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Don't be too interested Some hearts can't feel

Don't be too interested Some hearts can't feel

Nostalgia nostalgia is to review the past and open the old notebook and reviewed with all the love and desire, and can be a nostalgia for places we visited in the past and want to visit again, and here in this article brought you the most beautiful thoughts about nostalgia I hope you like it. Thoughts about nostalgia Time passes very quickly in the blink of an eye, I hope you think of nothing as much as you think. His past memories are beautiful. "Jonathan Fuer" It is strange how we stick to things that happened in the past while we are still waiting for what will happen in the future. "Aloni Condi" nostalgia is a suffering caused by remembering the years of the past with great desire and love. "Milan Condera" There is no greater sadness than remembering the happy times when we feel despair. "Dante Alighieri" recalls things from the past not necessarily as remembering objects as they were in the past. "Marcel Proust" Some have a lot of nostalgia for places they do not know at all. "Carson McCollars" I read many different topics that pertain to all walks of life, when I read, this time was one of the most beautiful times I have ever had. I would forget myself and forget who I am when I spend long hours reading M book, I will never forget those wonderful times I was spending happily. "Diana Heartfield" home is that place we belong to. "Emily Dickinson" Home is the only refuge that protects you from all life risks. "William Bennett" How many times have I been under a strange roof in the atmosphere of Mater, I feel homesick to my home. "William Faulkner" Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and appeal basis of existence. Albert Camus had a natural instinct, like the pattern painted by the dust particles on butterflies' wings. This pattern gradually disappeared until it was completely removed and the wings were broken. The butterfly could not fly again and became nostalgic for the past when it was strong. "Ernst Hemingway" Things that happened in the past will not be remembered as the moment of their occurrence. "Julian Barnes" The time that man lived in the past is the most beautiful time a person can spend because of the beautiful things and memories wonderful, the most beautiful things in life are the times of childhood, where one keeps in mind those things that broke out when he was young, do not forget and still feel Nostalgic for that time. "Rob Sheffield" How sad and bad but there was a few happy times. "Robert Browning" I have collected my memories and become nostalgic for this beautiful time. "Thomas Elliott" I still have that idea that the whole world still has wonderful people somewhere, those old people who have instinctive knowledge of everything around them, who made their lives a way easily without fatigue, who did what was dictated to them With all my heart welcomed and without making any mistakes, I miss them and hope to become like them to live my life spontaneously. "Richard Yates" We are eager to see the things that hurt us and leave the things that are the reason for our happiness in this life. We believe that good things are causing us pain, and we believe that bad things are what bring us happiness. "Tessa Afshar" I wonder how many days I have spent trying to see you and communicate with you. "Harper Lee" used to crying at night, waiting for something I missed so much. Sylvia Plath If I knew that I would only get some nights with him, I would take those nights and keep them in my imagination to keep me warm for the rest of my life. "Karen Marie" One dreams throughout life of having someone who thinks he is beautiful forever. "Maggie Osborne" has overwhelmed me with love to forget the bad things that have happened in my life. "Biao Tablan" I kept it to remind me always that despite the existence of evil, but sometimes there is beauty and beautiful radiance, and you are always the person who shines my life with its bright light. "Karen Marie" Your presence is my lover, who directs my words. The letters are scattered around you as soon as you are present, racing in my soulful words to talk to you, to keep silence with the finest words and to heal with words that break on the letters of longing and nostalgia. I mastered the absence and I mastered nostalgia, and all of us were addicted to what it was. Sorry, my heart, I have failed you, but I swear to you that there will not be again, no one deserves my tears. What is harder is to cry over something that does not have hope, and to ask for something that is and the stars in the distance, whether you love someone who treats you with shame, and to sacrifice for someone who does not know the meaning of fulfillment. I know why I feel sorry for neglecting me because I want to hate you with conviction, when the moment of farewell comes, the eyes fill with tears and the volcanoes of sorrow erupt. What is the most difficult moments of farewell, especially those you love, like an ember that burns the heart like a thief steals the mind. When the moment of farewell comes, Go away, burn, and forget, and there is only my heart, which I do not know where it is not only the fire of passion grows in the fireplace of love and remains only a heart confused and eye crying. Do not regret the love of his nest even if the memory of your pain, if the flowers have dried up and lost Abirha, and did not remain from the thorns, do not forget that it gave you a beautiful fragrance I am happy. Do not break all the bridges with the one you love, then maybe fate will happen to you for another meeting to restore the past, and reach what has been interrupted, if the beautiful age has gone, who knows perhaps waiting for you beautiful age. If you ever decide to leave a love, do not leave him a wound, it gave us a heart that is never worthy of us to plant an arrow or leave him a moment of pain. If you break the days between you, do not remember who you love, not every sense of truth and talk about it only with everything that is wonderful and noble, it gave you a heart, and gave him life and there is more precious than the heart and age in human life. If you sit a lonely day trying to gather around you the shadow of beautiful days you have lived with who you love, leave away all the feelings of pain and cruelty that have separated you, and try to gather in your notebooks all the beautiful words you have heard of who you love and all the sincere words that s

To whom you love, and to make in your days a collection of beautiful images of this man who inhabited your heart days and the glitter of his sad eyes and smile in a moment of clarity and brutality, in a moment of narrow and hope that grew up between you days. He grew up even though he had withered and died. If you are ever asked about a person you loved, do not say a secret was between you, never try to distort the beautiful image of this person I loved, and make by you a secret cache of all its secrets and stories, love morality before it was feelings. If you want fate and reunion days, do not begin to mock, spell and tongue, and try to remember the last moment of love between you to reach the past present, and not looking for things went because the lost gold and ended. The present is much more important than the past, and the moment of meeting is much more beautiful than the memories of a wild farewell. If reunion once again try to avoid the mistakes of yesterday that separated you, because man must benefit from his experiences and never try to settle accounts or revenge from a person you gave your heart because the liquidation of accounts in the currency market in the emotional transactions and revenge is not the lover's morality and wrong To show your feelings in the markets and be a knight without ethics. If there is a need for separation, do not leave the reconciliation of the door but I went on. If you find that all the doors are closed and that hope is not hoped, and that those who have loved the days have closed the keys of his heart, and delivered in the vaults of forgetfulness.

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