Don't bother who is ignoring you But care for the one who ignore people for you

Don't bother who is ignoring you

But care for the one who ignore people 

for you

I laughed and they said, do not you? I cried, they said, do not smile? .. Basmat they said, I saw them I thought they said what was silent .. Silence They said Kalil tongue spoken, they said a lot of words .. Dreamed, they said the cowardly act, even if he was avenging revenge .. Besalt and said to be ashamed of him and was not surprised if they say .. "If the mind was as much as the words of men, then it would have been the greatest of men's minds. If science were as much as keeping matters, the pupil would have been wider than his teacher. , Even if the ignorance on the virtues of the wicked did not have influence, even if the money as much as the mind was the richest people wise, and the poorest people And the most kings and leaders. "Mustafa al-Sibai is a life driven by your mind, much better than a life led by people's words." William Shakespeare People do not do justice to the neighborhood among them, even if they are left with remorse. "Zaki Naguib Mahmoud is never afraid to raise your voice for truth and truth and for sympathy against injustice, lies and greed, if he did All people will .. The world will change. - William Faulkner Pain Types: There are reduced pains assessed If people suffer from pain more than one or two degrees, if we suffer in the struggle for an idea, for example, , People refuse to believe him, except for a few .. They do not believe him because when they looked at the owner saw that his head is not that head, who must be in their eyes the head of the suffering for the cause of high that whole lift .. They then refuse to sympathize With no sympathy; without being in their position this is something of the spirit of evil anyway. "- Feodor Dostoevsky (Russian writer). "Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi is the telling of nature to us that the mind of man is capable of doubling the rate of his work enormously if he needs to. So, if you want to raise people's reform, keep their minds working. "- Stephen Hawking The rebellious or rebellious man may become a popular hero who is respected by people, but rebellious rebellious women seem abnormal or abnormal. Misleading minds, fixed do not change as well as b For the world, dictators are developing a series of approaches that exclude any portrayal of the world as an issue or problem and focus on showing it in the form of a fixed entity, or as something given, something that people, as mere spectators, must adapt to. People are afraid of the unknown, but ignorance becomes a blessing when knowledge is scary. - Laurel Hamilton I have scars on my hands from touching some people. - Jerome David Salinger The common way people give up their power is to believe they have no power. Among all kinds of tyranny, tyranny practiced for the benefit of its victims is the most severe It is perhaps better to live in a system of emperors of corruption to live under the absolute authority of the advocate of virtue who intervene in what does not concern them .. The injustice practiced by the tycoons may sometimes come to a standstill, and their greed may reach saturation, but those who oppress us for our benefit as They say, they will continue to oppress them indefinitely, because they are doing it with a relaxed conscience. - CS Lewis How anyone can know everything about all people. - Freud was a criminal person like other people and the only difference was that he was caught in a blaze. George Bernard Shaw Become your friend as outdoor air, solitude, food and medicine from people who can not "Friedrich Nietzsche is forbidden to kill because he will be punished because this is a crime, but if you kill many people you will be saved from punishment, but you will be honored ... because you are a hero in the war." Voltaire

Let your face be a name and your words are soft, you shall love the people who give them gold and silver. Do not like the man Tntnth, but the one who led the Secretariat and stop the symptoms of people, he is the man. From Gad Sad, and from the scorn of disobedience, and that the best people of those who did not. Of the people grow up zł. And the war, if they knew, would not be raging in the fringes of the guns, but in the hearts and minds of the people. It is forbidden to kill because you will be punished because this is a crime, but if you kill many people you will be saved from punishment, but you will be honored because you are a hero in the war. And people are interested in life and I do not see .. The length of life is more than non-stray .. If you lacked ammunition did not find the asset is the best business. Whenever success comes from good planning and constant perseverance coupled with the opportunity, people consider it fortunate. Many people spend a lot of time and effort avoiding problems, rather than trying to solve them. People think that feeling happy is the result of success but the opposite is true. Success is the result of feeling happy. The best people were the minds of those who were not uprooted, and the people brought the answer of those who did not get angry. Do not care about the speed of work, but its quality, because people do not ask you how much you have finished it, but look at its proficiency and quality of manufacture. In the revolution there are two types of people, those who revolutionize and those who benefit from it. Some people see things as they are and wonder why, and others dream of things that have never been and they wonder why not. Make people love you when you leave your position, as they love you when you receive them. More people lie than talk a lot about himself. Most people at power are evil. There is no word in the dictionary of many meanings and varied and contrasted as much as the word I love you .. I almost say that this word has meanings as much as the number of people, ie four thousand million meaning. You have to remember Allaah, it is medicine and you and people, it is a disease. Learn the science and teach people and learn the reverence and tranquility and humbleness to whom you learned from him and to whom you have learned and do not be the greatness of scientists do not Gehlkm knowledge. People loved me who raised me. The stupidest people who wandered in the last trip had a boat house. If people are rich in this world, then hasten with me with Allah, and if they rejoicing in the world, then you will be pleased with Allah, and if they forget their loved ones, then I will make you believe in Allah, and if you know their kings and their kinsfolk and bring them closer to them, they will receive their pride and honor. The happiest people are thinking about the most fun ideas. To say there is a good work of art but not understood by the general public as if we say that there is very good food but most people can not eat it. Whoever thinks that he is ever satisfied, is about to please no one. People in the prowess of the idiot, cheat and decent. If people are asked to delete the words and curiosity of their words, the silence in their councils to replace the speech. Addressing people by their names I think our names are the most beautiful thing you hear our ears address people by their names. People are not separated from the conflict except the Book of the House of Heaven, and if they return to their minds, each of them mind. If people dispense with the world, then fasten you with Allah, and if they rejoicing in the world, then you will be pleased with Allah, and if they forget their loved ones, then I will make you forget Allah. From the homeland of his heart when his Lord dwelt and rested, and those who sent him in the people were troubled and became anxious. A person has to do what the people preach about him, as he also has to preach to people what he does. I'm not sad because people do not know me, but I'm sad because I do not know them. He rewarded the people with deceit, and his servants are treacherous. Many people think they understand what they imagine. They say to me: If you knew yourself, I would know all the people, and I would say to them, "Do not know myself first, until I know all men." It is strange that people love us and I am able to disrupt our lives. Of people's benefits that they can not hide their disadvantages long. The evil of people is that whose vengeance harms himself and people. People are born free, but they enslave wherever they go. People who know little talk a lot, but those who know a lot talk little. O people, the piece of gold may fall into the mud, but it will remain gold, and the tin is not like gold, and evil is not as good, and the black night is not bright, like the bright shining, and the Jew is not like the Muslim, even if he put in his possession the weapons of this world. People fear poverty in poverty and fear of humiliation in humiliation

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