Become blind I did not like anything I became deaf if I heard From you newly hurts me. Just because I love you.

Become blind
I did not like anything

I became deaf if I heard
From you newly hurts me.
Just because I love you.

Love The most beautiful love is the love we express in our words and actions, and in this article we will mention the thinnest and most beautiful words spoken from the hearts I love sincerely. When my soul stops loving your soul, my pen will stop loving letters and kissing paper. I have five fingers in my hand. I see them all equal in reverence when you touch your hands. I lost my age twice, once before I kissed you, and the second when I did not kill you anymore. If Newton looked into your eyes, he knew that gravity had no law to govern. When time ceases and the world disconnects from existence, I know that I have accepted your brow. The eyes have a language that only the devotees can understand. Silence hangs in them when they begin to speak. The coolest thing is that you may feel loved, but the most beautiful to feel who you love. Perhaps my soul was unable to meet you, and I could not see you, but my heart could not keep you, if the eye did not see you, the heart would not forget you. I love you death, do not ask me what evidence, I saw a bullet ask the dead. Man may sell something he has bought, but he does not sell a heart that he likes. Do not ask me about the dew will not be thinner than your voice, and do not ask me about my country, I have raised it in your hands, do not ask me my name, I forgot when I loved you. I intended to dig your name on my heart, but I was afraid that my heart would disturb you. If you despair of a day of your love and think of committing suicide, I will not hang myself, or fire myself, and I will not throw myself out of a skyscraper because I know in short that your eyes are the fastest way to commit suicide. I have no trust except in your eyes, and I will give you a land that you will not betray. Let me look at them, let me know who I am. Thoughts of love to you, O one who love you, the heart is to you, O you who have eyes for you, O one who live for it, O you, from your spectrum, who follows me to you, I see your image everywhere in my books .. In my dreams .. In my greeting to you Who shudders my being from the intensity of my love To your visions only when mentioning your name is the least I can express because your love increases in my heart at every moment and because you are everything in my life. How difficult it is Those nights where I try to get you out to your arteries to your heart How hard it is those nights How hard are those moments I look for your chest to include my head My beloved longing You always kill me You are in my thoughts And in my night and my images engraved between Jafoni and Nour My eyes are your eyes calling for my eyes, your hands embrace my hands, your whispers .. You are listening to my ears, my love. Is it possible to divide the distances and gather the groans? Who has owned my heart and my language? When I begin writing, I find myself and find myself I find myself uttering the oppressed letters that refuse to be seen between the lines I find sometimes my tears flow on my wet paper so my mind remains shy self that wants to be liberated but sometimes I refuse to write forget that I have ABCs and measures that I should not confuse either When I write about my love I find it embodied in a weak sense between the lines because I find my love inside me springing with all sensitivity. When I dedicate my beloved, my grandfather, I find her not to give any meaning like that in my soul, because in my soul there is much more, so I begin to suffer, and my confessions begin with my paper, which I may tear after that, because it may appear twice as weak, but then I feel comfortable and I find my self. ! Poems about an old love - Mahmoud Darwish. On the faces and our back and our faces on the sand if the summer winds passed, we began the Mandela on leisurely .. leisurely and tired of two songs, like prisoners dribble drop of hope Come back to mind, O sister! The late night shows me the colors and shadows and protects me from humiliation! And in your eyes, my old moon gives me the original to a blue drip under the sun .. And the palm tree away from the exilee .. Soon from the fever of my family, the childhood of you in the air of the birds of spring stripped trees and your voice was, what was, comes from the wells sometimes and sometimes drops me The rain is so pure as the fire, like trees .. As the hair goes down, as if in your eyes is something I desired, and I waited and I was waiting for my Zindik, I was captivated by you. And we pass in the road bound .. As prisoners of my hand, I did not manage, or your hand felt the pain of the other? And did not start, as usual, with my chest or your chest .. The mystery of the anniversary as a passing passerby, as all people, that is because there is no longing and no scarlet and no stone and sink in the hustle to buy our little things and did not leave our night ashes .. Reminds the Jamra and something in my veins calling me to drink from your hand And when I wrote about your eyes with all the things I write and shared and our masters .. And coffee and when I went .. Did not go to Ali you are forgotten forgotten as a wind in the coming down to Morocco. But if I try to forget you ... I have landed on the hands of a planet for you glory swirling in my imagination of resonance .. prison, and the constraint see you, based on a skilled man .. Go on your head in the cold nights sun in my blood Chedo childhood childhood Yshrbeb front of the head of the spring spring Vtchmk herbs and roses Sky sky Vtchmat rain and thunder Glory to you is not for my joy Bdiry limit and not to my promise to you .. Glory And we realized the evening .. The sun was shed her hair in the sea and another kiss anchored on my eyes like the embers took me the wind and kissed me for the last time and realized the morning and the sun combed her hair in the east her henna and wedding and a ticket to the Palace of slavery took me songs and remind me .. The bells knock Procession Belle and my heart captive cool diamonds and dreams boxes on the harbor Take me spring and Odeina .. quotations Mosteghanemi dreams like you loved another dears on the face of the earth, and like I Azptna another enemies on the face of the earth. Oh, lovers, fools, good people, stupid .. Put this saying in your eyes: "Woe to vinegar did not see in his enemy" .. To witness the literature that I reached! Enter a great love, and bring out a princess from him, because as you enter him, you will remain

