Friendship is like a book you need a few seconds to burn .. but you need years to write

Friendship is like a book you need a few seconds to burn .. but you need years to write

Friendship Friendship is defined as the human relationship that binds two or more people together, based on mutual respect, affection, honesty and honesty, and often tends to the common interests, behaviors and behaviors of these people. As friendship is classified as a positive relationship, it was said to be beautiful to say the different experiences of people, and in the following we mention some beautiful words about this wonderful relationship. Talk of friendship friendship is not absent as the absence of the sun, friendship does not melt as ice melts, friendship does not die unless love dies. who is the real friend? Is there a friend at this time? The true friend is the friend who is with him as you are alone, and the true friend is the one who accepts your virginity and forgives you if you make a mistake, and fills your place in your absence. The letters of a word (friend) are not like all letters (p: honesty, d: one blood, j: one hand, s: one heart). Friendship as a parachute The more rain the more needed. Friendship Sea of ​​the sea of ​​life ride his boat and numb the waves. Friendship is a land planted with love and poured with water of affection. Friendship garden and its response brotherhood, and nectar cooperation. Friendship tree its roots meet, its twigs twigs, its contact fruit. Friendship and faith. Friendship is a dream and an entity that inhabits the conscience. There are friends need your mind, there are friends need your heart, there are friends you need you because you simply without them become untitled. True friendship, such as the relationship between the eye and the hand: If the hand hurts, the eye tears, and if the eye tears, it is wiped off the hand. Trusters of friendship are not confused by moments of conflict, but smile when they part because they know they will return soon. Money brings you friends of interest, beauty brings you friends lust, as morality bring you old friends. Friendship is not to stay with a friend for a long time, friendship is to remain on the covenant even if long distances or shortened. And just talk to you, my friend in the depths of distress, I feel that I still live and breathe and I am fine. They quarrel daily and come the other day and have forgotten the slips and mistakes of some of them because they can not live without each other, this is friendship. Tolerance is the basis of friendship and true love. True friendship, like parallel lines, never meets unless the interests float on the surface, then lose their parallel and intersect. Friendship is a white flower that grows in the heart and blooms in the heart but does not wither. There is someone who is present in your life a milestone, and there is a blank mark, choose the true friend, and beware of false friendship. The owner's hand is like a patch for the garment, if it is not the same. When your friend becomes like yourself, say friendship. Felt about friendship I am in my mind a word and I can hide it say time left and I say time and my friends say friendship years away and decline and say that the hearts are stronger between sense and sense of friendship Trem Khaltni with the paper meanings I wrote from the Wafa story I do not know all the jewelry is equivalent to a friend Do not forget my time and my fear of my life Jaffi may God joy dictate her life and all her wishes thanks to God achieve and keep her heart Net and hope of the Lord to give her eye Dom hope and keep us companionship over time enough and prayer of God on the number of Taha Club Club in the day of distress on the day of the Lord, Ya I do not want to say it, and I do not say it, as long as you are in the grandfather of speech and humor, and if the friend is sorry for you ignorance, Vsfh for the friendliness is not for him how much a good world, Has been insulted by not equal to the stitch in the sea above the top above him Jeff Valder and buried at the bottom of Ramlh and admired the bird Balzakh Bashqh only to his instinct and the lightness of his mind you reap the sugar of Hnalal is due to taste for its origin in the atmosphere written on the newspapers of passion of the work of the known equivalent of a similar story about friendship in one Hospitals There were two pygmy patients In one room, both with an incurable disease, one of them was allowed to sit in his bed for an hour a day after the afternoon, Lucky was the only window beside the bed in the room, the other was to keep him lying on his back all the time. The two patients spent their time talking without seeing each other because they were both lying on their backs against the ceiling. They talked about their parents, their homes, their lives about everything. Every day after the age, the first one would sit in his bed on the orders of the doctor looking at the window, describing his companion to the outside world, and the other waiting for this hour as the first waiting for it makes his life full of vitality as he listens to the description of his life abroad. Ducks and boys made boats of various materials and took them to play in the water. A man rents small boats for people sailing in the lake, and women have each inserted her arm into her husband's arm. Everyone walks around the edge of the lake. Others sat in the shade of the trees or next to the flowers. The attractive colors, and the view of the sky was very pleasing to the beholders. As the first describes, the other eavesdropping in astonishment at this fine and exquisite description, then closes his eyes and begins to imagine that wonderful scene of life outside the hospital. One day he described him as a military performer and although he did not hear the band playing, he saw it with the eyes of his mind by describing his friend. One day, the nurse came to serve them as usual. She found the patient who had died at the window. He did not know the death of the other except through the nurse's talk over the phone. She asked for help to get him out of the room. The most sorrowful, when he found the right opportunity asked the nurse to move his bed beside the window, did not

