If you do not venture for something you love ... don't cry if you lose it

If you do not venture for something you love ... 

don't cry if you lose it

If you want to live a life full of joy and satisfaction, you only have to make optimism and happiness a curriculum and a goal to move on, optimism is achieved happiness, and happiness is satisfied, they are the fundamentals of the ideal life that everyone wishes, so we bring you here the most beautiful and wonderful words that indicate happiness and optimism : If yesterday is lost, between your hands today and if today will collect his papers and leave you have tomorrow, do not grieve yesterday, he will not return and do not regret the day he is gone and dream of a bright sun in a beautiful tomorrow. If it were not for optimism and hope in the future, the oppressed would not have lived until today. The happiest of the world tomorrow, they are fleeing today. If you look optimistically into existence, I see beauty common in all its atoms. If happiness meant life without concern, the madmen would be the happiest people. Everything may turn against you and God will remain with you, so be with God all things with you. People are looking for happiness, but happiness is looking for who deserves it. Optimism is that tiny window, no matter how small, it opens wide horizons in life. We are looking for happiness often and it is close to us as we are often looking for glasses that are above our eyes. No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start from now and make a new life. If a person's happiness depends on the existence of a certain person, or on having something specific, what is the happiness, but if a person knows how to stand alone in a difficult situation, performing what he must do with all that in his heart of love and sincerity, this man has found happiness a way. The pessimist sees difficulty at every opportunity, but the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. If you like to be the happiest people I have done. Do not try to find a dream you are and try to make the refraction situation start a new dream. I found that the human share of happiness often depends on his sincere desire to be happy. Do not wait for your lover to sell you, but wait for your life to shine again. Everything is reduced if we divide it on two, but happiness increases. Do not put all your dreams in one person, and do not make the journey of your entire life to one person you love whatever his qualities, and do not think that the end of things is the end of the world is not the universe is what you see your eyes. Misfortunes imagine problems that do not have a reality, and they fight with enemies that do not exist, while the happy deal with the existing problems as if they were from the fantasy world, and with the enemies and they are neutral. Do not be sad if you find the nearest people to you, you will find someone who brings you out of grief and brings back life and smile. Happiness depends on what you can give, not what you can get. Do not despair if your feet faltered and fell into a wide hole, you will emerge from them and you are more cohesive and strong and God with the patient. The bride of happiness is not sacrificed except to the one who pays her dowry from the oath of his right hand and the sweat of his forehead. If you want to please a man, do not increase his wealth, but try to reduce his desires. Do not make sad the title of your day sad, do not despair when a problem or things in your life, Vsqt completely disappearing when your optimism and the calmness of your breath and when you resort to your Creator. You do not need to seek happiness, it will heal you when you have created a position in your heart. Turn around and see him with a bright and optimistic look, you will inevitably find beauty, contentment and happiness. Do not worry about small things, everything is small. What a beautiful life when we look at it next to the bright, and beautiful sunbeam when his golden rays shine with optimism. We arise in our belief that happiness in taking, and then discover that it is in giving. Happiness is not sold or bought, happiness is the key to a beautiful life, so believe in our destiny, and believe in our livelihood. Our lives belong to us with our own hands, making them sad, and with our support we make them happy, smiling, smiling in a small face and drawing happiness from his eyes. And you will see in his eyes all the love and all happiness, help a woman who has the inability to cross the road, or climb in the transport and when you call from her heart will inevitably feel the time of happiness, say, O Lord, O postman worries and cherub and claimed to your brother and every Muslim by heart will inevitably feel its time Happily. The happiness of people to rest, and their comfort in that they work. Happiness is in you and you are looking for it in people, solutions you have and you are looking for it when others. Happiness is like the sun.

The joy of having a pure conscience captures what pleases you not only in this life but also beyond it. If you pleased yourself I am happy around you. Your happiness in your memory, your memory in your memories, make it beautiful and live happily. Life is short sunrise and sunset, so beautiful to make the sunrise of the smile and work and sunset for rest and tranquility. Happiness is to enjoy what you find with the search for what you do not find, but the misery is to find what you can not find, without enjoying what you find. We are not only making optimism but making humanity and building civilization and glory. Remember the moments of your joy in the hour of disaster so as not to despair, and remember the hours of your life in the moments of joy so as not to be tempted. If the sun shines on your day and the darkness falls, do not forget to light your inner sun. Everything in life dissipates and disappears only the light, it seeks to recognize the beauty of life. There are two things in your life that do not have two, either be always optimistic, or be pessimistic for you. In worship happiness. The optimist is the only person who lives in every happy place. Be satisfied with what you have and satisfied with what you are, and look at who is less than you in the blessings, and who is more than you in the scourge, and thus enjoy happiness and happiness. Intensity is the largest snow door in it to the path of happiness. Be happy and you are on your way to happiness. True happiness is in the attempt, not in the arrival station. In the horizon of life are hopes and pains, including the generation of birds of beauty. Live within the limits of your day, then the past with its pains and joys brings back to you the smile or the tear, nor the future in his bliss or his reputation will delight you in your moment. It is not happiness that you do not go through pain, not to face difficulties, but to be happy to maintain your coolness and calm your nerves, and your heart is optimistic and you are facing difficulties and pain. My friend I am not responsible for the happiness of others you are happy or defenseless yourself. The best states of happiness are what suits your mind, heart, and spirit. Change does not just start from within, but from conviction and willpower. Be aware of what you have been happy with. If you can not be optimistic in your life and improve your belief in your Lord, please do not be a human being. Who was waiting to get everything to become happy, would not get happy at anything. There are many qualities that come against happiness, especially selfishness and self-love. Every day, a new face, a new mind and a new mind shine on man, so he does not grieve. Happiness does not fall on you from heaven, but you who sow it in the earth. Travel everywhere you will not find a pleasant travel as a travel to yourself.

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