Life as a bike to maintain your balance should continue to move

Life as a bike to maintain your balance should

 continue to move

There are many beautiful and expressive phrases in which there is a lot of judgment that we can draw from them, and we will mention here some of these words. This is life so long ago the Emperor was a knight in the palace, the emperor said to the Knight: Take your horse and pay as much as possible, and at the last point stands where all the land that you have become your property, the knight riding his horse and went as fast as he could not stop He was always being and being no matter how hungry or thirsty or tired he did not care about it, until he tired and became unable to move because of exhaustion, hunger, thirst and pain. It is true that he is far more than he expected, but he is dying, he is already dying, he said to himself: Why do all this effort? Why I put pressure on myself like this? Why I pushed myself to cover as much space as possible, while now I die and I need only a small space to bury them, then the knight died !! This is life . If we look beyond us, one day we will find that we have done nothing, as if all life is nothing but pleasures. And work, to work for a day will not benefit you horse, nor the territory of the emperor. The most beautiful thing about life is the fatigue of all life. What was expressed only by those who want to increase (Abu Ala 'Al Ma'arri) I found only two primary issues in life: beauty and truth. Beauty is in the hearts of lovers. (Khalil Gibran). Life has value only if we find something to fight for. (Suvag). Life without religion is life without principle, life without principle as a composite without a helm. (Gandhi). Only the life that one lives for others is a life of value. (Einstein). Let's start life every day again as if it were starting now. (Goethe). Life is full of stones, so do not stumble upon them, but gather them together, and build a ladder that will bring them up to success. Life is hope, it is lost hope has lost life (Plato). Life is made up of successive experiences, one of which must come out victorious. (Mustafa Mahmoud). Do not accept the existence of dark areas in your life; light exists, and you only have to turn the button to shine. (Muzaffar al-Nawab).

