dont be so cruel that u dont forgiving for no one and dont be a fool you trust every time

dont be so cruel that u dont forgiving for no one

 and dont be a fool you trust every time

Before we finish what we want to write, when deprived of the most beautiful smile and the most beautiful heart and the joy of joy, then turn your life and draw sadness what he wants on your face and your heart, when the day of our day turns to the night of the dark and the sadness and lasting crying interrupted, after the man loved the Nora When you live your life and draw in your mind the days of grace in his arms, and suddenly find him the property of others, take everything with him and leave only memories and torment, when the sorrows become your friend in every way Even in moments of joy and joy, crying and groans alone When you feel like a bird is trapped, and when he was released he was sacrificed and lost his dreams in life, when you wish, when you feel like you are a bird. I hope you will live a few moments, hoping for a look from his eyes, a laugh from his lips, a word from his mouth, a touch of his hand, when you find the above applies to you, you will realize that you have left someone dear to you, but in the end This is our destiny, and this is what our scholars have written We are destined to be times of sorrows more than moments of joy, but how can we blame our world for our sorrows, and we know that the past will not return, how we ourselves did that ourselves when we deluded ourselves with our dreams and believed what we dreamed of. Sharma, continue to stand by her even after separation. We get married easily, and we part with difficulty. Whoever gets used to traveling, knows that he always arrives at a moment when he has to be separated. Sadness is to meet you in the throes of life, and weave with you the most beautiful love story we live in detail and rituals, and dream of a better tomorrow and then the story ends with tragedy. Our hours in love have wings, and in her parting tentacles. No immortality extinguishes the pain of loss and separation. The sadness is that I open the cities of my dreams and live with you in a palace of imagination, and then the palace collapses on my head. The meeting is only the beginning of separation. Cruelty was your sin, and pride was my sin, and when the two sinners merged, the separation was their hellish child. The sadness is that I hid my life in your heart and filled your bags with my words, and I put my happiness in your eyes, and then I will show you my power and power. The dimension is curvature. Separation is a must, let's meet waiting to come. Sleep parting. Sadness is to become with my days eyes that I see with my antennae, which I breathe, and my blood, which I live in and then I bleed you at the departure at once. Whoever prays for him the perfection of the Hereafter, Han is the parting of the world. The most difficult thing is to connect one's memories with a person, so separation becomes a state of amnesia. Sadness that addicted to your love and addicted to your voice and add your perfume and addicted to my presence with you, then open my eyes on your absence. away from the eye away from the heart. We walked away as if parting pulled the carpet of happiness from under our feet. Parting loved ones. I took my share of separation and now it's your turn.

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