I still care about you even if we don't talk

I still care about you even if we don't


  1. In our lives we meet many people, there are those who love and relate to them, and we can not imagine the meaning of life without their presence in our lives, and other people passing through our lives passing through a path that does not affect our lives, and people who come and abolish the existence of people who were the basis of our lives. His life is in many stages. At every stage of his life, he encounters people and concerns them. Every person has time to come and go at a certain time, people lose them because of some situations, people lose them after long love stories and lose them because of fate and share, and people lose them because their lives are over. We may lose them, it does not matter why Each reason is completely different from the other but the goal is one to complete the march of our lives, namely forgetfulness, we need to forget them to live and walk in this life and progress and succeed, life is continuing whether they exist in our lives or gone, so you must learn how to get rid of attachment to people . How to get rid of attachment to a person: In the first stage of trying to get rid of attachment to someone you must believe that everyone in your life has a certain time, at the beginning of our lives we relate to our mothers and afraid to get away from them, and then grow up and get married and relate to our husbands, and then come to us children and relate to our children and love, This is the year of life. You must believe in destiny and destiny. Everything in your life is written before you are born. Set goals for your life and try to invest your time, so take your time full of hard work or success and progress in this life, to realize that life goes whether the person is with us or not. Go out with your friends and family and enjoy your life and try to try things you did not do before, try to discover the skills and exit and see the sweetness of life and pleasure. Make sure that life is going, do not think that your life will stand on the presence of a certain person in your life, every person goes to him alternative and may be better than him, this is the year of life, and therefore always must believe in the share and the extent that God chooses us the best always and whatever passed Strenuous stages will find joy and happiness after this sadness.
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