i'm like an umbrella i will not benefit you if you didn't put me on your head

i'm like an umbrella i will not benefit 

you if you didn't put me on your head

 Do not cry because something has ended, but smile because it has happened. When I feel desperate, I remember that there is a path called love road and the road of truth and they are always right, there were tyrants and killers, and for a while they seemed invincible, but in the end they fall, always think about it. (Mahatma Gandhi) Everyone has his own sorrows when the world does not know about it, and at times we say that his feelings are cold when the grief reigns over him. (Henry Long Filho) can not protect yourself from grief if you can not protect it from happiness. (Jonathan Fuer) I did not intend to wake up in the morning, there was a better time to sleep, and this is sad, almost like a nightmare, just wake up from a nightmare and feel comfortable, and woke up from this nightmare. (Ned Vizini, a kind of comic book) The thing you can understand about me, is that I am a person who is deeply saddened. (John Green) Why should people have so much unity? What is the benefit of all this? Millions of people in this world, eager to satisfy each other, even isolate themselves, for what? Has the earth been established to be a reason for man to feel alone? (Haruki Kurokami) They say when you lose someone that you're likely to feel the same, but I do not think it's possible for you to miss me as much as I miss you now. (Vincent Millay) Imagine that you smile after a powerful slap on your face, then think about doing it 24 hours a day. (Markus Zusak) We are more careful when we read funny stories, and we become more sad. (Nikolai Google) Tonight I can write some sad lines, I loved her, and sometimes she also loves me. (Pablo Peroda) Tears shed by a person are not a sign of weakness, but evidence that there are good hearts. (Jose Harris) Do not cry over someone who can not cry over you. (Lauren Conrad) The person wakes up every morning and there is a desire to do what is appropriate, and be a good person and useful, and things are as simple as it seems and be impossible in fact, and every day his heart is as if he descends from his chest to his stomach, and at the beginning of the afternoon , Was overcome by the feeling that nothing was right, that nothing was right for him, that he had the desire to be alone, and by evening, he was wondering: lonely and sad, alone guilty of aimless, lonely even in his unity, I am not sad, He wanted with himself over and over again, I'm not sad, as if one day he could convince himself, or deceive himself, or To convince others, the only thing worse than being sad for others is knowing that you are sad, and keep repeating, I'm not sad, and the reason that his life had unlimited possibilities for happiness, as much as if there was an empty white room that was on his bed As he slept, like some pets he did not care at all, he woke up every morning and there was something in his heart to become heavy and weak but he remained standing, and as the day passed he said he was overpowering to be somewhere else with someone else In addition, it is not sad. (Jonathan Fuer) Why do you make beautiful songs sad? Because they carry unreal meanings, there is nothing beautiful and real at the same time. (Jonathan Fuer) There are two types of people in this world, people who prefer to grieve with others, and there are those who prefer to remain sad alone. (Nicole Cruz) Tears are words that need to be written. (Paolo Coelho) She was good at feeling sad, drowning herself in that feeling, learning the art of separating things, appreciating nuances, and sharing her feelings by dividing grief by a certain system. (Jonathan Fuer)

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