I dont do anything amazing but I try in the midst of this isolation to make life tolerable

I don't do anything amazing

 but I try in the midst of this isolation to make life 


As long as we have hope in our hearts we will achieve the dream We will move forward and will not stand in our paths of difficulties to enter the race of life and win our resolve to despair and surrender is not of our share. If the winter closes the doors of your home .. And surrounded by ice hills from everywhere .. Wait for the coming of spring and open your windows to the breath of fresh air! And look away you will see swarms of birds have returned singing .. And you will see the sun as it receives golden threads over the branches of trees .. To make you a new age and a new dream .. And a new heart. Man can live without vision but can not live without hope. The great hopes of the great people make. If yesterday is lost .. between your hands today! If today he will collect his papers and leave .. You have tomorrow .. Do not grieve yesterday, he will not return! And do not regret the day .. He is gone .. and dream of a bright sun in a beautiful tomorrow. We live in order to draw a smile .. And wipe tear .. And ease pain .. Because tomorrow is waiting for us .. And the past has gone and we have been dating with the horizon of the new dawn. Hope is that small window, which no matter how small, it opens wide horizons in life. Do not wait for your lover to sell you .. And wait for a new light that can sneak into your sad heart .. Reap your days Glamor and restore your heart hope and beautiful pulse. People are metals .. rust with boredom, stretch with hope, and shrink with pain. Trust in God purer hope and trust in Him fuller employment. Mustafa Sadeq Al-Rafi'i Remember my friend, hope is a good thing, and good things never die. Human without hope as plants without water, and without a smile Corda without smell, and without faith in God .. Monster in the flock of ruthless .. (Yaman Sbai). The optimist says: My cup is full of half. The pessimist says: Half my cup is empty. Had it not been for tomorrow's hope, the oppressed would not have lived until today. The most beautiful and wonderful architecture in the world is to build a bridge of hope on a river of despair. There are people who are hope in itself. Everything may turn against you and God will remain with you, so be with God all things with you. I am pessimistic because of intelligence, but I am optimistic because of determination .. (Antonio Gramsci). Why fear? And the sun does not darken in the hand except light up in the other hand. If you lose your money, you lose something of value. If you lose your honor, you lose something that is worthless. If you lose hope, you lose everything. The strong mind is always hopeful, and always has hope. Thomas Carlyle Sometimes God closes a door to us to open another door better than him, but most people lose focus and time and energy to look at the door that was closed, instead of the door of hope that opened up before him wide .. (Ibrahim al-Faqi). The great hopes of the great people make. Thomas Edison If you look with optimism to existence, I saw beauty common in all its atoms .. (Mustafa Sibai) insured as green paper, does not fall, no matter how storms. Who have a patent in their hearts, as soon as they talk with them, planting hope, optimism and love of life near them. What matters to you is not what matters to you. What matters is what you do to yourself. (Robert Schuler). It is always better to look forward rather than look back. (Jerome). You have to be positive, no matter what the circumstances, whatever the challenges, whatever the external influence. (Ibrahim al-Faqi) You may endure hours of pain, but do not despair for a moment. Do not despair, usually the last key in the keychain is appropriate to open the door. Norman Vincent Bell is seeking God and can not. Ibrahim al-Faqi is not despairing with life, and no life with despair .. (Mustafa Kamel) becomes an old man when the excuses replace the hope .. (John Narimore). The flower that follows the sun does so even on a day full of clouds .. (Robert Ligton). There are those who complain because the Lord Shuka, and there is optimistic because on the thorns rose .. (Gibran Khalil Gibran). Optimism gives you calm nerves in the most difficult times .. (Burman). If you feel pessimistic, hope for the rose .. (Albert Samée). Your day will be similar to the expression on your face, whether it was a smile or a frown. (Stephen Covey) The difference between the view of Islam and the pessimistic view is that Islam views life as it should be, while pessimism looks at life as it is (Ali Adham). The pessimist, the fool sees the light in front of his eyes, but it is incredible .. (Peron). The pessimist sees the difficulty at every opportunity, while the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill has a heart in his heart that only the pleasure of God knows. If you feel the distance of people from you or the brutality or alienation, remember your closeness to God. All that is difficult if you use God is walking. If you are caught up in delusions, whispers, anxieties and fears, make your tongue wet with the remembrance of God. Do not lose your patience no matter how late you Verg, between your dream and achieve only patience beautiful. Sunset does not prevent a new sunrise. Hope you smile without occasion and all that whispers inside you (praise be to God). Do not despair if your feet faltered .. And fell into a large hole .. You will emerge from them and you are more cohesive and strong !! And God with the patient. Do not travel to the desert in search of beautiful trees .. You will not find in the desert non-wild .. And look at the hundreds of trees that contain the shadow .. And pleased with the fruits .. And Chjik songs. If you do not find someone who is happy, try to cheer yourself up. If you do not find someone who lights you up, do not look for another one! And if you find no one who instills in your days and your reply, do not seek for those who planted it in your heart, share and go

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