We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes ...

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes ...

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Introduction The first love is said to be a love of Khaled and can not be forgotten and us in that more than words to remind those who follow the words of the first love to search for love first, everything else will come later. Over the lifetime of the hair .. I was always preoccupied with writing more than poetical .. I made sure that life is my most beautiful poem .. Do not look at these texts on my poems .. What this group only the paper boats of a woman on the waves of passion, what left her first Love from a hand only to rowing by. I demand the independence of women, the right to support themselves, to live for themselves, to love who you want, or as much as you want .. I demand freedom for both sexes, freedom to act, freedom of love, freedom of motherhood. The first love (unfortunately) is not as easy as making atomic bombs. You, you lovers of knowledge .. If you have done because of love for knowledge so far .. Have you been robbed or killed, in order to identify what in the spirit of the thief or the killer. The first love word of light is her plan of hand of light on a page of light. The first love is when you take the desire to be badly desired and mortally humiliated. Yesterday we obeyed the kings and our necks in front of emperors. But today we kneel only in front of the truth. We only follow beauty and obey only love. If a friend insulted you, tell him that I forgive you for your crime. But can I forgive you what you have done to yourself with what you have done? This is how great love speaks, because it is recited even from forgiveness and humiliation. If love is blind, it loses its five senses. Only love and faith allow us to get out of ourselves. The first love will never leave us in our case. Physics is not the most important thing. It is the first love. The first can not be blind love; for it is he who makes us see. The opposite of the first love is not hatred but indifference .. We do not hate only those who care about them. I realized that the tyrants of love like the tyrants of the peoples, mighty men and women in front of those who surpassed them power .. And your master is also his master and tyranny for him who feared .. Small masters in their eyes and became a lady herself .. Do not be afraid of God and only the smallest of his creatures. What ugliest nobility in the moment of love! And the ugliest mind in the moment of madness! The first love always requires staying close to who we love. Words of love and betrayal that someone stabs you in your back, this is normal, but to pay attention and find the closest people to you this is the disaster. It is really unfortunate that you are looking for honesty in the age of treason and looking for love in the hearts of a coward. My heart as a woman breaks from the smallest stone hits her. If there are those who love you, then you are a lucky person and if he is sincere in his love you are the most fortunate. The most despicable people is the one who gives you his back and you desperately need the grip of his hand. There is no worse than a human being asking for your name, which has always been associated with the word love you. No doubt you are the dumbest people if you are looking for love in the heart that hates you. Treason Sometimes the feeling is the most beautiful if the person who is the victim deserves it. True love ends only with the death of its owner and false love dies when its owner lives. Every traitor forms for himself an excuse and an excuse to convince himself that he has done the right thing. True love is like the moon when it is red and the eclipse is the end when it encounters treachery. Love as the flower is beautiful and the fulfillment is dew drops on it and betrayal is the hateful shoe that tramples on the rose and crushed it. Traitor ... If every love story ends in treachery, all people will become like you. Love is beautiful and the feelings are upscale .. Love is the life of dead hearts. If you are not worthy of saying the word love you do not say it; because love is sacrifice, patience, and tired. Do not ask me about treason, I do not think there are words that can describe. If you love truthfully, trust in Allah and do not lose hope. If you are a liar, you will go away and talk about judgment and destiny. Fulfill a rare coin and hearts are banks and few banks are dealing with this type of currency. The sincere heart says I love you .. So I'm ready to do anything for you. Please, convince me of anything but betrayal; because it breaks the heart and takes away life from the bowels of the Spirit. If you love truthfully, do not be discouraged; because weakness is treason but in different letters. The beautiful, sincere love keeps his memory forever and the false love ends up to another point at the bottom of the wound. If you tore my heart, do not talk about love; because love is innocent of traitors. If you have one heart of love in your heart, make sure that the last thing you think about is to get away from me. Do not be shy to talk about love and you planted in my heart the most painful wounds. If you love me, maybe I love you and maybe I will not burden you but if you hate me make sure that hate only kills the heart of the owner. Do not be ashamed of the man to represent the role of the lover roaring with every woman encountered. Talk in love until the roses Abt, but share my feelings sincere I wrote you the most beautiful and thinest word exchanged lovers (I love you) I say in all languages ​​of the world I love you: It is the feeling that seeps from the bottom of my heart to you. I love you: it is the pulse that millions of people are looking for. I love you: it is a word you do not need to explain a word to the beloved you go Forso in the heart of the one you love and bring him happiness and happiness and joy and light. I love you: where the familiarity of tenderness in which the piety inherent within the high self in its dealings. I love you: it is the only word that does not need a language to say. I love you: a word echoed by millions of people, but they do not follow its meaning, stripped it of its ugliness and corrupted it with their false feelings and brilliant words. I love you: not a word and say is not the fruit of Fatal is not a cry and a kiss I love you: a wide welcome world. I love you: a sweet, bright planet. I love you: I love it and listen to it. I love you: the pulse of feelings. I love you: a sincere heart feel in the same poet. I love you: a word to know its dimensions do not have in the world of another limit .. Not in Doha love crazy trying to leave .. I love you: tree leaves are fulfilling the roots of the purity of the meeting and its land white hearts and roof purity .. I love you: my gift to me. a

To whom I have loved an indescribable love to those who lie in my heart and make his love and a medal on my chest to those who live my night and my nostrils to the girl of my dreams to whom I engraved in my heart and engraved his name in my mind and my neck to the soul, body and god. The moments of my life to you .. Who is jealous of the sun and the moon and all human beings to you O precious than I love you I love you my heart and my love and my life I have become everything in my life You are my tears and the smile of my life You are the pulse of my heart My dreams and my hope You are my love and the last and the last for you Put the world aside My heart will only include your love And my chest will not include only your longing and compassion I swear .. I do not and will not be able to feel If life is free of you, whoever embraces me with passion and tenderness will always calm the cries of my heart and my longing for longing, hope and tenderness. I wish I were your tears because I will be born in my eyes and put on your cheeks and die on my lips. If I were my tears, I would never weep for fear of losing you. If I had to give you my heart to remove it from my chest and presented it to you .. If I had to give you my age to record my days in your name but I have only many words of sincere expressions, so be my gift to you. Love, not Nakl mind and we do not like. The woman's tenderness is stronger than that of man. Love is a dream, marriage is a fact .. and our lives are to confuse the two. Love is to overstate the value of the know, and jealousy is to overstate the value of not know. Love to be lost in something and death to have something in you. Troy tears love, smiles and refreshing. Love as the moon has two faces: Jealousy is the dark face. Neglect kills love, forgetting and burying it. True love is to love the only person who can make you miserable. Love is like sand in your hand .. If you close your fingers gently it remained in the belly of your hand, and if pressed it ran away from your fingers.

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