Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden

Don't wait for someone to bring you 


 Plant your own garden

Every human being must not lose hope and remain optimistic so that he can achieve his dreams and achieve success and reach what he wants. Hope and optimism are interdependent. Here in this article you will find a beautiful rule of hope. Beautiful rule about hope first tree seed. It's always better to look forward rather than looking back. Jerome must have a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances, whatever the challenges, whatever external influence. Ibrahim al-Faqi may endure the pain for hours, but do not despair for a moment. Do not despair, usually the last key in the keychain is appropriate to open the door. Norman Vincent Bell sought God and can not. Ibrahim al-Faqi is not despairing with life, nor life with despair. Mustafa Kamel becomes old when the excuses replace the hope. John Narimore If you felt the distance of people from you, or a strange or strange, remember your closeness to God. All that is difficult if you use God is walking. The flower that follows the sun does so even on a day full of clouds. Robert Ligton There are those who grumble because of the Lord Shuka, and there are those who are optimistic because above the thorns and roses. Gibran Khalil Gibran Optimism gives you calm nerves in the most difficult times. Borman If you feel pessimistic, hope for the rose. Albert Samé Your day will be the same as the expression on your face, whether it's a smile or a dress. Stephen Covey is pessimistic, an idiot sees the light in front of his eyes, but it is incredible. Byron is the future For those who believe in the beauty of their dreams tomorrow is a better day so hope tells us, and so the pessimist urges us to see the difficulty at every opportunity, while the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill's heart is a melancholy that only pleases God. Ibn al-Qayyim is all that is difficult. Do not hesitate to collect roses and keep them but the secret and you will find roses along your path ripe to enjoy the dreams emerge the remaining precious things that do not spoil the beauty of health has hope, and who has hope has everything .. What I saw something as much controversy frustrates hope and destroys work. The soldier who does not hope to become a soldier is a soldier. Three are able to endure the hardships of life: hope, sleep and laughter .. The duty of the wise to take the kit for his departure, he does not know when the command of his Lord, and does not know when summoned? I saw many creatures, young people, and lost their peers, and inspired by the length of hope. Perhaps the pure scientist said to himself: I am busy with science today and then work tomorrow, so let it slip under the pretext of rest, and delay the desire to achieve repentance, do not avoid the absence or hearing, and gain the suspicion hopes to erase it with deception. He forgets that death has come true. The mind has given every moment its right of duty, but the death of death is a vision ready, and if hope gets better ... Nelson Mandela will work together to support courage where there is fear, to encourage negotiation when there is conflict, and give hope where there is despair. Human empathy connects us to each other - not compassionate or tolerant, but as human beings have learned how to transform common suffering into hope for the future .. We inhale corruption with your air in hopes that a real hope will come out of the swamp! Trust in God purer hope and trust in Him fuller employment. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement, nothing can be done without hope and confidence .. who lives in hopes of wanting. Hope the patience of the tormentors. Those who rely on hope starve. Mr. Amal promised the crazy. When we have no hope, we should not lose hope. Hope human awakened dream. Hope Food Exiles. Trust in God purer hope and trust in Him fuller employment. Man without hope as a sofa without water, without a cordless smile without smell, and without faith in God and a monster in the ruthless flock. Had it not been for tomorrow's hope, the oppressed would not have lived until today. The most beautiful and wonderful architecture in the world is to build a bridge of hope on a river of despair. Hope is not a dream, but a way to make a dream come true. There are people who are hope in itself. If you lose your money, you lose something of value. If you lose your honor, you lose something that is worthless. If you lose hope, you lose everything. Hope has nothing to do with logic. The strong mind is always hopeful, and always has hope. Sometimes God closes a door for us to open another door for us, but most people lose their concentration, time and energy in looking at the door that is closed, instead of the door of hope that opens wide in front of it. Do not make your worship of God rigid, and do not make it a routine thing I used to do, but make it a powerful spiritual energy moving, from which to derive hope and patience. You may be disappointed if you fail, but you will be disappointed if you do not try. Stopping learning for a little time is like stopping your watch in the hope of fixing time. When we lose all hope we should not despair. If narrowed the hope of a country ... What narrowed the determination of a way. Technically, the wagons are on every side ... If only one of them was a coffin ... if we sat in a nesting council ... we were even spatially hoping. Follow the fancy blind to the right, and the length of hope forgets the hereafter and the substance of all corruption. O heart does not convince the despair of the flowers among the flowers of life, the sweetness of hope bridges. We will live on hope and perhaps hope does not come, I will live my life after I lost much of my time! Hope had all the attributes of negation. Do not leave anyone to impose hope on you. When we lose the hope of someone coming, this is the time for Dlof chance to live. Desperate despair, hope and fantasy. And hope remains .. so I will practice my prayer to Ali Akon. I do not hope to stay with my book in the company of friends. It is said that there is no life for man without hope but man does not live that he dies. A paper or a feather can make wonders, heal pain, achieve dreams and restore lost hope. The more I feel that we are less sympathetic to the vulnerability of our fellow human beings and with their failings, the less hope becomes. Then no disappointment! I have calculated a human being greater than that! No, we should not see ourselves from within. Life is worthless if we lose hope for a better life. The end of nostalgia m

