Friends fall year after year Some of them fall from the heart and some of them from memory

Friends fall year after year Some of them fall from the heart and some of them from memory

Some fall from the eye then realize that happiness is not in the number of friends but in


There is no more difficult to say goodbye to people whom we considered an integral part of our lives. We can not imagine our days without them. The light that illuminates our paths is the true meaning of friendship. They have a place engraved in the heart, and without them we feel alienated and lonely. It is because of their separation: I hate the farewell decrees, which we love not to bid farewell to, because in fact we do not leave them, he created farewell to strangers and not to love. The moments of farewell are moments of truthfulness, intense curiosity, intense tension, reduced details and deal with the gems, sparking insight and glowing spirit. We love the breeze of the spring, and you are in the path of Shatha al-Jasmine, and Zain al-Qawafi, and the light of the world, fast days ago, as if it were moments of joy, I will not say goodbye, but the anniversary will remain a hope of meeting and a promise of endless prayer and renewed love, you heartbeat. If we divide the days and the bodies are dispersed, the chest has a heart beating with you, and lives in your memory, and recovers the moments of torment, the meetings of loved ones, the sincere smiles, and the souls in the sky of creation. We will not say goodbye. Broken, and renewed love is inexhaustible. One of us forgets friends who spent more time with them than with their own family, spending more time with them than with themselves. Those of you who do not need a bit of that magic combination, who will be able to forget your worries and the worst of the misfortunes of being with you, because you know that he will remain there, will still exist when you need him, will be beside you in any matter. I hurt your engagement. My darling came farewell, we had a love story but today love was lost, the love boat was walking and the boat had a sail. The days are withering day by day, and the age is slowly over. The moments I prepare, but the hours I wait for. It is one of the most difficult moments I live in these days, the moments when the specter of separation stands on my way to it. I can not move for fear of meeting him. Yes, he is a farewell for a few days, but for me years and centuries then I say to the day of separation. Neither welcome nor welcome to tomorrow, if you break up the loved ones in tomorrow. The universe in your absence is lost, and I am in your absence, and the whole universe is lost. I feel at this moment that the world appears to me small and happy days seem to me fast, but life is always as we learned as it passes by all the people in every time and place, strangeness and nostalgia, meeting and separation, laughter and tears, the sweetest laughter of the meeting and the hottest tears of separation, Parting, I feel the warmth of those tears, although they are trapped in my eyes, but I say, O eye of what is crying and the soul of my soul parting after him. Our hearts have gathered on the meaning of love in God; Who will share with me my pleasure and despair in my sorrow and relieve my pain at this time, when I did not find a friend I share my pleasure if I am happy how to have a friend I share my sadness if I am sad. I will say goodbye to you, but I will write to you by the word of the meeting after the farewell will not look for me my friend and I will not search for you, but I will find your voice rising in my heart and echo in my ears and you will find the echoes of your voices rising in your heart. Seeing friends absent in dreams is the most painful encounter. You were the hope that paves the way for my moments, and I will be expelled from my eyes and will become the dream and the security that separates them from the world of millions of years, our destiny was to meet and our destiny was to split, and perhaps repeat fate and meet the cry does not work and sorrow does not work, but our path will remain bitter and always Give them the strength to walk and give me the ability to wait, the age is in your hands and it is all up to you. In the paths of life we ​​met and the time went by and we suddenly found ourselves at the crossroads of departure. Then the hands shake hands and the eyes sink in tears to remain a reminder among the loved ones. The absentees will return on the day when we do not wait for their return. I will give you the tears of the eyes and I will give you my eyes, I will deposit you in my heart for flames, you will enjoy my longing, I will see you, and you will never return. In the way of thorns and repentance, there is an aroma of perfume in my flock. If we do not meet in the earth a day and divide the cup of death between us, then we will go back to the house of Yahya with affection. My friend remains like what I used to be, and the letters of your name remain in my heart. Words fail in your farewell and only fulfill the supplication of the Lord of heaven with a bright new look for the coming year. Shams al-Asil extends the palm of farewell and tomorrow the breath of the meeting will shine, the bodies disperse on the day of farewell and our hearts and God does not disperse. We are overwhelmed by those old memories that awaken us in their images, which are absent from us, Fengfu on the sound of a melody, a warm dream in our hearts, and the tears in the eyes and the high of the heart clinging to the friend, but at this moment we may have only a hand waving to the late traveler to come back days To live. Joy is new, but the wait may be long and the memories remain in the hope of meeting, and the opening of the remaining doors and secrets of the mysterious future. How wonderful to meet a person beyond recognition, forcing you to miss him, your soul tells you to ask him and call him. There are people engraved in the memory, others do not forget the eyes, and others do not lose sight, and those who live in the heart, but you love the dream of all your arms together. You, who have robbed your heart of your departure, take whatever memories you want, and leave us your picture to bring back all the memories. Thank you for being the best friends, you have been in the care of God, and I hope to meet again. There are people, even if they have left us, and their news and messages are gone

Their hearts and their words in the living hearts do not die. When you live important moments in your life you will think of someone you miss and wish to live with you those moments. The tears of the eye fell at the farewell and sent her tears longing and nostalgia. Oh Rahla and beautiful patience followed him, is there a way to the Kaik agree. My friend from Dunk the world is difficult, sad and overflowing with silence, the joy of my religion has become strange and happiness has become a shogun, from the possession of the heart became my relative, a person I love and adore the limit of insanity, all my sorrow near you to me. My friends, if we were together, as if we were the masters of the whole universe, each of us knows what the other is happy about, and what grieves it, we help one another, we are together as if we were not pleased by any human being. We will stay together even if we are far away. We will stay together because the era of friendship does not end, and it does not disappear. The friendship link can not be broken by any force.

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