How beautiful to find your heart loves you without asking you anything to be okay

How beautiful to find your heart loves you

 without asking you anything to be okay

I thought I could light my candle again. I forgot how to light candles from a long time ago. I thought I could write words of joy, but when I wrote, I felt that something inside me had been wounded! They were with me on the waiting platform telling me the stories of the absentees .. After the return of their loved ones hugged me and then left and remained alone my current heritage. Do not try to find a dream you ... And try to make the state of refraction The beginning of a new dream and does not stand very much on the ruins, especially if the bat has inhabited it and the ghosts knew its way ... And look for the sound of a bird sneaking behind the horizon with a new morning light. Sometimes some things do not bother you, but you know that you are good for a thousand times .. And you have been on your intention too much. So are the days .. deprived me even of dreams .. I loved loneliness and torment .. Wedding between me and her veil .. How long my heart? How long will days lead me? And how long will I shut the sorrows! No new but there is nostalgia my heart is broken and longing wants to tear and painful memories dominate my cheeks. It is painful to be more honest than they expect and they are lying than you expected. Calm is what most people need at this time .. The noise of life has become deadly. Wonders of this world gathered us and we do not know each other .. And dispersed and we our hearts related to some. It is painful that tears that fall while you are silent fall from the intensity of oppression and pain and need. I am reminded of the words I said to someone who does not deserve. We fail to forget because we do not really want to forget despite everything the souvenir carries. Do not cry for any relationship in life .. Because of crying for it does not deserve your tears and deserves your tears .. Will never make you cry. When the excuses are uglier than sin, pack your luggage and leave. It's nice to see something that was already hurting you and now it does not move you. The pain does not need a long talk .. Sometimes the tone of voice is half speech. The hardest thing: When you force yourself to ignore someone it means you the whole world. Absent a painful blow does not stop bleeding. I love sea sitting..the sound of its waves is truer than the talk of some people. The most difficult types of resistance when you want to cry but smile to protect your pride. I live in a time when it is called deceit (intelligent) and called goodness (stupid). No one feels what I feel, cry, and waste, and I need to embrace Artemi and I can not find, then I hope that they will feel! O eye, do not weep, live the grace of forgetfulness ... the loss of your tears descends on those who do not observe them. Sadness is to love someone who has never thought of your love. Tired of your abilities, flying on the tree is not afraid to break the branch because he does not trust the branch, but trust his wings. He asked me the night, and if I loved them, I said, "My night is my whole night because of them." I will pledge my love .. and replace my heart with a second heart !! It ignores my love .. I do not deserve to stay for it I suffer. What understands the eyes of the sad but sad if stutter: speech and cried! The torment of longing is cruel if it becomes silent .. Like the child understands and does not know the revelation! What is harder to live in the confusion .. Because of someone you see a lover and a day you do not know who is!

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