspect, as if I were a sorcerer of sorrows from a young man who comes to me ... without a promise ... as an Afghan goes to the arrival of a fan without warning how many times have I accepted my cheek ... and God !! And hugged me in front of people !! Sleeping in my feverish stomachs ... naked and resting on my chest ... without a guard I have been a child among valleys with thunder ... with black drowsiness ... danger of lilies of fear ... I died in a time when I had the richest mother cried my fate crossed at night Shatt the old ... Fancrt at the crossing ... Denial of fun ... And the rain fell all my papers in a hurry and still standing across the range ... Trees cry on me ... I did not drink ... On the thirst of a cup ... I did not inhabit myself ... .. وطر وكم كتبت ... long messages !! And the lessons were installed ... all the trains of the lowest .. Escape and in the stations ... The sadness was waiting for a guitar with my heart ... Whenever I trembled, I felt the pain of a wrench ... shook like a carrot Nissan ... poured after the abandonment ... his voice, the earth will announce the strains of the dice from the whisper of his green feet, a humming penetrated the fullness of the universe ... And the vision was the talk ... The plant hid between them Vazdant land Bal

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 Words of tears and grief the most precious tears in the world tears of the mother, and the most sincere tears of the oppressed, the most innocent tears of children 0 Who said that the eye tears out, the real tears are the steam of the soul. I thought I could light my candle again,
 I forgot how to light candles from a long time ago. I thought I could write words of joy, but when I wrote them, I felt that something inside me had been wounded. I cried the day I was born, and days explained to me why.
 Tears are a human language that only the gentle hearts and the compassionate feelings can do. The tears are the fires of great grief. He did not create tears for nothing in vain,
 God knows with sadness. Why do you turn your face on me? Have you decided to leave? And these tears, which flow to those who left?
 Who is my sweet dream? Eat iron rust and eat heartache. When you kill the tear in its cradle you are undoubtedly a cruel person. Tears are not sadness, grief is that you can prevent yourself from crying in front of someone for this Sunday. Sad my soul .. my words are desperate .. But do you find me the lines .. Will turn the administrator .. Many tears and hope is a past without return. I saw a different era revolves ... no sorrow lasts and pleasure .. The kings have built by the limitations ... What remains kings and no shortcomings. All cities are equal if we enter on a sorrowful visa. No one deserves your tears, anyway that person who deserves it will not make you cry. I am surprised that some people are surprised by the tears of men, wonder that they have no hearts. Often tears come from the eye instead of the heart. Sad wings fly by the passage of time. The sorrowful soul of the soul finds comfort by joining it to another soul, similar to the feeling and sharing it with the feeling, as the stranger strangely takes refuge in a land far from their homeland. The hearts that are reduced by the grief of each other do not differentiate between joy and joy,
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