Let's forget the old mistakes and open a new page with new mistakes

Let's forget the old mistakes and open a new page with new mistakes

Making mistakes Many people suffer from a lot of problems. Making mistakes from human nature, all people commit some of them daily or at some point in their lives, and they have to learn how to accept them and use them in their favor or work to avoid them and learn from them in the future . Making mistakes is sometimes different from failure; failure is the result of not being successful in conscious effort, but the fault is the result of lack of awareness or concentration while doing something. Fortunately there are some steps that can be taken so that a person can accept his mistakes and learn from them easily. It can be used to make the most of the error. How to learn from errors Mistakes Accept permission to make mistakes; there are many reasons a person must give himself to make mistakes, they are an integral part of human nature and unavoidable, they are a valuable source of instructions and enrich life, and provide the incentive to try to expand Prospects. Recognition of the power of habit; sometimes mistakes are the result of not trying and exerting effort by the person, and leave things to the daily habit and shell. Man can not continue to make a great effort on a daily basis of ordinary things and simple, but wants to provide energy to focus on things larger. Distinguish between mistakes and bad decisions; it is important for a person to know the difference between them. Mistakes, for example, are minor errors, such as reading a map backwards, taking the wrong way out, and bad decisions being larger and deliberate, Important meeting and inconvenience of others because of late attendance, in addition to the mistakes are understandable and may require less focus to correct them, and the person to accept the decisions as bad as mistakes but with more attention. Concentrate on the person's strengths, and try to balance self-criticism with celebrating his qualities and good things. Mistakes are seen as an opportunity; a mistake can help a person focus on what he or she is doing better. Learning from mistakes Correct mistakes; by doing so a person can learn from them, such as correcting the wrong answer in the exam, and knowing the correct answer to avoid the same mistake the next time. Keep notes of mistakes and successes by the person, and it is good to write all the details of these things so that the person to refer to and benefit from them. Ask for help from friends or family; some mistakes need more than one person to process and solve, so it's good to ask for help from some trusted and close people. Try to reverse the error result and take advantage of it in a positive way.

Self-confidence is one of the most important things that an individual must enjoy in order to face the external environment surrounding him. It is that sense and sense of self worth that motivates him to act on his nature without fear and anxiety. He alone can control himself and make decisions that concern him. It is contrary to the lack of confidence that the person feels by observing his surroundings, which is reflected in his actions, which are contrary to natural behaviors, and in order to enjoy a confident personality, a number of ways to achieve this must be followed. How to enhance self-confidence Change your thinking on your own: Your negative thinking on your own results in dire consequences for your confidence, which will make you unable to meet the demands of life and deal with people, your thinking is the primary factor to build self-confidence. * Resort to your friends and talk to them: The resort to friends and close to help you to overcome the problem you suffer, it would talk to empty the feelings that you find and search together on the roots of the problem and try to resolve, the problem is identified here is the key point, and if treated and deal with it will be able to increase Your confidence, and you must point out the need to get rid of the past annoying, and think of your present time than before will not return and will not benefit from thinking for a long time. Try to learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating it again: Abu Huraira - may Allah be pleased with him - the Prophet - peace be upon him - that he said not to bite the believer from one hole twice, there is no one in this universe is infallible to make mistakes, and may be The mistakes of others are far more than your mistakes, but this does not discourage their self-confidence and does not change their nature, so you must be. Facing the mistakes and pitfalls that a starting point may have in the area of ​​self-confidence. . Determine what you want to achieve and reach: Each of us has goals in this life and seeks during the stage of his life to achieve, you do your best to know what you want to achieve, and what hobbies you enjoy, everyone in the universe excels at something not Another person excels in it, by discovering your talents and abilities you can develop yourself and embark on this life. You have to be convinced of what you have: be thankful to God for what you have, what you own lacks a lot of others, limit your thinking about what you have and you and look at what others have, this will reduce your sense of confidence and feel you lack. Think positively: Do not allow negative thoughts to be tranced and implanted in your mind. Do not speak negatively about yourself, neither before nor in front of others. This will only cause you to gradually lose trust until you are lost, encourage yourself and give encouragement and encouragement to your self-confidence. The way to achieve your goals and desires. Accept what others are saying to you: This will increase their love and respect for you if you meet them in expressions of appreciation and thanks for what has been said of them compliments, as if to say thank you this kindness of you, accompanied with a beautiful smile. Receive your day with a smile: This behavior will send positive energy in your body make you walk confident of yourself and your steps.

Do you feel that your confidence is insufficient? Do you want to improve your confidence? Well, let's review with you some important tips on how to enhance self-confidence, but before we start let's agree that increasing self-confidence is not a quick process; it's a cumulative process that slowly develops over time and you should be patient to get full confidence on your own. : Define the bugs: First you should ask yourself about things that make you ashamed of people, not trusting yourself or uncomfortable things in your personality. Anything, even if simple, can affect your self-confidence without these things and try to be a positive idea about her. Talk to others: Perhaps the things that reduce your self-confidence are inherent to you and your personality and can never be eliminated, so do not get upset, but converse in these things with your friends or family and accept yourself as they are without thinking that this is long and never worry about him , You must eventually live with your circumstances as they are. Do not be shy about your mistakes: always remember that no one is wrong. When you make a mistake, your confidence should not be shaken by this mistake. On the contrary, make this mistake a factor that helps you increase your self-confidence and learn from your past experiences and mistakes. Be convinced: Conscientiousness is the key to self-confidence. Your feeling that you do not have enough money, health, luck, or anything else will negatively affect your self-confidence, so look for inner conviction and peace to enhance your confidence. Be positive: Always talk positively about yourself, and do not allow others to feel sorry for you under any circumstances. Do not underestimate yourself and do not be afraid to highlight the positive points in your personality and talk about your future and ambitions without shame or hesitation and reinforce these ideas in your mind always. Accepting courtesies: When someone picks you up, do not look at your eyes and say "Yes" or ignore the courtesy. On the contrary, give this courtesy to your heart and say thank you and smile.

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