Every next level of YR life will demand a different U

Every next level of YR life will demand a different U

What is the ambiguity of mystery: It is a human instinct that exists in man since creation, it is not derived from the acts, but if a person likes to be vague to make his own mystery; ambiguity is a double-edged sword, The mystery is divided into two types: positive ambiguity: the individual reaches the highest rank of spiritual spiritual levels of the interior of beauty, everyone is trying to reveal this unique character, not repeated; the characteristic of this person that the deep sea does not know anyone inside, , It does not carry the burden on others and does not make around it look for It is the sight of the poor, he has more energy to bear and more patience. Unconscious ambiguity: Many people refuse to deal with it and do not take people as friends, they see a lot of Marwagon and resort to lying so that people do not know what is inside them; those around him do not know what is going on in his mind, not even his way of thinking and style, Because he does not disclose what is in the minds of his thinking, he is a person more solid and reserved for the secrets of social man. Mysterious personality is characterized by a lack of speech and calm; because it hears more than you speak and this gives the mysterious character the magic of gravity, the mysterious man has a special flavor more special than social, so everyone is quick to approach them, but often their attempts failed; Avoid making mistakes and verbal delusions in discussions. The mysterious man is very speechless and the power of sharp observation is an important feature of ambiguity, because he has a great concentration force, which is that he has few words. , This character picks up all the details around him, whether the sensitivity of the sight or the sensitivity of the ear and all features distinguish him from others. The mysterious man is not annoying, non-utilitarian solve his own problems and make known to others free of charge, he sees it from the Shahamah, which is a creative personality characterized by creativity in several areas and areas, and this gift from God is developed by instinct and not acquired. Contradictions in this character seem clear, the contradiction in this personality raises questions and marks an understanding about this character, the contradiction is expected to exist in such a character, we see their behavior often contradictory, but the moderate personality in its contradiction knows how to use this ambiguous ambiguity Their gravitational fascination lies in the unbalanced, balanced contradiction that may make people alienate from their actions. The creativity that characterizes this character in the field of individual work, where we see that the collective work of the mysterious character seems difficult, it is difficult to adapt in the spirit of teamwork; because university work requires a socially clear person requires him to disclose the plan of action, but perhaps this difficulty Which faces a mysterious personality does not have much impact in the life, this ambiguity is more creative if it relies on itself, or worked in the field of individual work and thus this character must improve the exploitation until it reaches real success. The ambiguity is easy and complex. The easy ambiguity is more desirable than the complex. It may sign the mysterious person with the problems of misunderstanding in others. The most important defects are that they are possessed by the degrees of suspicion around them at the highest levels. Here uncertainty and mistrust make him a destructive and destructive human being. Demolishes homes and destroys a secure life between a man, his wife, his children and even friends. Doubts are often illusory and ill-founded, causing him many life problems. Health problems that result from secret concealment in this person may be detrimental to health on the physical level with frequent suppression leads to: upset heartbeat, and also affects the nervous system, and affects the nervous system, which may lead to nervous breakdown sometimes. The secretion of the stomach negatively affects, resulting in stomach ulcer harmful to human health. It also affects the distribution of calcium in the human body, leading to osteoporosis and osteoporosis. Calcium distribution also affects the teeth. It produces a cold that works on joint pain and rheumatism. It also causes damage to the thyroid that regulates the burning of food, thus affecting blood sugar, and affects the breathing which leads to severe shortness of breath. And also secrecy affects the psychological level, it arises from this psychological condition makes it an introverted personality, very withdrawn from the inside and overcome by depression. How to be a mysterious person Perhaps the mysterious person raises in the hearts of people the controversy and put around a thousand question mark, and the human soul is dealing only with the social man with clear cards, which does not contain any point of strangeness, but there are a lot of people with problems of slip and error And the blind trust he gives to people without any certainty and proof of their intentions towards him, and thus we are talking about the mysterious, easy, uncomplicated character that avoids falling into error due to goodwill and suspicion. Ways to make your personality attractive and mysterious Learn how to silence often Silence is the ideal choice because it is the speech that determines your personality and identifies people through your strengths and weaknesses, so make silence a means of prestige and magic and greater impact of speech, so you Do not utter the words of gossip, but make it confused with wisdom and intelligence, many people who lost his prestige and reputation and money also from the word unintentionally; see your words and then thought of, and finally. The most important Mai Kun is learning how to silence your anger, anger is nothing but madness burns all beautiful around you, and people believe in the rule

"The truest thing to say in anger" does not make anyone catch the slip on you, and the most beautiful one is the silence in his anger, we find the Chinese wisdom that says: "the mouth is not applied flies," the most beautiful interpretation of the art of learning to silence. The most beautiful character of the mysterious character is the only expression we are used to seeing. The permanent smiling personality does not know whether she is happy or sad, as well as in the personality We do not know the dates of their joy and the times of sadness; because they have a huge ability to hide feelings, so if you want to be attractive ambiguous, make your feelings of your own box does not know what is inside of you but you, but avoid lying and talk in the talk does not make you a person He is a mysterious lover, but the people around you are alienated N lying way to hide emotions, but not enough to smile only. Be confident that self-confidence is the key to winning hearts around you. Make your personality a confident, unshakeable and defeated person. Do not be hesitant to make a decision. Self-confidence will earn you an honor that makes you a successful person. Be content with what you do in a framework that does not scratch anyone. If you trust in yourself, make you a human being despite the mystery of love, but do not reach your self confidence vanity limit vanity kills the owner before killing those around him for the example that He says: "A bird flew and rose, except as it flew." Be a mysterious loved one, make one of your trust so as not to kill yourself with a lot of secrecy, simple human is more beautiful than complex man, the multitude of mystery kills the magic and attractiveness of that mysterious character, the ambiguity easy makes you much admired and achieved a success that strengthens the relationship of love and trust between you and others .

Every next level of

YR life will demand

a different U

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