I wish I was like a messenger in seconds. I will get you

I wish I was like a messenger in seconds. I will get you. 

I will kill you for a word. Alone, my life. I miss you. I wipe the tissue of hope with tears of Elias .. I am saddened by the events of time with his smile. I used to love my loved ones and tear them. Make sure .. Mani above the ground I Mani dream passing by his dream and seek interpretation .. I love story .. Saber on your heart and shortness people ask for the interests of people .. I ask you about the indecency and appreciation and a sense searched in the hearts of humans .. And ask the days of life .. If I received Like my love .. At the time you excuse Vkrati Vichatry something Ikrhk .. I even received the ball Vini loves you if I felt hard I know your heart affection .. But Lou   ..   If all the humans let you down, what is your fear? What do you feel about your blood? I am alive. Your letters are love. In the page of silence .. Oh, I hate the talk of my heart, who knows you loves you .. Who loves you. Wensak Maayerk Ghalk If all my heart is bleeding I will show you joy and pleasure .. I will not land even once .. I will hurt you because of my reasons My love for you is greater than the imagination of your imagination .. May my eyes Mayom Tbkik like palm I created my Hammer over .. Maatdt Ahni Qamti except my seasons of many traumatic Dear Banias .. I am looking at my shock from the shadows of my eyelids and my stature is enough .. After the threshold is not exempted excuses Ahim in your voice and your eyes .. Even with dreams I can not Your brother Mani on your Fajak Yaasaibi Radhi ..  on who caused me and you how much I was the healer of the wounded .. Today I turn to heal my wounds Rafti Rasi of the name What is arrogant but administrative tears in your absence Tgptni my feelings for you as I was forgotten Memo .. If it affects us Duration you see still the most precious person Tglit and excuse you long and waiting? WL .. Of the rest of us even if Gali sprayed on my grave tears of his eye .. Must be remorseful full of Zen and Wnouh between me and him what benefits Almarsil .. Does not justify the goal of love Mersal How to give you the word of my life and age Fanny .. You are not people I have you and the second Gal if you Jumrah burns like a cup of Mamlite. I hug you on my chest and ask myself what you think the sad to grief is used to .. I said I missed grief Oud Yabini Ahrklh for the likes of seconds .. Mansetk Habibi Zamani Nsani that the strange rip his West increased .. Play the winds of fate in the Sunni Ante like Gayeb old and gone .. Gpti Bjsmk Mer Tifk Baini many Ghala taught me to fast your voice .. Even Lomatrsl Abersl and listen to your silence I travel from you to his monastery Mandr .. Perhaps wire but Maostli These eyes and considered Halalk .. Was the tears of the eye of memory Taslik age of the distance .. Mtaik lovers .. And remains the jealousy and longing if they are far from the vinegar of your eyes. By the tricks of his love refuses to conceal .. Hala and longing in my chest I feel like the volcano Ltni Mshshfty eyes Tears .. A teardrop on your cheek Dilute Oh Na love and love amounts .. This is my soul and this is the value of my life described second without you Top of deprivation .. And the current of the flame of longing Remnants From the ashes of man

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