Trains do not stop unless the floor stops circulating. Let the days do what you want and medicine breath if the judgment of the judiciary and do not be afraid of the incident nights, what the events of the world survival. The judges of the age have lost, lost their loss and sold religion in the world, what won their trade. Time, if a secret route inside us is the largest eraser in the world. And if you want the right fixed, look for him in this world or non-human. Do not grieve if your anxiety worries you, and your world is narrowed by what you have welcomed. I may love God to hear your voice and invite him. The needs of a lot Kat Cat Maani I began to live but I was living and deaf in the world to live. It seems that we do not see much of what has changed in this world because we do not contemplate it. Every one of them opens the page of the world, and I swear by it, and it fluctuates from me by what I read. When you said the world Vani and I said Iwa I won Pico and I promised that after a period of stay Zahid until Fico. The height above the palaces of the world needs two wings of an eagle, not two wings of a butterfly. The road cutter is closer to God and loved to people who eat the world with religion. The world is one thing in reality; but this one thing is in every Dunia imagination alone. You lack the whole with the same world, and you are perfect with all its pains. Man is not counted on the world and its judgments, but to strive to govern itself. And the sun and the planets fire, but the world light, but your face light, but my heart a fire. I will go between the world that is between me and the world in my heart. Minimum is fiction and God is the only guarantee in the journey of the world and the hereafter. God gives the world who loves and hates and does not give his religion except who loves. O Moses, the people are tormented in this world, as much as they are concerned about them. Yes, life is good and low as its destination .. The migration season has not changed to the north. I walk on the heads of my fingers so as not to wake you up, then laugh at my current, I do not want this world to wake you up. Do not live in the world of illusions, this is the world is free. I do not declare my judgments, I am not a preacher, and the hope of the world raises only an internal dialogue, endless dialogue with myself. The most important thing in this world is that you are comforted and helpless. It is not proper to consider who draws the world trembling. Be not trembling but trembling is human. Ohbabna what beautiful world .. You do not underestimate the world and you. If yesterday is not returned, then tomorrow will be the light of the world and we will fill it with praise. The secret of happiness is to see the masterpieces of the world but without ever spilling the two drops of oil from the spoon. But like all others, I see the world in a way that I want to be not as it really is. If the whole world were good, we would not know how to fight evil when we are involved. Nothing is free in this world. And how many sellers physically Dromh .. did not get the world did not deliver the religion. I fear the alienation in death more than I fear and I am on the back of the world. The world that I dream of melody is not a fight. I will wait not to crave the world to go clean yet pure. But how I expected this purity to come. How so full of the world, it will reach the solitude and frivolity that books say no access without them. Do not waste the minimum who with or against who .. but lost by onlookers. In the world, people are in their blood art and they do not feel. As soon as your joy or your joy increases, you will forget the world in your eyes. But a deeper feeling, even though we did not bark at it, means that the world is changing and that we will not be able to resist it. In the afterlife hypocrites in the lower reaches of the fire, but in this world in the front pages of some newspapers. The world is only Tahrir Square. We came to this world and we will get out of it, we are not baptized and we will leave others hoping for the coming of happy days. The eternal world is eternal, the delinquency of the elves of creation does not end, injustice as the fire of the Magi does not extinguish. Tell the kings to turn away from your posts. Mind the wheel .. And whenever the wheelhouse changed our way of looking at the world and life, and ourselves .. And change. She said I was thinking of leaving the world and the earth was lost, people lost their homes and declared a state of emergency. Only the dead heart .. Long live in this world. Every life in his life has a request of his delusions and this is in the wasp does not wonder what the world wonder the wisdom of the Rahman and its spin. Arani after the gray came back to love the individual of the world 's youth on Asabani. Their souls were saved from the luck of their souls. Everything in this world is a sign that man may never understand, and he may understand it after a while. You are the world .. No matter how much I have .. I was and still a little price and I mean God to many. When the homeland is expropriated, everything is expropriated, and the world becomes a big market for people in which the land is cheaper than the land. Do men like this? They want all kinds of things and are not willing to pay for what they wanted. I was very sorry and shed tears because the world is changing and the heart remains the same. Women as the lowest where the fluctuations of the four seasons. Then the whole world is only one chapter of the novel will be multiple chapters, death is not the end of the story but the beginning. Everything is left .. Nothing is lost in this world .. But it turns and scattered and scattered. We all come out of the world with close chances, despite what appears to be some differences. No one in this world knows anything that no one in the world has anything. Nothing in the world is greater than will. Minimum standards are sometimes wrong and always change in all cases. And what is the reality of the world .. bubble shimmering in the colors of the beautiful and brilliant spectrum .. Then suddenly become nothing. Nothing takes the body and the soul to death only the concern, and they are in this world only to commit sin. Every novel in the world contains an aspect of psychiatry. We walk in the world like anesthesiologists but a certain scene may be rooted in the soul does not leave. Either the memory is a false deception that produces what has no origin, or the world changes with a strong, unforgiving memory. The one who accepts this world does not visit anyone who has spoken about him, so why did he come? All the torment of a quorum in this world is right and fair because we are dedicated to love it, while it deserves only the abomination. Relax the tempura

And the earthly and earthly from the world what you enjoy, but the longing for truth do not draw a limit. The love of the world is a verse of thanksgiving, a guide to every beautiful love, and a sign of patience. There is little left, and the world is repeated in a strange form of the eye, which is shaded by a white eyebrow with only hair. There I realized that it was my joy and my joy, and that it was my soul and my life, and that the world was not of a life, not of the ashes. Do not be arrogant. My only love .. Do not cry Vdmouk dig my conscience I do not have in this world only your eyes and Ahzani. The world does not give us except what we steal from them. The only ones in this world who bear the weight of life are the ones who face it more stupidly and apathy. Is not the world beautiful and worthy of living deeply. Narrow is the world, narrow our boats to the sea alone We will say how we were strangers in the city weddings. There is nothing in the world more important than the sense that there is in a corner of the globe who loves us. Unfortunately the minimum can not be heard for our internal calls. So the world .. Unfortunately .. She does not ask us about our opinion when you intend to commit the great foolishness that does not hurt. This is how the world unfortunately does not ask us our opinion when you intend to commit great foolishness that does not hurt.

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