Dont wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life

Dont wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life

Life is filled with the lives of each of us in different positions, including joyous, fun, sad, and much more. Many poets and writers wrote about life in their poems and works. We have chosen for you some of the thoughts of life and wrote to you in this article may you like it. Wonderful Thoughts about Life Is there something more frightening in the life of a man who hid love in his pocket as a last weapon to defend himself. As long as there is an error there must be a right, and if found right once again can be found again, and if he has fallen after his existence can be guaranteed a life does not know the setback. Worse than living a life you do not like is to be the sole responsible for this life, to lose even the ability to live as a victim of circumstances. He looked at their faces and asked them, "What do you say after this?" The elder answered: There is no hope without the law, and the middle replied: There is no life without love, and the younger replied: Justice is the basis of law and love. So the father smiled and said: There is a need for chaos in order to wake up oblivious of his negligence. She is not my first love, she is the last, she is the love that comes after the heart erases and reformes him and returns him, all the women before her be nothing, love with her another concept, not my first love burning, full of desire, something in it makes you feel safe and grateful always reversed That love that tries hard to snatch moments of it with your mistress at the thresholds of life hard, looking for a door opens to take you together in the darkness of love. I ask myself: What is the value of releasing a prisoner when he crosses his feet unjustly, when his soul dies, when he builds another life in his prison that is different from that life that he will be thrown out of again after he has completely forgotten it and can he remember what he was before he entered it? Is it normal for a man to buy his life every day for a large part of his rest, joy, hope, dignity, money, and perhaps all he owns? Does life really deserve such a high price, or does it deserve very little, but if it was worth only a little, then why does a person defend himself unconsciously when he feels threatened, and why he seeks the earth unconsciously to find the strength of his day, Human beings, or if the human judgment and their desire to imitate each other has reached 100 percent. If this was the nature of humanity, why did we mount to adhere to what is evil in order to avoid what is unknown? Why did we mount the love of life and the love of death? Limit to be preferred only by the madmen and those suffering from m Psychologically, they represent their desire to commit suicide, and why are the insane in choosing their ways of suicide, while the wise choose one way of life, namely, to cure death? Life will give you no gift, believe me, if you want to have a life I steal it. I am the grain of wheat that died to be green again, and in the dead of a life. You have no other life except for me, and no port that comforts me except your two eyes. And in the lives of one of us thousands of people, close and far away, pass without leaving an impact as the wind passes on leaves or desert sands, or leave an impact as the cars pass through the mud, or as iron bars hot on your skin, , And be farther away from you closest to you. A person may be modest but profound. Your mother and mother, for example, may be more educated and more knowledgeable. Teachers, for example, have no effect. You may read an old book and read a recent book as you read a daily newspaper that does not upset you. Say to life as it is appropriate for a seasoned poet, I will see slowly as the women who believe in their magic and their hands. Each one has a hidden appeal: Hit you, I will not see you, I will see you slowly, my life, so that I may see you all around me. I say to you, Tell me, I will come down to you. Those who lose hope are the ones who talk about him, and those who lose love are the most people who enrich him. The sun, which is the source of life for the whole world, has no life. Everything in children has weight, has value, has the benefit, everything like a child, full of life and enthusiasm, everything is talking to them, preoccupied and preoccupied with them, they do not know boredom. I never knew what balanced life means. When I am sad, I do not cry, but when I am happy I do not smile, but shine. When my heart breaks, I do not grieve, but I am weak. If you are guided to the path, you will know that the escape from death is death, and death is a life, and you know that the fear of tiredness, tiredness and tiredness is a comfort, and you feel that freedom is the mole, and shed drops of red blood. Reading alone is what gives one person more than one life, because it increases this life deep, although it does not prolong it by calculation. No one will choose a life without friends, even in exchange for everything else in the world. Do not repeat the same year 75 times and consider it a life. Life is worthless if we lose hope for a better life. Do not let a bad day make you feel like you are living a bad life. We have a life and we do not have others, and if we do not get confused with love, when we do that. You are a human being found to live life, not to live half a life. Novels give us an opportunity to escape fantasy, and take us out of a life that did not give us any sense of satisfaction. In the quietness of the bliss and in the silence of life, and between the two details no one realizes. O Abyssinians will not be given on the fringe of a taxi, do not be bitter or make the lives of others. No one can turn back time and start a new life, but he can now put a new beginning to a new end. There is a strange moment in human life that does not know how to explain it, and never knows its secret, but it does everything in its next life. The basic thing in human life is to try to laugh as much as you cry. Wishes do not make a beautiful life unless they are

Turn to a practical program. The real question is not whether there is another life after death, the real question is whether you were alive before death. To sell eternal life to others is an unrivaled trade, in which there are no customers asking for their money back after they have not delivered their goods. We know the value and importance of the thing when we are denied or lost in Pakistan. When we were prevented from going to school, at that time I realized the value of education and its importance in women's lives and because it gives us strength, that's why terrorists fear women's education. And because they believe that this will make them a strong woman. The best short life with a view on a narrow life with length. No life is complete without a mad touch. There are three events in a man's life: he is born, lives, and dies, but he was not conscious when he was born, dying to suffer pain, and forgets to live. If we do not hurt feelings, we have a life like we have only eight hours to live. It is not harder than a woman who finds herself standing between a man he loves and a man she loves. Love is a stage of a man's life but it is all woman's life. There is no life for the idea that a human spirit has not been created and no living being has become a bear on the face of the earth in the form of human beings, nor is there a person in this field whose heart does not believe in heat and sincerity. When you love a woman you will learn how to plant life in life, and when you love a woman you will know how to grow life in life. If life is exactly the opposite of death, death is forever in the same position. If you are a long stay, you are not in life.

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