Every time to time memories are awakened inside us. We do not have the ability to get rid of them. we cant say, we cant write, we cant understand and erase them

Every time to time memories are awakened inside us.

 We do not have the ability to get rid of them.

 we cant say, we cant write,

 we cant understand and erase them

Our hearts are divided and our hearts are filled, we have stood speechless and silent among us, our hopes have been shattered, our tears have been torn with our eyes, we love them and we refuse to part, but we are willing to part, we will miss ourselves by their presence. We have grown up with us, but our destiny is stronger than we have moved away and memories remain reminiscent of them and increase our love and pain of separation, so here we present to you the most beautiful sentence that expresses love and separation: hard is the eternal separation, but we have to practice forgetting to be able to Live. In my memory is a tale of parting, I read it to my heart in the evening, and I whisper it out so as not to kill the pain. Do not wait for a loved one who has sold you a new hope that can sneak into your sad heart, bring back your days of joy and restore your heart to a beautiful beat. Wonders of this world gathered us and we do not know each other, and then dispersed after we became closer people. With sweet hopes, separation becomes a holiday. We seem good despite the separation you and I did not kill the dimension, we still practice life normally. You are the one who draws the path of separation with all accuracy, so do not get angry or return. Do not try to find a dream you are and try to make the refraction situation start a new dream. The parting of the beloved will heal the newborn and dissolve the iron. Even if the days take you away, and between me and you parting the size of a galaxy, will remain present in my heart and my memory. Do not be sad if a killer arrow comes from the nearest people to your heart, you will find someone who removes the arrow and brings back life and smile. Love is when the difference does not differentiate. If you are a man in the sense of the word do not allow a girl to cry, and if you love that girl do not let her absent from you, and if you love her do not allow her to leave. Do not cry for anything to do with life, because the one who cries for it does not deserve your tears and the person who deserves your tears never let you cry. And how the separation goes without meeting, but not a meeting without separation. In the war as in love in order to end it must be a direct interview. It is not manliness that all women love you, but manliness is to love and to be saved for one woman and to make her above all women. Love from the gate of the mind alone loses its arousal, and from the gate of the heart alone loses its balance, and the gate of agreement between mind and heart means eternity and survival. Meeting after a long separation is better than the wedding night. I loved a man even though he cried me and I cried a man even though he loved me. On Monday there was a terrible wound, love, but I do not want anyone hurt. After parting each party says that I am not wrong, perhaps he is the one who made a mistake, and perhaps she is the one who did so there is no room for repentance after separation. Between love and time eternal relationship love kills time very quickly and time kills love very slowly. God's abandonment is of fear of abandonment, and separation is fear separation. It is very difficult to give a person all your love and thinking and your life and he can not even give you some of his time to ask about you and your news. It is not great to never fall, but to fall down and rise again. If they ask you one day about me, say to them, I have left those who, while I am with others, will die a thousand times, and I will not know of them any more. We swear with hope that someone will come to prevent us, and we will fight with the hope that someone will come to divide us. Parting is small death. When we depart from love, and end our dreams after we had to achieve, then sentenced to death by a man alive. We should not cry over our friends, it is a mercy to lose them to death and not to lose them alive. When we bid farewell to them silently, and our words fail to go out to their tears and hold our tears in our hands, when our hopes are shattered and those pages that we have written are destroyed by our hands
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