The only person who is truly holding you back is you

The only person who is truly holding you back is you

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Love is that strange strange thing that beats the door of our hearts and settle it without any introductions and no permission. There are several forms of love such as love of the homeland, love of people and place, and the basis of love to be sincere and strong and firm to go successful life. Here in this article you will find some of Sayings about love. Sayings about love The wise woman puts sugar in everything that you say to the man and take away the salt from everything that the secret man says to her in the eyes of the woman are two types: a trivial type is not worth keeping it .. And another kind is very important .. So can not be held by three classes of people Women can not understand: children, young men, old people love the earth. Some of our imagination. . If we find it not to invent it. In order to earn a woman, be gentle in listening to her words, as soon as they talk to her. Marriage is the petty translation of the poem of love. Women puzzle key word is love. The woman is fickle in the wind. The Virtuous Woman Jewelry Box reveals every day about a new gem. If a woman likes to sacrifice herself for her heart, and if she wants to sacrifice, she will sacrifice herself. If a woman knows how to catch her, he lights his way, and if it is wrong to hold her, his hands are burned. Women are dominated by their tears and weakness, but their power does not last, because the power of tears, if used too much, calls for the frozen heart instead of melting it. The first symptom of sincere love in a man is shyness ... and in women's audacity. Speak softly when you talk about love (William Shakespeare). Love unbearable hell ... and life without love unbearable bliss (Kamal Shennawi). Friendship may grow to become love, but love does not decline to become a friendship (Peron). Love is a living experience that only the living (Simone de) can experience. Love is king, and therefore it is above the law. Love as a war is easy to ignite is hard to quench. Love is the only game in which two of them are involved and spend time together or lose together. Love is part of a man's existence, but it is the presence of the whole woman (Peron). The man loves to be happy with life, and the woman longs to be happy with love (Jean-Jacques Rousseau). Love may be born with a word, but it can never die with a word. Half the beauty of a man in a female saves her. One of them was beautiful, no hidden secret and today is the secret that weeps and hide from you. The female tolerance is her enemy, but it is hard to forgive the loved ones and break her heart. I do not know that I complain to you about the coldness of the winter or the winter of your cold. Women forgive you for lack of literature and forgive you lack of sincerity. He who loves you sees in you things that you have not seen in yourself. The sincerity of a woman is measured when a man does not have anything. A man's sincerity is measured when he has everything. Love the first time love, the second time look for someone to complain about your first love. When you love a person, do not look for the reasons that made you love him, but look for what keeps you. The most affectionate and loving women are the ones who leave behind when they leave an unstoppable memory, not forgetting, not rewriting. Words about women and love A woman who marries a woman for her beauty as if she buys a house for the beauty of a painting and her face does not challenge the taste of your wife .. She chose you first Do not argue with the idiot .. People may make mistakes in distinguishing between you Women laugh when you can .. Cry when you want to talk to a young man before marriage With her heart and after her tongue consult your wife always and then do what you see. Today's girl if adorned fascinated, and if she smiled charmed, if cooked kill. Authorized sometimes the role of firefighter, which extinguishes the flames of love similarities between women and newspapers .. Both of them publish the news where he went. The first purposes of sincere love in a man is shyness ... and in women's audacity. The blind love mirror is no longer offered after the ophthalmology in the world. We can judge women from their laughter as we judge the coin from its ringing. If two women met, each tried to look bigger and younger. When love is at home .. be warm in the heart. Women as a result of the wall change every year. The wife, as a citizen, remembers all that she has given to her husband. Before marriage, a man takes a woman's hand in love. After marriage he takes her hand in self-defense. Women consider marriage as if they were holding a property. The choice of women as war is enough for one mistake to cast woe and ruin. The last thing that dies in a man's heart .. And the last woman dies in her tongue. Women understand men .. But women only understand women. A woman's reputation as a bright, clear mirror is affected by the least of her soul. Do not ask the girl from the world only marriage, if it came to ask everything. The magic of women is not the source of the qualities, but the weakness of the man. Women are forgiven when they are wrong. Behind every successful man is a woman trying to win his job. The woman like the bee casts honey but it stings you. If you want to cheat a woman, make her live a whole day without a mirror. Women carry their swords in their mouths. Love: A scenario that a woman represents .. The man finances it. Qibla: The only means sometimes, to prevent women from speaking. Protectors: They find each solution a problem. Woman: A bee feeds the man her honey for one month to punish him with the disc longevity. The optimist is the one who leaves his car running and is waiting for his wife when she enters a store to buy one of the needs. Women like the sea .. obedient to those who strengthen them .. mighty strong for those afraid of them. A man will marry or remain single because he will regret both cases. A female lord marries her for stability and another for the same reason. The difference between a failed love and a successful love that first hurts you for a month while the second hurts you for life. Marriage is the greatest means that man uses to know a person who can not live with him in peace. If love was a commodity, there was no one who bought it. Do not argue with an angry woman. You are wasting your time and do not argue with a satisfied woman. You are wasting her time. There is nothing that manages a woman's head faster than a new fur coat worn by another woman. Women remain a paradise as long as I am at their gates. If a woman likes the silent man she thinks he is listening to her. Do not be sad if you never miss

Marriage is because you miss the train better than to be crushed. The only way to make a woman listen to you is to talk to another woman. All women are beautiful until they marry. The woman shows her intelligence to get a job and shows her stupidity to get a husband. The heart of a woman like a camel does not know its goodness except after it is burned. Women do not stop talking except to cry. If a woman is saved in love, she will give you everything you own. The rose that many smells loses its fragrance. Ugly woman's stomach disease and beautiful woman head ache. The truest words in the woman's ear are her words. The active mother learns her daughter laziness. The marriage is afraid of two single and married. Do not choose your wife with your eyes but choose them with your ears. The difference between the tongue of your mother and the bullet that the latter kills only once. When a woman begins to bid farewell to the people of the house you visit, this is proof that she is in the middle of the visit. The old woman is divided on the price of her dresses and adds five years to the age of her best friend. Every woman remains wrong until she cries and then becomes right immediately. There is only one evil woman in the world and every husband that his wife thinks. When women shorten their years of age, they add them to other ages. True love like many ghosts speak of him and few of them saw him. It is not harmful for a woman if she passes by without paying attention to her, but rather it is harmful for her to pay attention and then get rid of it

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