So that you do not get lost in anything, but be excessive in everything, go in every case to the extreme, in the extreme is your strength, and your life is lost, if you become a normal woman can be forgotten and replaced. Do not love ... My thirst does not spare ... My tears do not diminish ... Raise Do not be tormented ... I miss your mind Do not evaluate in his heart ... but an outbreak does not taste ... But the bullying Do not be in front of him ... but behind him Do not be his excuse ... but his goal is not to be his mistress ... but his wife do not be his wipers ... But his pen do not be reality ... The shadow of his dream Do not always be happy ... Sometimes being his pain Do not be pleasure ... but his appetite Being thinner and the princess of his sleep do not be his bed ... Being and his wife being among his name, his memories, and the projects of his gland will not be his watch .. Be his wrist, not his time ... but his time. Every woman who has a relationship with him, every female he needs, everything that can touch him, every pet that he loves, all his eyes, his daughter, his work, his cat, his swimming pool, his bath soap, and his car. Be his sitting chair, his comfort, his screen, his home, the woman he has never seen before, and no woman will come after her, just female! There are seasons for messages that will not be written, for the phone that does not ring, for the confessions that will not be told, for the age that we have to spend in a moment of betting, there is a time not created for love, there are lovers who have not been created for this time, There is a love in the ferocity of hatred, there is hatred that is not matched by love, there is a more memorable forgetfulness than a memory, there is a truer lie than honesty, there I am, there you are, there are fake dates more fun than all appointments, There is a parting of the most beautiful of a thousand meeting, there are differences of taste of thousands of reconciliation, there are moments passing through life, there Omar shorten a moment, there Na, there you are, there is always impossible, what is born with all the love, there is a bet where we play our heart on the gambling table, there are great players engaged in the loss of superiority! What betrayed you, but I betrayed you, I decided not to write You will not know how many stories were assassinated in your absence so as not to boast of my sadness when I spoke words I did not circumcise .. I just forgot to live your time I match you with feelings of absence .. A sub-story, written in advance and changed the course of my life after my life The one that surprises us in terms of what we do not expect, ignoring all our previous principles and values, which comes so late, at that moment when we do not look back at anything; and if it turns everything around us. They ask you what you do, not what you want to be, they ask you what you have, not what you lost, they ask you about the news of the woman you married, not the one you love, they ask you what your name is, not whether this name suits you, they ask you how old are you, , They ask you which city you live in, not any city that inhabits you. They ask you whether you pray and do not ask you. Are you afraid of God, and so I used to answer these questions with silence? When we fast, we force others to correct their sins. Is joy a resistance act ?! Or that some of the sadness of supplies lovers? Without guilt, the hearts of women die because of a man who entered their lives with all this invasion, and then left with all this cruelty, without any explanation, to pray to destroy the heart of another woman fleeing from the first ... And so on I can now interrupt you in absentia, When you arrived, on that day when nothing would suggest that you would come, and everything that I would say I would leave! Who said "mountains alone do not meet" .. they sinned. And who have built bridges between them to shake hands without bowing or giving up their glory do not understand anything in the laws of nature. Mountains do not meet only in earthquakes and major earthquakes, and then do not shake hands, but turn into dust

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