In the end, only those who truly love you will stay with you

In the end, only those who truly love you will

 stay with you

Love can not live without love, it relieves us from the hardships and hardships of life, enlightens our lives with a bright smile whenever we remember who are in our hearts, no matter how we try to hide this feeling or transcend it we can not because it stems from the inside. So here you have the most beautiful talk about love and its impact. Expressions about love The beloved is not impressed by the first meeting, but from sneaking in without feeling that you suddenly discover that it is the air you breathe. When they want to kill you, colonize your heart and then leave slowly to leave you between death and madness. They ask me why I love you, idiots, as if they ask me why I breathe. Your love as the sacraments of death, running in my ears, my throat chokes, my soul is torn, and leaves me between death and life. Love does not master thinking, and the most dangerous is that it has no memory, it does not benefit from the folly of the past, nor those small disappointments that made his great wound. If the love of words is written to end my words, but love souls are given, is enough spiritual? As long as separation is the other side of love, and disappointment is the other side of love, why not there is a day of forgetfulness in which mailers hit the work, and stop the telephone lines, and prevent radio broadcasts of emotional songs, and stop writing poetry love? What a woman demands now is not a knight as we think, nor a man who provides everything to her, as Shakespeare says, nor a wall leaning against him as our proverbs say, she is able to do everything herself without a knight and without a man, but she can not love alone, With this man, a knight or child, the woman's food is love and not money, nor cavalry nor men, this is what women want no more. I wanted to give you my age and discover that it is yours. I wanted to give you my heart and find it in your home. My eyes did not excuse me. It is the way to my hope, but I will give you what most people can not "fulfill". Love is disappointed because it is born with greater dreams than its owners, because it needs to exceed them to be love. Your name passes on my ears and drowns in the sea of ​​my tears. In the life of each of us is a person like the needle, if the catch bothers and hurts you, you may cry out and may cry if you find him, cling to him well because you will eventually realize that he was stitching what you have torn yourself. Love is a woman's permission to enter her heart, but a man breaks into his heart without permission. Any woman holding the heart between her hands I ask God do not leave me Do not leave me, what should I be if you are not? I love you very, very and very, and I refuse from the fire of love to resign, and can the lover loves to ride? I am not disappointed if I come out of love alive and I am killed if I die. Love torment in the hearts of young people, love plant in the hearts of girls, love legend in broken hearts, evil love is a must. How difficult are those nights when I try to get out to you, out to the arteries of your heart, how hard those nights are, how difficult those moments I look for your chest to contain my head. My beloved is always killing me, you are in my thoughts and in my night and my nostrils, your image is engraved between my eyelids, my eye is shining, your eyes are calling for my eyes, your hands are embracing my hands, your whispers are my ears. O my beloved, can we divide the distances and gather the groans? O you who have controlled my heart and my language, you who have loved you, Do you believe me if I tell you that beauty is created from your eyes when you see you? My love when I sleep I dream that I see you in reality, and when I wake up I wish to see you again in my dreams. When my soul stops loving your soul, my pen will stop loving characters and kissing paper. I have five fingers in my one hand, I see them all equal in shame when you touch your hands, I lost my age twice, once before I kissed you, and the second, when I no longer kill you. Nice to plant a rose in the orchard of the one you love, and the most beautiful to put love in the heart of a human being You are alone in his eyes the most beautiful and sweetest angel. It is nice to share with you the feelings, feelings and beautiful that this exchange lasts. It is nice to hear from you who calls you my beloved in your presence, and the nicest to hear that he is calling you in your absence. Beautiful to play the role of affection to gain from you, and the most beautiful to win from you with all madness. I loved you so that I uttered every drop of my blood that I adore you, I loved you so that I shed tears of fear If I thought of you after you, I loved you until I forgot all my life and you became my life. I have loved you and made my decision. No power in love above my authority, opinion is my opinion and the choice is my choice. Tears on the cheek Sail longing and lucky money, write with the pen of the horse I love you all the way. I love you, when the streets are washed with the tears of the rain and when the color of copper becomes the clothes of the trees. Do you know, my love, that you do not exercise my risk? Because there is nothing I think about except you. I do not love you, but I adore you and your lusts, and if you are absent from me, I will not be sad because I will die, I, my love, have not lived for you, but I will die for you. If we do not gather dreams, if we do not gather dreams, then memories will gather us together, and we will be overwhelmed by hope and meeting. If your ship docks on the beach of memories, one of its passengers will make me. There is a graveyard where half of all human beings are buried. When we love our feelings are linked to fear, fear of loss, afraid of parting, and afraid of more. The man wrote a paper (I hope attention), and the woman wrote a paper (I hope respect); I care about your husband respects you, respect your wife cares about you. Love Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Life, love, love. The sun shines on your voice, and I wish of the silently applied heavens to stop time, and you go and on your shoulders a heavy load, and so on

I hope to follow you on the path of danger. The clouds that fly away have been specially prepared for this moment, I wish to be by your side, for the sun that pours my heart on your love, I just want to be associated with you. These days, I tried to be as strong as you, but the flowers that smelled of love like the words that do not reach you turn into nothingness of their weakness, I used to shine in your skies, if I have wings like a butterfly and I do not care about what has become On him, and what I may feel pain and sadness for that. The heavenly winds come with these thoughts, which are scattered before the moon reaches. Dreams only last for a moment, to remain in my heart like the gospel waiting for her death, my tears under the light of the waning moon. Poems in love gave me a heart I opened my windows and I woke my windows I waited for the monsoon Perhaps I did not flicker my throat did not rain my thirst my thirst grew and remained Bora Bastini daughter of the masters and the Caliph Caliphate did not fly and did not carry my mail 20 years and a few of the autumn came and a picture of love and an unfinished map And a fall missed by the fall of the birds of the distant harvest came from the love of Atia and my heart remained a child boy, long night gave me an hour or half an hour and gave me a moon or a dome from the face of my granaries that lit the night of his feast with our pomegranate of pomegranate and anemones of an anemone and I was a farmer wasting his machetes in the seasons To harvest, her hair, the raven, gave me her cloves, an elbow, and I was ashamed of him on my sheep, my sheep, which I did not appreciate, my sheep, which I had not given to a spring, was not springy, I said to him, but I do not look like him. I love you, my Lord, my Lord, give me a place to drink, I have a cup of her hair, and a pillow that has come out of her arms, and she does not wear me alone, the labyrinths of love are soaked and difficult for a man like me to walk with love and the sea and a guard. Bouquet blossoms when we dry as if we were from When we say words like poetry when the heart beats as a bird is about to leave the chest cage to go out embracing all the people we were sitting over the widow was in our eyes Ghnoa never written a poet said: Describe me this sea - my grave I do not best art Description - And how do you say poetry ?! - I am not prepared from the poets I do not paint this world, but I live I do not organize unless I almost paralyzed unless I summarize myself in words Let's summarize this sea - how? What house of poetry? - But in a kiss across the guard, and then he goes, "We are here" and went on waving us with looks, O guard, we do not steal, O guard, you would love, if only love would remain the whole world, if the people were to be Qibla, So that the man lived centuries in the moments "The guard walked, she said," summarize this sea "was a prayer that disturbs the lips - it seems that the keeper owns this sea, which hates us to provoke him in the kisses - let him in the words I see can he even prevent the word ?!

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