I miss you so much, but it is ok for me that you are fine and u don't need me

I miss you so much,

but it is ok for me that you are fine and 

don't need me

The feelings of love are born, as instinctive instincts with man. Where he begins to love his parents and the things around him and then multiple types of love and the different the larger and mixed people with people mixed feelings and varied between love and hatred and other human feelings. Only love is varied and grows, and comes out of the family frame to another frame depending on the people around you. Like the feelings of love that fly you high in the sky of happiness and dreams and find the other half, which you find in what you want to respect, attention, love and care is different from that within the family. This feeling is reflected in the behavior of the owner everywhere, and any of us can know the person who loves the Elhan of his joy and smile that does not leave his face. We often hear stories of love in novels and poems with happy endings, and symbols of love transmitted across generations. On the other hand there are sad love stories, ending with separation of one side, leaving very bad psychological effects on the owner and living in a state of depression and isolation from the world, and shows the behavior of the owner signs of boredom and distance from life. This situation is associated with this situation for a long time and it is difficult for them to return to normal life. To relieve the pain of love after separation, one has to adapt himself to a certain way of life, to return to normal and to exercise his life better than the other ways: to get rid of all the old memories that cause him pain and not to bemoan what you missed and harden your heart, And enter into a state of depression that makes it difficult for you to get out of it. The appeal to worship and forgiveness, near to God relaxes the heart and thought. Do not wish for anything that was not destined for you, and be satisfied with what God has divided for you and will compensate you with better than him. Be patient, patient, and nourish the mind with positive words and behaviors. Life is not limited to one person. Fill your free time with things you love, and make this experience a useful lesson for you in the future, and away from everything that reminds you of your beloved material things. Full conviction that realism and moderation in feelings is better than surrender to feelings of weakness and negativity, and enter into cases of depression and nervous breakdown. Do not always grieve and trust yourself, and do not make such obstacles ruin your life and your relationships with other people. Life is full of special people you are destined to meet, so you will be happy and have the ability to change your life for the better.

Many of us dream of living a love story like stories told in fiction, stories or stories that we see in films and serials. But reality is different from reality. Many of the stories end with unhappy endings. Which is more serious than what we see in television and in cinemas, many of us think it is very easy to find a real person, sincere, sincere and affectionate and has all the qualities that you dream to be your second half and to be a person can depend on him in your life and can help you achieve your dreams , But again the truth is different About reality, about dreams, about your expectations, about your ambitions, about everything you dream about, you will be confronted with a pure reality free of any compliments and no dreams, which will be very harsh on you in all respects if you work? How can we forget someone we have admired and perhaps love? How can we move forward and go beyond someone at some point who has been representing all of our aspirations and dreams and who has been our happiness as if we see our dreams before us when we see how we will overcome this person and all that is related to you at the beginning to know that life does not depend on a particular person and you You have to go ahead in this life regardless of anything in this life, and you have to realize that you can decide who you want to bring into your life and who you want to keep in your life. If you want to get rid of the remnants of a love relationship you have permission to stay away from the person who represents this love you have. You have to delete the image from your imagination first and then from your life, you can not forget this person if you have put pictures to remind him of everywhere in your life, whether in your mobile or in your home or in your car or even in your workplace, Get rid of all the gifts that may remind you of things that have to do with him from near or far. All these things will support you on a new beginning with a whole new life.

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