They live with some hope. Al-Isfahan is one of those who have broken his hopes. You must offer your products, not to stay in the hope that customers will see them by accident. Life is the moment of joy, joy, hope and laughter, and inventory of sadness is nothing worth. If you were a frustrated pessimist, maimed, do not sell to others but hope .. Rosary dreams quickly died if they did not see hope in reality. Hope and ideological will are not enough to make history. I was hoping .. I was dreaming .. But hope was not achieved and remained in mind just a dream of dreams. I have the hope that we are fighting to create a new order to maintain a system that we all know has collapsed and collapsed. Hope in my inner life is still alive. Death itself stands helpless in the hope of meeting. If our strength does not falter .. If that hope that we live by the reality can not fail! The disappointments are more than the pain between us and between us is indelible and not restored. If the man can not feel the hope and disavow the desire to become a generous king .. I am afraid that the brother of your absence, I lose my only part of hope, or my share of a little grace .. The wind of despair is an indescribable force .. The mountains of hope unparalleled hardness .. There is no difference between pain and hope except that the non-advanced in the first and delayed in the second. Let us take the impossible out of our dictionary and strengthen the hope in our souls to replace the pain that haunts us. The dream of sleep. The memory of an event that has never been a daydream. Hope for an event that may not happen. If I do not rise, if you do not rise, if He does not rise, He will raise the flame of hope in these darkness. Whoever said that despair and hope are against. We must always lower our expectations so as not to disappoint. Catherine. How disappointed are you ?? It is by the same hope that great hope generates great disappointment. The fate of Jerusalem gives Muslims greater confidence and hope that the right will prevail over falsehood and tyranny. For the pain that does not die of the hope that is born from the womb of pain I live in pain with hope. And the more intense the pain I asked without the slightest hope to know the answer .. Do you see the pain of death dead as it hurts?!. No matter how long my dream is in my eyes and the longest I still hinted in the ashes of old something of hope. In the hustle of ugliness we may forget the beautiful things and in the whirlpools of frustration we may abandon hope. My right to exercise despair is at least your right to make hope, all his bliss, and I have found in my despair my happiness. We never live .. we are always hoping to live Voltaire. Hope sleeps like a bear between our ribs waiting for the spring to rise. Living with tragedy means that it is the only way to live life, without hope. How long will that lover remain between hope and hope. That the people do not meet in the hall of the halls, that hope in the street. In the dark of the race I was loved and the others thought of my cry for victory and they lost hope in first place. Lying kills everything. Patience, hope and even joy. Great hope always comes true; when principals cling to the right, the patience and the struggle, is the nation a final attempt to evoke hope, even if it seems naive? Forgetting to train imagination to respect reality by transcendence and to keep subjective hope incomplete from tomorrow. My hope comes and goes .. But I will not deposit it .. Do what the prisoners do and what the unemployed do: We raise hope. Hope is the height of despair .. Via my friend is a bit surprised .. I feel a lot .. The same hope painful when no one else. Work and hope are two ride departed to God. I stood on the corner of sadness waiting for hope, and looked from afar, but hope comes with patience and good faith in God. Real recognition is the hope of reforming the course. The people of hope are not satisfied with disappointment. Hope in my life like energy is inexhaustible and not created but turns from one form to another because trust in God does not stop. I can not swallow the longing, the nostalgia and the words, so I will scatter them here in the hope that you will receive you one day! The poor man laughs

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