It's easier to go down than up .. but the view is much better from the top

It's easier to go down than up .. but the view is much better from the top

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Adoration and love are beautiful together in all relationships of life, they are feelings that bring comfort and happiness to the individual and society. Learn some of the words of love and love in this article. Words in love and love love you and love grace, and love of grace, even if a fancy mistake, Vbk all my mistakes. I will never let you down, even if you have defeated all the shame, I will bring to you every time I light the secret, or the smell of the Ike bird in the branches. "I said to her that love is greater than free. My heart is explained in love and mute, but now I am a Hawaiian translator and I was a cell. I do not know what I fancy. The book came to your book and I took him and his neck of heartburn by my promises, as if you have all my day, and if you fall under my feet. He did not treat people like love, and he did not see such greatness or body. Amira El Hassan El Heli is under your brother 's brother. Tell the love how to be the best after you, I am the traveler and the heart resident. Sweetheart, I can not describe it as a fine line. I saw her walking on the ground cattle, and I never saw Badra walking on the ground. My answer to the letters of love, we are all in love, tortured, dead, do not say, the end of our choice and destiny will not return impossible. And it is strange that I am nostalgic for them and ask, longing, for them and they are with me and my eyes weep and they are in the blackness of my heart, and they are between my ribs. You do not torture him, but he does not hear him. I have really said, but he does not hear him. And invited him and Bodhi if I have to live life, and I do not put it and how I clung to the day of departure sacrificed and swallowed my tears and tears ah of the fate of fate, and has messed with me after you left me, and Ramani in the midst of misery and despair. I will write in my heart a line if I wrote with tears and be filled with a smile. There is no writer but a sword and will remain forever what you wrote his hands do not write anything is left in the resurrection if you see. Let the days do what you want and medicine breath if the judgment is ruled, and do not be afraid of the incident nights, what the events of the world stay, and be clear about the patience and patient patience and tolerance. Do not be afraid of what you did to the markets and explain your hobby, all lovers may help you to doubt his passion in his campaign, lovers do not be strong companions, not the first enthroned Vtkt by the hugs and ahaqq. I love you two love love, and love because you have a Dua. And to the Lord coming down narrowly by the boy fed up and when God out of the director, narrowed when Ahashkt rings and I ran away and I think not release. I love you my heart, and I did not love your heart, nor did I love you, that your fear will be a disgrace to us after you, and your intentions. Remember me, dreams, I see you, I know how delicious sleep is, and how I shut my eyes after your separation, nor my heart after the dream. Let dreams dream a certainty. Do not do what you want from my heart my love, the torment of love my highest demands. I loved for him who was like him and everything from the adorable to the grass, so I thought of my body with what was in it, as if my body was stolen from my belly. I have been subjected to love after my pleasure, and every lover of love is subject. O burning fire with the face of love, hey, Madamei Vsfih burned my body and all my guard and warn my heart because you are in it. After you and you are the closest people in the hay and you are in the heart and you are present to claim that I have become hateful, and how I hate who in the eyelid inhabit, and how to run away from it is my destiny, does the river has a change of course. No matter what you have, let me have hope for you, and the right to love is sweeter than the medium, the Spirit. When you have gone away, I have not gone away, and when you return, the spirit returns to the body. If you see the eyes of your beauty coming, and your right, my soul drunk without drinking. The roses killed himself envy of you, and threw red in your cheeks. I hid myself in my stomach and my bones, I hid wounds. I do not know how to cure my wounds and heal my pains. I was in a bitter and bitter situation, and I remained wrapped in a sack of rope. I spend the night, but I thought, Where is the morning and the great light? Khalili As you slept, did you see the dead cried of the love of his killer before me. Avdih that the preservation of love or loss of heart, what may be made. Do not fight with your peers, they are weak and strong. I love you no matter how long I wait because you are not my fate but my choice. In the good and the bad, until death separates us, I will love you with all his precision in my heart. Muhram, you are a Tramini Termini, meaning that I am missing wounds, but I do not know. After this, after all that I heard from speech and after my head drowned, I did not cry like two tears, and after I cut myself between the walls of darkness, and after I redeemed you, the parents and the people, and after all that I received from the care of interest, and after I felt that you were not and your hands were not clay. I will show you more, because I have shown you that I am a wreck, I mean if I want you to die, I will die, but you will return. Darling, I wonder if your departure will leave the joy of my life Will be my smile Bahteh worthless or I will live my life as I lived with you I do not know I did not ask myself Although I know the answer to my questions, I feel that life after you will lose the most beautiful and enjoyable in it, the memory of the days we lived You will fail in my heart, and your beautiful drawing will remain visible before my eyes, my beloved, my beloved, forever. Transfer your hearts where you want to love, what love only for the first lover. If you want to receive all the beauties, in the face of the likes of all beauties. Our tears are the harvest of our worries, because our tears tell us the pain of our wounds to generate joy from the womb of sorrow and fly in the sky of happiness, it is our tears bloom smile. The wish of my life to sink in your depths to turn your secrets to know

How do you think of me, and when will my love live to know how much your longing and love to reveal the secret of magic in your eyes. I know that I cried after the first poem of love I write, and you know that I will cry more after the last poem I did not write between writing and cry I do not know, I cry to write and write so as not to cry, and that is the difficult equation. If the sea is collected in your eyes, I do not care if the sea is flooded with tears. I do not care if I dig my tears with a grave that I do not care about. If love were killed by your hands, if I buried a heart in the heart, I would not care. If this love is once loved, then he will know what the loved one is abandoning.

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