I still think a thousand times did you love me or did the world throw me instead of someone

I still think a thousand times, 

did you love me or did the world throw me 

instead of someone

Do not be ashamed of giving a little, the deprivation is less than it! Your friend is not a secret, but his glory in front of others! If our love increases, our fear will increase over who we love! The disease of the beloved Vdathm Fmrtt of my caution to heal the beloved Vadni I was discharged from my eyes to him !! Books are there, libraries are there, research centers are there, and Internet services are there, but in a high place where there is little power and brains! If you want to know the fulfillment of the man and the fulfillment of his covenant, look at his home and desired to his brothers! I will never let go of my life. Success in Shi Yati is convinced of it if you want something to do and do not wait for it to come. Do not utter what harms you, and do not fast on your good benefit. Whoever preaches bad deeds does not think of people, do not make them worse, because he sees them with their eyes. Print out Beware of your enemy once and warn your friend a thousand times of no error does not do something mistakes It learn actions reported from the sayings of the free hand balance that the long night on has long must be the dawn of what does not tire the hand does not grieve on the heart What is wiping your tears do not help Be in the world as if you are a stranger or a passerby Cheat and gain my heart I wish a child never grow up I do not hate or applaud the one who rejects the right The beneficiary of the false persuasion does not last long faces and the spirit in the body What comes to the media not to the aspiration of the Spirit We make our bad habit That makes us a person and the principle is still not to build your judgment on the haste and the successful human thought is Who closes his mouth before people close their ears and open their ears before people open their mouths. The discussion of trivial issues takes a long time because some of us know more about them than we know about important issues. A sensible woman puts sugar in everything that you say to a man .. and take away salt from everything that the man says to her. The bird flies with its wings. And one flies his majesty. Do not rush to the idiots Vtthm in your appearance, nor on the rich Vtem in your compassion, nor on the ignorant Vtthm in your stomach. Make your one and your advice a thousand. Ijtihad earn goods. If defeated fancy champion opinion . Use concealment to attain your needs . Time is not snapped up the opportunity back . God in the help of the slave was not a servant to help his brother. The scourge of force to subdue an opponent . The upper hand is better than the lower hand . Unity is better than a bad Gillies . Wafaa honored. And respect your elders, and keep you young. What one does only makes itself. People are enemies of what they are ignorant of. People Metals. He perished from following his desires. Do not delay today's work for tomorrow . The ends do not reach the safe. do not trust the friend before the experience . Dont trust money even if it is much . Do not unveil the secret of the one who unveiled your secret . Do not spoil something that will help you repair it. Do not rely on the words of doubt. Do not say without thinking, and do not work without measure. He who does not know the good from evil, and his right to beast. If your request is interrupted by your friend, then join your enemy. He who can not gather virtues, let his virtues leave the vices. He who has lost his opinion has fallen down on his enemies. One has honored his religion, his imagination, his mind and his creation. Lord of death comes from asking for life. The tongue of one who serves the heart. One craves what he did not win. Love something to the human being is forbidden. From the envy of the people began by himself. There is no good to say, but with the work. And not in the doctrine except with the piety. And in charity only with intention. And not in money except with zakaah. there is no honest without Completing of promise. There is no mind as a measure, nor a devout cuff of harm. The boy's side tells his tongue. If the world turns to the man dressed fortuitous others. Odbert though it robbed him of pros himself. people's satisfaction is unreachable purpose. He was pleased with the humiliation of uncovering the evil. good Bliss who was cought up in his flows and not other people's. Zakat of known blessings. Happy preached to others. If the thieves break the back of the stolen. The smarter you get the less you speak. Onyx tired of patience. Ignorant living dead, The scientest's Dead alive .. Take care to humiliate men. Riding horrors, better than the question. The length of trials increase in mind. Chastity decorations poverty. Thanks to the rich Zeina. And met the head of ethics. It is not as good as the good of creation, and it is as indispensable as the earth to rule and universal ideals such as Japanese: It is impossible to stand in this world without bending sometimes. Like a Swiss: Speech is like honey bees and needles. Such as English: speech does not repay debts. Like an American: a dwarf standing better than a giant kneeling. Like a Dutchman: When the fox grows old, its fur snakes away. Like an Irishman: Without the clouds, we would not have enjoyed the sunshine. Like Swede: Not all white are grilled. Like a Chinese that light a small candle better than that curse the darkness. Like Rossi: bread is father and water is mother. Like an Indian: a blind caller receives two guests. Like French: The Secret of the Three Secrets for Everyone. Such as an Arab: a brother's brother you did not give birth to your mother. Like Habashi: Man begins and God performs. Like Turki: From the excess of our mistakes we learn. Like a Brazilian: Father is a banker and we are endowed with nature. Like an Italian: he who speaks sows and who silence he reaps. Like an African: poverty is the son of lazy virgin. Like a Greek: a half-rich cleanliness, of the wailing eaten by wolves.
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