I promised myself that I will not miss you And behold, I am breaking my promise Again

I promised myself that I will not miss you

And behold, I am breaking my promise


Treachery or treachery is one of the most difficult conditions a person can experience in his life. It causes pain and distrust in the person's heart towards someone who is treacherous to him. It also indicates a relationship that is completely devoid of the values ​​of loyalty, allegiance and sincerity, and may be the relationship between The couple or the beloved or the relationship between friends or business partners or brothers, and different severity of treachery depending on the type of relationship between the two partners, and we will talk in this article about effective ways to overcome the treachery of the beloved. How to forget the treachery of the beloved talk about pain and confront the treacherous tell the beloved about his betrayal and the wound caused by you and the pain caused by the act, while keeping away from the scandal; because it will increase your psychological condition worse, and at the same time tell the traitor that you will not trust him after that at all, The responsibility I have done is complete. Accept emotions and feelings in cases of treachery Always the human psyche is destructive and full of many negative emotions, such as: anger, sadness and confusion, and you accept these emotions and feelings and move away from trying to suppress or reject, angered and saddened and take out everything inside you; to overcome the pain of treachery quickly So that you can look back at your problems and solve them logically. Being calm is not the end of the world. Calm makes the process of thinking logical, prevents mistakes that you may regret later. In contrast, anger negatively affects the health of your mind and body, steals your joy, and causes reckless reactions. It can not be undone later, and may cause you to lose people you love. Enhancing Self-Confidence Self-confidence is one of the most important secrets to overcome the pain of treachery and to go forward. You must refrain from thinking that you are a bad person, and that is the reason for your treachery, but always thought that you are a wonderful person and do not lack anything, Which you have achieved during your life, and thought that your treachery is the loser. Do the things you love The things you love change your chest positive card renewed, be strolling with loyal friends or watching a comedy or doing any activity you like drawing or writing, with the need to get rid of things that remind you of treachery. Forgiveness and forgiveness are two essential factors for getting rid of the pain of treachery. They completely anger and hate your heart. It is known that hatred is the thorn that disturbs your life both in the present and in the future.

Love is one of the highest feelings that exist in man. God created man and he knows what he needs and what he has been forced to do. Since man has become acquainted with life, the love of parents begins to enter his heart and enters into his life the love of friends, family and others. The love of the other sex to his life, through which he tries to identify his partner and the mother of his children, but there are many relationships that are doomed to failure, in which the parties can not complete this relationship and culminate in marriage and childbearing and build a marriage nest in this life. Contents 1 What love 2 How to get rid of love feelings 3 Ways to avoid problems 4 Love feelings 5 ​​Signs of love 6 Islam and love 7 Names of love What is love Love is a relationship between two combined love and love, and have a lot of great feelings towards each other, A man and a woman seek to form a family and may be between parents and children or between friends. When the emotions meet, the human body secretes the hormone oxytocin, and there are many words that indicate the strength of love, including love, which indicates the stability of love in the human heart. How to get rid of feelings of love The ways to get rid of these feelings that are related to love vary according to people, you may find some people easy to get rid of these feelings, and may find others are trying in all ways to get rid of them but to no avail, so we will try here to learn some things Which helps us to get rid of these emotional feelings, which may lead the person to love to the loss or isolation from the people, and these methods are the following: the use of God and return to it, when we return to God Almighty and get close to him we will receive his satisfaction, To God alone and no other. Going out with friends, when we go out with some friends close to ourselves, this will make us forget, even for a moment of time, the emotions that are in our hearts. The practice of hobbies, each of us many hobbies that loves and always tries to exercise, this will lead to forget feelings of love even a little. Do not go back to the past, the lover should try to forget the past, especially those beautiful memories that have a very influential heart. Do not skin yourself, many of the mistakes that lead to the separation of the two loved ones could have been avoided, it leads to the sinner to blot himself and skin, but you should know that this skin will not restore things to normal, but perhaps the punishment is worse, so we must stay away from This is as much as possible. Do not review the old messages, the lover should not review these messages and do not remember, this will lead to the return of these memories and the pain that accompanies it again. Stay away from movies and serials, some romantic films and series, which is the subject of love may lead to the return of those memories to the lover may make matters worse. Disposal of gifts, these gifts may cause a lot of pain when you see it, the lover should get rid of them as soon as possible, so that old memories do not return to itself. A lot of forgiveness, Valastgfar one of the important methods that the lover should follow them to get rid of his feelings that relate to his heart and turn to the love of God Almighty. Du'aa 'to the lover, the lover must invite God to reconcile his beloved to the benefit of the business, and give him the right person for his happiness. Ways to avoid problems We will try here to identify many ways that help to avoid problems that lead to separation, including: Commitment: The parties to the relationship must abide by all the promises of them, must avoid false promises so as not to collapse the relationship between the parties. Sacrifice for the partner, the parties must make a lot of sacrifices in order to maintain the relationship between them. The difference of opinion does not spoil the friendliness of the case, no matter how much this difference of opinion, they must accept him and not adhere to this view as blind. Confidence is one of the most important things that lead to the consolidation of relations and prolong them as long as possible. Tolerance, no matter how wrong mistakes must partner to forgive the mistakes that he loves, every son of Adam is wrong. Attention, the partner must give a lot of attention to his partner, increasing interest will lead to increased love and strengthen ties between them. Honesty and sincerity, when the relationship is based on honesty, it will continue on this strong construction, but lying will lead to the destruction of this building, as it is said, "What is built on false is false." Love is not the sense that accompanies the spirit of man and his heart when he is with the person he loves, many of the lovers can know this feeling within them without the need to read and learn the books, and these feelings are linked to the human heart and can not easily leave, The other person is mindless. Signs of love There are many signs that indicate the occurrence of human in love, and these marks vary from man to woman, it is known that when a woman loves a man, her goal is marriage and nothing else. When a woman talks about marrying a man, Shows admiration and love, and also when a woman talks about a man more than usual, this is a sign of love, and it is also a sign that women care about the appearance of a large, this thing indicates that they want to draw attention. There are also signs that men are in love, including constantly talking about the characteristics of the woman he loves, and also the man trying to stay in constant contact, sometimes we may find him trying to identify the news and sometimes tries to lend a hand in any form, and find this The man does not get bored when he talks about the woman he loves, and then the man tries to recognize these feelings to the woman

To whom he loves. Islam and love Islam has called for love since its inception, but the concept of love in Islam encompasses all aspects of life. The most important of these are: love to God, His messengers and angels, this love that gives man unparalleled spiritual energy. Parents and love of friends and family and the love of wife and children, but at the same time does not allow Islam love between the sexes inclined to sexual desires and instincts, so God and the Prophet ordered us to stay away from these forbidden relations, which often lead to adultery and things that God forbid . Names of love for love Many names in Arabic that we can not promise, and these names to name a few: Adoration is a love that hangs in the human heart so that he can not get rid of easily. The passion came from passion, the part that surrounds the heart, a sign of great love. Love is a love that requires the owner does not leave him, remains absent-minded and fast-forgotten and permanent thinking. It is taken from the thirst that accompanies the traveler in the desert, and this indicates the thirst of the beloved to his beloved. One of the names of love that belongs to the human heart and attached to it. Fancy is one of the names of the attachment to all that surrounds the lover of things and related to it. Read more on the theme of the web:

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