Despite of everything, the past is still stuck in our memory, even if it is harsh

Despite of everything, the past is still stuck in our memory,

 even if it is harsh

The past embodies the memories and attitudes we have undergone and the achievements we have made. This past may be happy and may carry grief and pain. Expressions about the past Many people live long past, past the platform to jump no sofa to relax. In the past, we were talking about the future. Today we have no future. The souls are eager for those who talk about the future, not about the glory of the past, even if it was great. Whoever hugs the voice of the past can not speak to the future. The secret of the secrets of judgment is to combine one's belief that he is not mistaken and his ability to learn from the mistakes of the past. When we look at the distant past we see human beings fixed in specific situations and places and in fixed personal qualities. Who controls the past controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past. Hold on now, pal here, where all the future drowns in the past. Memories remain solvable, human fuel, the memory of the past and the lessons of the future. They are wrong about what they said about the past. I learned how to bury him, but he always finds his way back. I wandered in the sunset and ignited the monstrous past I look at the mirror .. To explore the strange face I'm still this boy. Whoever looks at the mirror sees the appearance, and looks at the past sees the essence. Abu Talib said: If you fire your gun on the past, the future fired your guns at you. Repentance only keeps you in the trap of the past. You asked me to meet you tomorrow to turn the past .. Oh, as if you ask me to move steadily towards the gallows .. Do not make the pain of the past a statue to offer the ritual every moment to keep your heart wounded. Do you know life was really simple and spontaneity ohhi sweet anniversary adorn our eyes last pasted by it. And there is something of the fragility of the past stuck with us in spite of time .. something can not forget to touch it. Nest in the limits of your day and forget the past and the future. Forget the past, including attention to the past and end foolish and crazy. The past in general does not matter as much to people as they care about their own past with all the details. Suffice it to drag the past and repeat what I spend and your words to tell him what you say .. And you know the answer Sadi. Those who read the past in the wrong way will see the present and the future in the wrong way too. The destinies of the past are the only darkness in which we walk without attachment or caution. The past rooms are closed on worn fires. Umm Kulthum fuels the fire of the lover, and my advice is not to listen to it if you want to forget the fires of the past. In a time of bitter dreams only remember the past. When you really love you will not need to forgive the past for those you love, but will love the past and mistakes that made him who he is. And the heart of the heart lives if he called him the past, and authorized him to enter, and received to receive him. In the past, logic was photographic, and now it has become cinematic, and it was dormant and became animated. We do not remember the past for beauty, but for the riches of our present. The past that comes back with a whip will hit your head with a gold nail that is not short enough to kill you. Her slim body rises from the cold, and the rest of the past kisses. Recalling the past can not save the future. Does the past really end, or does it follow its life inside our heads? Every day I live is a gift from God and I will not waste it worrying about the future or the grief over the past. We made a mistake when we considered that the homeland is only the past. Khalid, his homeland, is the future. The atonement for the past and the conversion of everything was to what I would have this alone, what I call thinking. Until the future, it was nicer in the past. How far is the past far away .. When the separation is. When you encounter a friend of the past you feel you encounter your old personality, talking to him as you are and not as you become. Who digests the past in the wrong way .. vomits the future .. no matter how old age; do not make memories of the past excel in your conversations on the dreams of the future. We, as a society, have not been able to preserve the values ​​of the past and have not been able to grasp or reach the values ​​of the future. Do not make the last clouds cover the present sun. The act of the devil is the funeral of the past with wailing and wailing, which is what it sends in the soul of sorrow and despair on the lips. The past is good for us despite our obsession with the future of cloudy sections. The past is the power of the dead, the present made by the living, the future painted by the great. Pretending to forget was enough to obliterate the past. The occasions of grief make us cry over all the things we have lost and inherited in the past. The past disappears, my son, like a fugitive who flees from people. Let him not send him again. Writing approach and alienation and exchange past and present. This is forgetting: remember the past and do not remember tomorrow in the story. History tells us that all the wonderful achievements in our lives now have been made possible by people who have rebelled in the past. Disappointment affects those who wish to restore their past, but they do not afflict those who do not have past. We do not want to reestablish the past, but rather to attract the future and push tomorrow into its future. There is always in what they wrote in the past what works to describe the future. The past to spend a daily presence in the statements .. Maine said Ambarah died. The past is a fortress of no present, no future. Let the past go good and evil and let us present what we want. The past does not die. It is present in the present with a thousand pictures and pictures. Today's events are the birth of the past. The name is a form of continuity in the past, and people who do not past them, are nameless people. The frivolous friendship of its past content has now been transformed into a trifling contract of mutual respect. I want to close my eyes to the past and forget. I'm fine, better than ever ... but I suffer from a memory that does not stop tampering with the details of the past. And something of the fragility of the past remains stuck with us in spite of time ... something that the hand of forgetfulness can not touch. The past, which sometimes disguises itself as a thief but does not die, then is sent without invitation or fear. Why do not we doubt in the past to relax us. Who holds the last stumble his footsteps. I will not forget the past because it is present, not what I am. What does the boy need in this country?

To the pistol and the book .. pistol to cover the past and the book of the future. What is the right .. to sell the past to buy tomorrow, or leave tomorrow to the hand of fate and preserve the past we have. Why people smile when taking pictures of them .. To convince themselves that they were happy in the past. Read more on the theme of the site:

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