Love that I will not regret it is my love for my mother

Love that I will not regret it is 

my love for my mother

The mother is a small word and a few letters, but it contains the greatest meanings of love and tenderness, tenderness and sacrifice, rivers that are inexhaustible and do not dry or tire, always flowing with endless affection, which is the compassionate chest that receives your head and complains to your worries and worries. The mother is the one who gives and does not wait to take in exchange for the tender, which is whatever you try to do and offer to her you will not be able to respond to her beauty even as little as a grain; it is the reason for your existence on this life, and the reason for your success, give you from her blood and health to grow up and arise true sound, Awn in the world, which is that you enter Paradise, a man came the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: I desire Jihad and I can not, he said: Is there left one of your parents? He said, "My mother," he said, "If you do that, then you are a pilgrim, a pilgrim and a mujahideen. If you are satisfied with your mother, fear Allaah and her righteousness." Selected Hadiths, 1689. The most beautiful talk about the mother The best book I have read is: My Mother. There is no better pillow in the world than a mother's bosom, nor a more beautiful rose than her loins. A mother shaking the cradle with her foot shakes the world with her right hand. My mother is the spring from which he derived the principles of my life. If the world were in my hand and my mother in the other cuff, I would choose my mother. The future of the child depends on his mother. It is my mother who made me. My mother was an amazing woman, she had everything in the earth of goodness, yes, all the earth of goodness. All I and all I want to be owe to my mother. The world is small and women remain big. The silent prayers of the silent mother can not lead her to the fountain of goodness. Mother Holy Candle lights the night of life with humility and interest. Motherhood is the cornerstone of the happiness of marriage. What the child learns on his mother's knees is never erased. I have never been assured except in my mother's lap. One of the masterpieces of God's creation is the mother's heart. Mother makes the nation. When I bend down to grab your hands and pour my weak tears over your chest and beg for pleasing looks from your eyes, then I just feel the fullness of my manhood. Mother is the holiest of neighborhoods. In the world one thing is better than the wife, this thing is the mother. Mother's love is the rest after all. The mother's heart is the boy's school. There is no joy in the world that modifies the joy of the mother when her son is successful. Look in the heart of any woman you find either. Mother's love never grows. Mother is everything in this life is a condolence in grief, please in despair and strength in weakness. The heart of the mother as the musk returns whenever it burns. If the whole world is small, the mother remains big. The mother has to punish her son, but soon takes her in her arms. The most melodious and melodious melodies are played only by the mother's heart. On my mother's knees are the sons of the homeland. Houses without good mothers graves. Your mother, I can know God and I see paradise. You can buy everything but parents. The good father is higher than the peaks, and the maternal good is deeper than the ocean. If we stripped women of all virtues, they would be proud to represent the honor of motherhood. A kiss from my mother made me an artist. The love of the mother gives away everything, and does not desire anything. A mother who fails to raise her children will find no importance in her other success. People are the sons of the world, and men are not blamed for the love of their mother. The greatest thing that human lips utter is the word mother. Mother Holy Candle lights the night of life with humility and interest. The safest haven is the mother's bosom. Not in the world of joy and pleasure how much the mother feels when the success of her child. Whatever the father does, he can not make his son a man, since the mother must take her share of it. I did not know the meaning of motherhood except when I gave birth, so I knew that everything I did for my mother was not worth one night in which I stayed for me. One of them asked in the Napoleonic record: What is it that young French people lack to be polite? One woman replied: They lack mothers, and Napoleon commented: This is a right word.

To live a past and honor your parents and the mother first honor and charity and according to her pregnancy and breastfeeding addicted to two thanks to each man the most beautiful poems in the mother Hafez Ibrahim: mother school if prepared prepared a good people races mother Rawd if his pledge to live in irrigation and the most illiterate mother of the mother Professor professors worked their extent Perspectives poem Farouk Jweideh entitled (but my mother): In the corner appears the face of my mother, I do not see him because he lived for years, but the eye is a little missed do not see, but the residence of the delinquents do not miss the Tauri like all absent in front of my face the face of my mother whenever the intensity of the winds of sadness and trembling forehead people go in the eyes and disappear and become sad in ribs and shudder In the heart fail all the time, but my mother passes the age I inhabit and live and looks like shadows float faintly on the sad heart since we broke down and the range around me narrowed and everything after the age of two years has become a pleasant nature does not miss or shows a pleasant we call nostalgia. Do not forget to mention the poem (to my mother) of the poet Mahmoud Darwish: I lean to the bread of my mother and coffee Mom and the touch of my mother and grow up in childhood days on the chest of the day and I love my age because if I was ashamed of the tears of my mother Take me, if I ever returned a scarf for your pillow and cover my bones with grass deliberately purge your heel And my hair and my waist with a string of hair looms in the tail of your dress. I will become a god, a god, if I touch your heart, my heart, if I touch the fuel of your belly, and the rope of washing on the surface of your neck, for I have lost standing without your prayer.

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