Don't stop when you are tired .. Stop when you are done.

Don't stop when you are tired .. Stop when you are done.

Positive personality Positive personality in life is a loving personality, and attractive, because of the publication of the owner of this personality of positive energy, and optimism in life, which affects the personality, and others as well, and ship them in a constructive way, pushing them to overcome obstacles, and move forward to achieve ambitions, Look back, only to take advantage of what happened, even if it is a bad thing. Therefore, the positive helps the person to build himself, and his relationships with others, so self-building through the development of self education, work, and maintain health, religion, and be building relationship with others through proximity to people, and deal with them, The personality of the human being is positive, he will not stand in the difficulties, but will go forward and will not stop him something, how to become a positive person? How to enjoy the positive personality There are several things that may benefit the person who wants to enjoy the positive personality, which are tips on the person to follow, and take care in his personal life and his life with people, and develops itself on the basis of them, and progressively, until the desired result, as follows : Changing the way of thinking A person who wants to enjoy the positive personality, must first change the way he thinks in life, and tries to plant positive thoughts in his mind, and develop them day after day, so that become part of his mind, and thus reflected on all his actions in life, , And change He rolls his character for the better. The sadness left in the book (do not grieve) to Dr. Aa'ad al-Qarni as saying: "Make lemon liquor solution," and in this phrase meaning and meaning wonderful, in the conversion of losses to profits, if someone gave you a cup of sour lemon, add a handful of sugar to him , And make him drink sweet, and if one of them took a snake take his precious skin and leave it, and so, and then represent the positive meanings of the master of mankind and the great nation of our master Muhammad peace be upon him, where he expelled peace be upon him from his country and his birthplace Mecca, , Has become a major capital of the Islamic nation, spreading the Islamic religion through A, and it continues to spread, and increasing the number of entrants in it until our time. Enhancing self-confidence A person must have confidence in himself, be a believer in his character, a successful person, and any loss of life is nothing but experiences and experiences that must help him to rise again to achieve the success he seeks. But it has to stand again, even if it is necessary to start again and from scratch; this is life, and man learns only of his mistakes, and his errors, and the bottoms, and that is the best positive meanings in life, because standing in failure and loss are qualities of man Negative, self-distrustful, and among the phrases that reinforce a person's self-confidence The following bars: (I love myself, I admire my personality, I am intelligent, I am successful, I am loved, I can, I am capable and other phrases). To be sure that with hardship is easy, the person must know that he will, after God's will, be satisfied, and after his sleep he will sleep, and after his illness he will recover, and that the absent will come, and that the lost will be guided and that the darkness will cease. Let him know that behind it is green, and that it is necessary to be safe after fear, and tranquility after fear, and that the best worship of God is waiting for the vulva, and that as the Almighty said: "With hardship is easy." (Surat Al-Sharh, verse 6). Believing that the dream will come true, the person must know that nothing is impossible, that his dreams are possible and that one must be fulfilled someday. He must be optimistic and stay away from pessimism, despair and inhibitions. This is the life of the great people who started from scratch. All of them, thinking about it, and contemplating it well, and trying to take role models, and follow their example in life, and will know through that they did not reach what they are only because they are positive people, did not stop obstacles, whatever they are in order to achieve their goal, Prophets and messengers, and the biography of companions, and the biography of scientists, and the biography of Literature, the biography of heroes, the biography of leaders, and others. It is good for people to think about people, to be positive about people, to receive their words and deeds in a positive way, to think better of them, not to doubt others, believing that they love him, to compliment him or to return him, even if true, His attention, and stands in place when every statement, every position. The people are positive, as we have mentioned that there are people who spread the positive energy, and others spread the negative energy, and the human nature is affected by the people around him who cohabitation and accompaniment; so the person to select from the people who is positive to accompany him and his attachment, It has a permanent and continuous. The existence of the goal requires that the person determine his goal, or his goals in life, which he seeks to reach, so that there is a meaning to his life, because thinking about these goals and trying to reach them, and working on it, is the true meaning of positive; the positive person in life is an active, , And on a permanent movement, seeking to reach his ambitions despite the obstacles, and the problems facing him. Attention to positive health is not only a personality, it must also be reflected on the human body. A person who has good health will reflect it on his mind, his way of thinking, his words and his actions, and concern for the health of the body through the following: And exercise in general). Communicating with people We talked about the need to engage positive people, but this does not mean that the human left to deal with people, he must be a social person, and communicate with people continuously, so as to know the types of people, and way of thinking

The positive person is a loving person. He must also understand the structure of people around him, and deal with them on this basis. Life is safe, good health, the friendship of people, the presence of the family, the beauty of nature and the universe all indicate the beauty of the life we ​​live in, and it deserves reflection and reflection. , Thus creating a positive spirit in man. The worship of Allaah is to bring closer to Allaah through worship, through the performance of the duties, and the naafil prayers, such as prayer, fasting, and remembrance of God Almighty. That all things are in the hands of God Almighty, and that God does not want him only good, and good for himself, if he did not find it immediately, will be seen after a while. In conclusion, I say that the positive in life is not limited to self, or self, but must deal with people around him on this basis, it is pessimistic people, desperate, he must advise him, and guide him, and he has optimism in life , And help him, the positive person is positive with himself and with others.

Don't stop when you are tired .. Stop when you are done.

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