Disabilities in life not a test of your own strength But a test of your strength Psychological

Disabilities in life, not a test of your own strength;

But a test of your strength


If we do not know where to go, all roads meet the purpose! There is always someone who is worse than you, so smile !! If you planted "Let" and "Lo" will grow for you (nothing) !! A man remains a child until his mother dies. When you love your enemy, feel his vanity! If you stabbed from behind, know that you are in the front !! Soft speech overturns the right to understand !! We all like the moon has a dark side !! Do not challenge a person who has nothing to lose! The eye that does not cry, does not actually see anything !! If the loser smiled, the victor lost the thrill of victory! There is no good in a right without a left !! Panic from a catastrophe is another catastrophe !! The smile is a well-known word without letters! Make people love you when you leave your position as they love you when you receive it !! Do not challenge your wife's taste, she chose you first! You can not stop worries flying over your head, but you can prevent them from nesting in your head! The hearts of the free .. The graves of secrets! Keeping the deadlines of the great manners! Dive with the wolves but have your weapon ready ! Those who are despicable, find pleasure in searching for the mistakes of the great! You are aging for every minute of anger! The blow that does not kill you Tqeik !! Be a friend, and do not be greedy to have a friend! If money was to be sung by men, it would not have married the daughters of kings! Some say art .. Make listening an art! The impossible can never become possible ! Long tongues are indicative of short hands ! We love the past because its gone, but if its back we'll hate it ! Young man needs to understand not to those who understand! Out of his concern, his passion longed! One of the great people who feel it is small, but the great is the one who feels everyone in his presence as great! Who hunts two birds, lose them all! Women are half the society, the one who gives birth and nurtures the other half! For every word is authorized, and perhaps your ear is not for my words, do not accuse me of ambiguity! As more higher up, it rises to the clouds around him and tribulations ! Do not argue with an ignorant for it hard for people to differentiate between you ! Your reward in your country, the best of your left in your west! The failure in planning will lead in planning for failure ! The best way to achieve your dreams is to wake up from the way! The coward may find 36 solutions to his problem, but he only likes one solution, which is to escape! As wax weeps and what I know I have spoken of the burning of fire or of the honey band! What is your way with your smile is better for you than to cut it with your sword! Who obeys the woeful friend! Being a member of the Black group is better for you than being the leader of the ostrich!

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