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And you will not have the opportunity to be with you like you

And you will not have the opportunity to be with you like you 

and all the hatred of the day was not as much as you hate u. It happens that you are shocked by a teacher you have identified, you can not find the way to your site there where all the beliefs of zero, where you alone are not sitting or standing no land under you and no sky above you and the director

Trust in love is one of the things we must not abandon because love without trust means nothing, trust the text of love and the other half attention, and here are some of the talk about trust in love. Talk about trust in love, half love, trust, and the rest. Love grows like a plant with sincerity, sincerity, loyalty and trust between the parties that is love. Trust is better than love You can not always trust who you love but you will always love who you trust. Everything has a second chance but love, honesty and trust when it collapses will not return even if given a thousand chances. To have the trust of others is better for you than to love them. When doubt comes love goes. Trust is the greatest proof of love. We have to make an apology with a sincere intention to acknowledge the harm done to the other. We are all wrong, but when we make mistakes and know our mistake, we must quickly apologize. That is a sign of courage, love, self-confidence and personal strength. I always like to tell people that you can not do it, because whenever they tell me I do it well. I'm not sad because you lied to me, but I'm sad because I can not believe you anymore. Confidence as a vase, once broken will never return as it was, even if repaired. If my friends want to jump off the bridge I will not hit them, but I'll be down to pick them up when they fall. I know that God will not give me anything I can not deal with, but I only wish he did not trust me so much. Trust is contagious, just like distrust. Trust yourself, you know more than you think. Words without trust like the hollow voice of a wooden bell, and with confidence, words mean life itself. You may be fooled if you trust too much, but you will suffer a punishment if you do not trust enough. I learned to trust myself and listen to the truth and not be afraid of it and try to hide it. I trust who tried. I felt instinctive to the end, but you can not give up any of the reasons. People trust their ears less than their trust in their eyes. You have to trust others, otherwise life will be impossible. The best way to know if you can trust someone is to trust them. Do not build self-esteem and respect like achievement. Trust is contagious, like mistrust does not generate self-confident people, and the most important role of the leader is to instill self-confidence in his men. That peace is like war .. a battle with armies, crowds, plans, goals and self-confidence is a battle against all the complications of defeat. Courage is a means of fear and trust. Happy people always think they are right. How confident of the breath of it .. The rule of the rule is Issam. Self-confidence leads others. Self-confidence and optimism in the good of Moedeen, and for the good of infection. If you trust yourself, you will inspire others to trust. If you trust yourself when everyone doubts you .. If you receive victory as you receive defeat either equally .. If you can see the existing destroys everything you devoted your life for and rise to adopt again what may be destroyed .. If you can fill the vacuum every minute of your life useful work Then you become a man, my son. Excessive self-confidence is at stake. Others may not have had much hope for me, but I was putting great hopes on myself. Self-confidence after trusting in Allah is required by law. A Muslim must improve his belief in God Almighty, and strive for the good and the success always, and strive to continue to rise to achieve perfection. Whoever trusts himself does not need to be praised by people, and from asking for praise he has demonstrated his distrust of himself. Now you are more important than you are and less important than you are. Successful people can succeed because they think they can. If you doubt yourself, you are standing on a shaky ground. You should trust yourself. If you do not trust yourself, who will trust you? Be yourself. This is the first step to becoming better than yourself. The self-confident person says, "It seems difficult but possible." The unfaithful: "It is possible, but it seems difficult." If you thought you could do something, or thought you could not do something, in both cases you were right. Self-confidence is the spirit of heroism. The person who trusts himself has a laugh different from others. Even his breathing and his movements have a different form from others. Self confidence does not come from being always right, but by being not afraid to be wrong. Self-confidence is necessary so that one can generalize and formulate explanatory models. Self-confidence is different from trust and self-esteem. Self-confidence is the individual's belief in its worth and uniqueness in a particular field. The pride of the soul is the result of its arrogance in impressing others with the qualities it wants to be in. Self-confidence is a pure inner affair in a person who knows himself, The self is the human desire to reach respect for himself in an unbalanced way that is outside himself. A sense of absolute self-confidence is equated with a sense of self-distrust. Arab history is full of facts that show how important self-confidence is. Arab historians have reported that the Tartars were engaged in a psychological war with the peoples they invaded, who spread spies among the masses to destroy their moral spirit by spreading rumors about the strength of the Tatars and their brutality. So when the Tartars entered a city, their inhabitants fled, and those who remained were left, a structure, body without spirit. The child who lives in the security environment learns self-confidence. People gain self-confidence as they get older. Whoever despises himself still respects himself as able to despise. At the end of my life, I believe in myself and in my ability to transcend himself, to reform and to transform and to know his limits. It is trust that does not result in arrogance and pride, but pride in man and his abilities. One has to be confident of himself, this is the secret. Even when I was living in an orphanage, even when I was searching the streets for a bit of bread, I was silenced by my hungry stomach. Even in all these harsh conditions, I considered myself the greatest actor in the world . Self-confidence is the spirit of heroism. Self-confidence is that

You firmly believe in yourself that the goal can be achieved, God willing, despite all circumstances and challenges. Your mind can surprise your body if you can tell yourself: I can do it .. I can do it .. I can do it. Self-confidence is what you should feel before you understand the real dimensions of any position. Those who act out of fear remain fearful and those who act out of self-confidence develop. A confident person walks as a king. If someone could do something to you, you know you can do this, because this person is not better than you. If this thing was not done by you, you will be the first. Since I was a child, I felt an urgent urge to develop myself, and so I realized that it was my duty as an extraordinary human being to develop my potential. I know my way and I know the truth and I do not want to be as you want .. I am free to be what I want to be. Winners expect to win. Self-confidence and skill .. Invincible army. I realize that no one can only defeat me. No matter what you think of yourself, you are stronger than you imagined. I throw myself in the middle of the pitfalls, then think about finding solutions. I do not care what he writes about me as long as it is not true. Always talk about yourself as evidence that you are not confident. It is a fine thread that separates self-confidence and vanity .. You should always see it and do not make it lose sight of you. We become stronger when we realize that the hand of help we need is at the end of our arm.

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