Be in life as a passerby

Be in life as a passerby

I leave behind you every beautiful trace

What we are in this world only guests

The guests should only leave

It hurts to be ignored, and your heart is silent! We hide sadness and tears and tears sometimes .. Behind the words (I am fine) .. Damn the dignity of the self .. And the truth of reality does not contain contain honest. Someone: Teach me the meaning that I do not trust anyone no matter how strong my relationship with him! I went back to my isolation so that I would not come to the day I saw you by accident anywhere in this hateful world. Hope, is overcome nostalgia at night .. Here generates hope, we die! Sometimes we wish our dreams to be true .. and sometimes we wish if our truth is a dream. Some sorrows do not need solutions .. They just need a friend's palm patted on your shoulder .. He says to you: I feel you. In the middle of the night, I love my only one, even though it is dull and cold. My memories and pages are destroyed. My fear will give you a day and forget me. Only those who are too loyal will suffer. Do not put all your dreams in one person ... Do not make the journey of your life the destination of someone you love whatever his qualities ... Do not think that the end of things is the end of the world ... The universe is not what you see your eyes. Strange this world .. Turn everything against me! And Lajit shed roses, say please Majdi! I still have a tear, a wound and a muffled scream. The pain is still raw, and in a word he is woken from his sleep. You have left me a feeling of seventy years. If you said to me, the sadness is gone .. The forerunner in front of me .. Fini pain in the heart, challenged Fini grief .. What passed in the eyes of orphans. Without feeling .. I find hot tears burn and Jntai .. I close my eyes strongly so that I do not see others .. I do not want more tears .. Then I sleep and feel nothing. Melit and I turn to me on the Marina relax me .. My sadness written to me from the day I spoke my name and became sad every Marina faces me and lost .. On the path of joy and inspired trees. My heart is narrowed when I am destroyed around me, I do not need you, I do not need you, and I do not die thousands of times when I see your beauty and I do not see you. Pay your whole life for a sense of truth and heart that contains you .. Do not pay for a moment in the direction of a lover runaway .. Or heart abandoned for no reason. I wrote to you my love on the pages of my eyes .. read by everyone who sees me .. To know everyone who met me .. And painted your picture in my heart .. Not to be hinted by the eyes of others. I am the one who died my tears .. And dry my spring .. I am the one who turned genes of my love .. Facing my tears. Absence is not their fault, we are the ones who made a lot of mistakes when we gave them everything. In this time, if you hurt and tortured love you .. If you love and torture forget you. I cried my eyes for the pain of separation .. Fradd my heart sad by burning .. How to heart to forget you? Oh, who in the heart has inhabited you? I am sailing with the world on a boat without a paddle .. On the palm of time I do not know and Win Yermini. Do not wait for your lover to sell you ... and wait for a new light that can sneak into your sad heart, bring back to your days the joy and restore your heart a beautiful pulse. Sad songs are enough to give you a hell of a vengeance. Watch someone because you love him without knowing what happened between you could not forget him and you are interested Mo .. Tra are the most sincere feelings of love, but the magnitude of sincerity. My heart screams screamed torn by my ribs .. And screamed my sense of a .. I miss you. I am tired of your absence very much, and then I started writing you in my evening, and then my body is filled with you, and then you make me wear my kataabi .. Save me from your absence. The most honorable people are the most suffering people in this life ... so no one knows their language except those who were equal in their advancement. We are ready to leave when all the solutions for survival have ended. We carry on our shoulders our pains with a low head and heavy steps. I miss you so much and I could not tell you, forget me pride, madam.

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