There is no objection, I answer his request, and when it was an hour after the age remember the interesting conversation, which was the owner of the owner, but he decided to try to sit to make up for what he missed in this hour, and Iamtham himself as he suffers and raise his head slowly slowly using his arms and then lean on one And he turned his face very slowly towards the window to see the outside world, and here was the surprise, he saw only a deaf wall from the walls of the hospital, the window was on the inner courtyard. The nurse called and asked her if this was the window that the owner was looking at. She answered that she was. The room had only one window. Then I asked him why he liked it. He asked her what his friend saw through the window and what he described to him. : But the deceased was blind and did not even see this deaf wall, and perhaps he wanted to make your life happy so as not to despair and wish death.

Friendship is one of the greatest blessings that may be obtained by the human, the way the person feels safe because there is someone standing by him and support him in difficult situations that may face, we will mention here the most beautiful words that speak of friendship. The most beautiful expressions of friendship Friendship is not the difference between people and save names and smiles and visits and novels exchanged between individuals. Friendship is its key city to fulfill, its loyal inhabitants, its tree-faithful friendship meet its twigs of hope and its leaves of happiness. Friendship is a flower that must be narrated with the water of fulfillment and surrounded by soil of sincerity until it always remains. Friendship is a small word that carries many meanings and concepts in its midst. Friendship like a raincoat The more rain the more the need for it Friendship and rose Abirha hope and nectar Meet and forget her love and her death. The fruits of the earth are harvested every season, but the fruits of friendship are harvested every moment. Friendship is the other non-bright side of love, but it is the stainless face. Friendship is a bird without wings. Friendship tree its roots meet its twigs and wadness and its fruit contact. The true friendship is the cohesion of two people in one personality, carrying one thought. Friendship is a sea of ​​sea of ​​life. Friendship garden and its response to brotherhood and nectar cooperation. Friendship is one mind in two bodies. Friendship is the salt of life. Friendship as a human being only feels its precious value when you lose it. If you live a hundred years, I wish I could live a hundred years and not one day to live without you. Friendship and faith. Friendship is a land planted with love and poured with water of affection. Friendship is a dream and an entity that inhabits the conscience. The true friend is the one who walks to you when the rest of the world moves away from you. Friendship is the only rose with no thorns in it. Friendship is the other non-glamorous face of love, but it is the irrefutable face of a friend who knows your heart's song and can sing it to you when you forget her words. Friendship is not weighed by a balance and can not be afforded. Friendship does not die unless love dies, not weighed by a balance and can not be priced, it is necessary for everyone? I am proud that you are the sister of what my mother and my friend gave birth to my blood, when I see you forget my grief and imaginary. If my friends decide to jump over the bridge I will not jump with them, but I will wait for them under the bridge to get them. Hold on to the real friend with both hands. I learn from you and learn from me and will not disagree. Friendship is one mind in two bodies. Do not walk in front of me. Maybe I can not catch you, do not walk behind me. Maybe I can not drive, but walk beside me and be my friend. Everyone hears what you say, friends listen to what you say, and best friends listen to what you did not say.

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