I sit a lot alone ... not depression as some people call it

I sit a lot alone ... not depression as some people call it ..

But a moment of rest. from human immobility

A moment of pride, known only by quite lovers

When you see beyond yourself you may find peace of mind waiting for you there. There is no joy for those who are not his, nor pleasure for those who have no patience for him, nor a blessing for those who do not suffer for him, and no rest for those who do not suffer for him. Nothing nicer than a struggling smile to appear between tears. How nice to be a person whenever others remind you to smile. Any psychological comfort and treatment of stress and stress that the owner of the believer that there is a Lord sponsored by his hand the kingdom of heaven and earth .. His order between Kef and Nun. The most beautiful woman in a very feminine .. is a whiff of masculinity. Let the ingredients run in their intestines, and they will not be consumed except by the empty mind. Between the blink of an eye and its attention, God will change from one state to another. There is no rest for you from creation, so go back to the truth. Do not rush things ahead of time, but if you did not tired yourself and revealed your ambitions, if you have come to the dignity of the satisfied mind. Not in the world on the truth of pleasure, but is the comfort of the painful. The comfortable home of the greatest sources of happiness, comes immediately after good health and peace of mind. It was said: It indicates the strength of the man three: good trust in what did not win, and good satisfaction in what has been won, and good patience for what has passed. Every official who takes office swears that he will take care of the welfare of the people without specifying where he will go and what hour. The decorations of the world are the basis of pain, and the lower one calls Nadim repentance, so that he should be free of the matter. There is no comfort for Hassoud, nor brotherhood for Melloul, nor for a lover of bad manners. Be like someone who does not want to greedy people and does not earn their grievances, and the same of him in trouble and the people from him in comfort. Reassess all that has been said to you and get rid of everything that harms your spirit and yourself. When I sit alone, everyone thinks he is depressed, but a moment of rest away from human drift. Be advocates to God and you are silent .. Was said and how it? He said: Your ethics. It is not pleasure in comfort or emptiness, but in fatigue, hardship and hardship when days turn to rest and emptiness. I swear that it is better for a human being to be born in a modest family and live with the submissive poor than to wear the most beautiful clothes, which is sad, and adorned with gold, which is the sword of mind. What is mean is not thirsty, but without thirst and hunger, without fullness, and without fatigue, and fire that eats itself, without faith in emptiness, destruction, darkness, temptation, and seeking in nothing. Three must settle in your mind: there is no escape from death, no rest in this world, no safety of people. The most beautiful thing that you call God .. is that you will be satisfied. Rest of the body in the lack of food, and comfort in the absence of sins, and the rest of the heart in the lack of attention, and the rest of the tongue in the lack of speech. The soul will not know comfort and harmony unless it surrenders its face to the same selves and connects the reasons between them and the sky. The difference between the student of fame and glory demanded that the applicant fame with a thermometer measures the level of praise that was said in his right, while the student of glory does not care about the praise of the people, he knows himself standing on the truth, does not overtake the ignorance of people, the knowledge of his truth. The joy may be delayed and the breasts may contract and the happiness will be crushed. But the vulva will inevitably come in a thousand ways and colors, as long as we believe that God has given us everything for a reason. Do not occupy the mind of the past of time .. Do not come to live prematurely .. And the richest of the present for itself .. Not in the printed nights safety. Although we often need loneliness, happiness and comfort do not always end. Whoever waits for the prostration is the one who is waiting for that, because waiting for the vagina is good for God. Good thinking about God is a good deed that is rewarded by man. He is optimistic about good. He is not afraid of God's mercy and despair. No comfort for those who hasten pixel comfort. Three Thoughts Though Be Kharsa: The Eclipse of Mind Proof of the thinness of the case, good human beings are proof of the integrity of the chest, and the innate humility is evidence of the evil instinct. I read one day that the comfort of the heart at work, and that happiness is to be busy, to the extent that you do not notice that you are unhappy. Work and comfort are two sides of a single coin. At work you feel that you are performing, growing and advancing. In the comfort you get, you feel the psychological calm that will help you achieve greater achievement in your work. The distressed soul finds rest in isolation and monopolization. People flee as the wounded gazelle moves away from his horse and disappears in his cave until he heals or dies. The asceticism in this world is the comfort of the heart and the body, and the desire to inherit concern and sadness. One of the wise men was asked: Which friends are the best? He said: good work .. and asked which one was damaged and out? He said: self and fancy .. He was told: Where is the director? He said: In the behavior of the curriculum .. He was told: And what then? He said: Take off the rest and make the effort. The sorrowful soul suffers by finding comfort by joining the same soul and sharing it with the feeling, as the strange stranger takes refuge in a land that is far from their homeland. The hearts that are reduced by the grief of each other are not separated by the joy of joy and joy. The sadness is stronger in the soul than the bonds of joy and pleasure, The love that the eyes wash with their tears remains pure and beautiful and immortal. The most beautiful geometric drawing by man is to build a bridge of hope over a sea of ​​despair and frustration.

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