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It is a painful moment when you stand up, you lose your precious possessions

It is a painful moment when you stand up, you lose your precious possessions

Morning is the beautiful and beautiful flowers and we start morning coffee cup and the sun shining, and here you in this article talk in the morning beautiful. Talk in the morning beautiful Mavi sweeter than your morning and sun enlighten your life and be your first messages and say happy morning. Good morning, sweet honey, honey, open rose .. I am a good day father .. I said your number becomes. I crave the morning of Andalusia between the roads of Granada and the balconies of the Alhambra and the birds in the courtyards of the Mosque of Cordoba and the sounds of the adhaan in the Bayazin district .. Andalusia country I have loved since I knew .. All this makes my morning distinctive and motivated me for everything that is beautiful. In the morning I listen to the sound of the birds and their chirping, as if whispering to me with all kindness: Do not despair, kiss me on life with all love .. Hope is renewed every morning. Good morning for the sweetest bird .. Morning of love for the best heart .. Morning of our God for my age. Sabah al-Merbi to me on the Ezz Traby .. Whoever prayed dawn and thanked his Lord and those who seek his proximity, God made good his path and released all his distress. Morning morning narcissus and morning amber sweeter than sugar morning fragrance and Kadhi morning catch and evaporative. The morning is sprinkled with the remembrance of Allah, the messenger of the Most High, the creation of God, to illuminate the path and bless the day. Morning inspires me to write and read and do what I want .. Really in the morning all things like. Morning morning sweet morning Blya borders .. Love you see hear you love and you intended .. Habibi How I explain to you and unfortunately unfortunately is missing .. Morning devoid of you because you call him to prevail .. Morning is the universe because you are where you exist. O morning what is the most beautiful in you hope .. How beautiful to see you zero point to start again Turn the pages of the past to open a new page. O morning, I saw everyone with you starting with new hope with eyes waiting for joy with a heart that fails to hope, and the evening approaches to dispel hopes. It is postponed to another morning and we say tomorrow and say tomorrow. Your morning is different Nora opens and rose and flowers .. Promise Hahna Tayyoura Good morning and pleasure. The sadness in the morning .. Something that incites me to escape to space leaving all the things that hurt me on the back of the planet .. Perhaps the dimension breaks the sadness of small pieces inside my heart Vtvdh .. But it seems that we were able to carry our pains inside us wherever we went .. And burn .. Morning morning orchards of love bear fruit and happiness, morning of paradise, beloved ones. I wake up every morning and ask myself when .. When I infiltrated my life and settled in every corner .. And when I allowed my heart to keep you inside and keep you. Morning, a beautiful visitor comes on time every day .. The best thing we receive is to thank God that sometimes after our mother and answer live on the farmer to be the best start for each morning. When the morning sun shines, the swarms of pigeons fly and flutter in the sky in regular rows swimming in praise of God .. You find that the bird swim in praise of God .. The morning breeze petting trees and flowers .. Bless the praise of God .. Find dew drops on the leaves of roses like pearls and incubate them. Love and praise, thank God .. Find the sun as it rises prostrate in shyness swim in the name of Rahman and illuminate the universe to wake up God created to bark and praise God to grace. The morning does not change, but every day comes in a beautiful way, the fragrance of God's morning to his satisfaction. Your morning is longing for lovers and patient patience .. Morning love with the smell of jasmine .. Sabah I love you love I repeat it in millions. The morning sent a new start to renew, leave your old dress and wear for your new morning, correct your mistakes and look forward to a bright day to be honest with your heart and your mind. I and the fragrance of roses and the cold breeze say: Morning roses Yaward. O morning of hope and dawn beautiful beautiful meanings and genuine longing. Nothing is more beautiful than a quiet morning glow, telling you who loves you Good Morning Good morning Good morning, love, hope, calm, ecstasy, and all the beautiful things. Nothing is more beautiful than the moments of purity and quiet, the sound of the birds that are slowly coming out of the horizon, and the sound of the life that began to appear, nothing more beautiful than the morning and ascending the ascension of a new day. Good morning to the heart of the country is lost. Good morning, I say to his greeting I was raped .. Good morning, fresher than the nose if you get into trouble .. Good morning, I believe the tear on the cheek of longing. I will open the doors and the door of you morning .. Open your door delighted and my heart beats of fear .. Pulses of fear of the evening and all nostalgia and longing and hope .. And if you arrived at the door of the evening and I did not find what I want I will wait for you morning to renew in hope and to bless my soul Balkkik .. You smile on the lips Humans and you glimmer of hope from afar. Morning cake and Alkafi and drink tea and Ascaffi .. Morning Pronounces say morning honey net. My way is your sweetness, and my house is your chest of beauty, and my shadow is your gift from me. You know why the sun shines every day .. so you say good morning, good face. The morning was chirping in the dark of the night, shining and night chirping in the sun, the morning is longing, and my emotions are sent by the lusts. A message through my mobile visiting me on Bali .. And carry within the Morsali .. Good morning, dear. I am happy morning, light of heart and the beholder happy morning and the color of roses scattered happy your morning and happy your heart pure .. And God, I cherish you goats what has another. Morning morning with all its colors .. Morning spirit with all sense .. Morning longing Bkther time .. And the morning of love with all madness. I am glad your morning Oh Nour heart and the beholder .. Happy morning and the color of roses scattered happy your morning and happy your heart Taher God and your most precious goats to another. The sun is right with the universe .. The sun: Be true to the creatures of God .. Valid with the activity and work and the pursuit of livelihood .. The right with the bird is chirping praise God .. Valid with the flowers and fragrance in the universe Perfumes .. Valid with pure pure hearts swim God .. Valid With them the trees swim Rahman .. corrected by the golden ray .. Fall on the face of the river Pearl beads .. With the right face of a child Berry smile fills the world with joy. In the morning .. I love watching the sunrise and the color of the sky in a bright color .. Send me to stations beautiful and deep inside and smile in the end .. And I share my stories and memories. O morning, we are all over again

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