I love ... my privacy I love ... my name I love ... my accent I love ... my principles I love ... my style I love ... fundamentalist I love ... my blue dungeon

I love ... my privacy

I love ... my name

I love ... my accent

I love ... my principles

I love ... my style

I love ... fundamentalist

I love ... my blue dungeon

Life is full of hardships and events that affect us in little or no way. To complete our march, we have to take them as a method and a foundation in our lives. Here are the most beautiful thoughts about hope and optimism. Darkness You must see a light that hugs you and ignites within you the hope of action and the ambition of the challenge. We live to make a smile, to wipe away tears and to relieve pain, because tomorrow is waiting for us and the past has gone and we have come to terms with the horizon of the new dawn. Look at life next to bright and happy .. Make yourself happy and repeat that you are happy .. And that you have the reasons for happiness .. Break the despair in words of optimism and joy .. All your despair Mtahm hope hope shine in your heart and shout aloud that you are happy and not a place in your heart. I trust in God a great trust and look to the dove, and the trust entrusted to God and trust in God is his calculation. Smile and let everyone around you smile for you, smile, smile in comfort and health, smile and let life shine to you in bright colors, smile and let joy refresh your soul, smile and trust in God and optimism, smile and remember that after hardship easy. I turned to you and look at him with a bright and optimistic look, you will inevitably find beauty, contentment and happiness. Optimize and resort to God spread your carpet in the darkness of the night and people sleep and calm and sit in the room and insisted on prayer and do not despair. Recite the Quran and ask God the Khashoua when you recite, and read his verses carefully and calmly confident in your chest and your anxiety. Do not make sorrow the title of your day, and do not despair when a problem or an exhibitor in your life, fully confident in the disappearance of optimism and calm your breath and when you come to your Creator is not happy in this world who has no problems, but the real happiness are those who learned how to live with those simple things they have They are convinced. Hope is a candle that illuminates the darkness, and an open book for those who want to learn. In order to bid farewell to a miserable miserable life, we have to live a bright new life filled with optimism and hope is the main address. Man without hope as a rose without water, without him may die before you find someone to save. If man could give hope, he would not give it to people, even if it was a false hope. Man can live without vision but can not live without hope. The flame of hope must illuminate the darkness of despair and the tree of patience must bring forth the fruits of hope. who lives on hope dont know impossible. The ship of life will not sink into a sea of ​​despair as long as there is glory in its name. Disappointment is proof that hope was misplaced. Without hope, the oppressed would not have lived until today. The beauty of the face with his innocent smile. Hope smile is stronger than all obstacles. Do not despair if your feet faltered and fell into a wide hole you will emerge from them, and you are more cohesive and strong .. God with the patient. Do not be sad if a killer arrow comes from the nearest people to your heart, you will find someone who takes away the arrow and brings back life and smile. Do not think that the end of things is the end of the world, the universe is not what you see your eyes. Do not try to look for a dream that you are, and try to make the refraction situation the beginning of a new dream. Do not stand too much on the ruins especially if the bats have inhabited them and the ghosts have known their way, and look for the sound of a bird creeping behind the horizon with a new morning light. Do not be like a heron, this strange bird who sings the most beautiful of his pubic bleeding, nothing in this world deserves your blood one point. Pay your whole life for a sense of truth and heart that contains you and do not pay for a moment for a lover who has runaway or heart abandoned for no reason. Do not travel to the desert in search of beautiful trees, you will not find in the desert non-wild and see the hundreds of trees that contain the shade and make you happy fruits and songs. If yesterday is lost between your hands today, and if today will gather his papers and leave you have tomorrow do not grieve yesterday, he will not return and do not regret the day he is gone and dreamed of the sun shining in a beautiful tomorrow.

Sometimes sadness overwhelms us until we get used to it and forget that in life many things can make us happy, and that around us many faces can light up in the dark of our days a candle looking for a heart that gives you light and do not leave yourself hostage to the sorrows of the dark nights. Sometimes we get used to sadness so that it becomes part of us and becomes part of it. Sometimes the human eye gets used to some colors and loses the ability to see others, even though he tried to see what was around to discover that the black color is beautiful, but the white is more beautiful than it, He moves feelings and imagination but the color of the sky is the purest in his blueness. Look for the serenity, even if he is a moment, and seek fulfillment, even if he is tired and hard, and clings to the strings of the sun even if it is far away, and do not leave your heart and feelings and your days for things that have been lost. , And if you do not find someone who shines for you, do not look for another extinguished, if not Grandfather of implanted in your days, and Rose is not nine to those who instill in your heart shares went on, and forgot that in life many things can we are pleased and around many faces can light up in the darkness of our day candle, look for the heart gives you the light and do not leave yourself hostage to the sorrows of the dark Layali. We hope that we can live in the future and continue in our lives and always try to overcome despair, with hope we can with all force to walk the boat of our life whenever we want and wherever we want to move About drowning and slow death. Hope balloon carries us away from the scourge of humans. Hope is a candle that still burns in the womb of darkness. The hope is to see the thorns and delight you with its vegetables. Hope that the paper will burn pessimism. Optimism is a great sense of humor in the heart of every happy and successful, the origin of the fuel of life in the human psyche, and the dangers of mental and physical disorders. Optimism handed over all the light, makes the refractor very tidal and tender, and makes eye blink tears, waiting for some optimism. Optimism and hope make the oppressed always in the patient and perseverance and challenge the difficulties, even if it is a method full of arrows of oppression and fatigue and sadness. Live every moment of your life as the last moment in life, live with love and hope live in struggle and tolerance, and value the value of life and trust in God. What a beautiful life when we look at it next to the bright, and the most beautiful sunbeam when his golden rays shine with optimism. The optimism of life finds happiness. The problem is not to make mistakes, even if your mistakes are serious. The advantage is not to admit the mistake and accept advice, but the great work that really awaits you is that you never go back to error. That people hate you and you trust yourself and respect them a lot less, than that people love you and you hate yourself and do not trust them. Do not stand at the mistakes of your past, because it will transform your present hell, and your future debris you enough of a pause and give you a new push in the right and right way. Do not imagine all the angels angels fall your dreams and do not make your confidence blind, because you will cry on your naivety, many of the delusions that destroy us, especially when we know the truth of who loves us and who is entertaining us.

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