تحير و تبقى حاير في الجزائر

Make sure they don't change unless there is an replacement

Make sure they don't change unless there is an replacement

The past of every person is a past that controls his life and serves as a barrier to prevent him from advancing in any step forward. He remains in this circle of the past and can not get out of it, which leads to the destruction and destruction of this person. In this case he must take all the ways and means to get out of this circle. , And opened a new page in his life. A page that is full of hope, vitality and the will to start a new life, without anything to do with the past. There are many people who are ignorant of how to get rid of the past and need help on this important subject, which many suffer from. So we will enrich this article with the steps that must follow. To get rid of the past. Tips to get rid of remembering the past Steps to be done to get rid of the past and start a new life, which is: to resort to God and get close to him, by doing all the obligatory duties, such as prayer and reading the Koran, and meditation and reflection, gives the person security and reassurance, that everything in this The world is in the hands of Allaah, and what He has lost is not from the beginning, and the abundance of remembrance and forgiveness, and the supplication and prayer to God to help him get rid of this past. The inner will, determination and determination of the person, which must emanate from the heart, set new goals in life, in order to forget the past and start a new life. The thinking mixed with the pros and cons of the past is a successful way to get rid of the past, because many people who think of the past unilaterally, whether negative or positive, and this thinking is wrong and through which a person can not get rid of his past, so he should think about events and facts Both negative and positive. Positive thinking, that there is hope and doors will open, as opposed to what was lost in the past, and the belief that God compensates the person for what was lost by something much better, so the person must know that if closed any door in the face, Doors, this way of thinking helps the person to stand back and forget the past, and look for other doors that are closed. For the ability to forget and open a serious page in life, a person must forgive and forgive those who have been the cause of his misery or loss of things he loves and cares about. Hate and resentment entrench the past in the mind of this person and prevent the forgetting of his past in a final way, so he must forgive himself first of all , And then forgive others and forgive them and forgive them. Strengthening family and family relationships, getting close to friends with whom one feels comfortable and safe, entertaining oneself, going out and tourism, avoiding isolation and sitting alone.

How to forget the one who loves forgetfulness A blessing from God Yes, many of the events in human life require him to forget it, and without this grace, it is not possible for man to continue it When the heart concerns the love of a person becomes difficult to see life without him and can affect negatively if left away from The person who loves him must be prepared for himself to the circumstances that occur in his life and expect anything. Life does not give us what we always want A person can lose the most cherished person on his heart in many ways, including what is his will or the will of the second party or circumstances beyond their will forced them to The separation of the death of one of them, when you get this Mor must not stop life at this point, but must be patient and insistence to forget the past and start again and the meaning of forgetfulness here does not affect the past and impede progress in the course of his life there are things waiting for him to require the strength and knowledge to confront them rather than stay in the past and thinking The most important things to forget the one you love the most important things that he must do closer to God Almighty there is no worthy of deep love other Almighty closer to God by filling the empty empty spaces in the heart is no longer interested in thinking Habib or anything else, but satisfied with himself and rest And discover the existence of things are important in this life, such as work and development of himself and his place and also plays friends a great role in overcoming this crisis when surrounded by friends who love you and care for you to be able to understand and listen to you this will reduce your pain and pain and attention to yourself also important at this stage must You are interested in exercising your favorite hobbies and practicing sports. All of this will fill your time so do not think too much about things that bother you, but on the contrary make you happy away from depression and isolation and there is an important point that must be mentioned and you should avoid it when someone leaves you without love and hatred I would have loved it is worse, your condition does not make it better, but the indifference that makes it better, and finally available to have the full conviction of the need for the continuation of life is not something worth you to ruin your life for another human being.

Introduction Often we go through good and beautiful times, which brings us together in general, but sometimes we feel that we have misjudged the people we love. This was one of the things that bothers us, and makes us tired in our lives in general. Forget the one you love. You have to make a great effort that is like a disease that is difficult to get rid of, nostalgia always brings us back to the point where zero feelings and nostalgia and others. How can I forget someone I loved, love is one of the most beautiful feelings we live in our lives, and we can not imagine our lives without it, this heart in the ribs can not be controlled, and treated as an inactive member of the human body, this member is responsible for all the disasters we are running And we can not ignore that we have passed the good times that we felt with joy and reassurance, and the heart was the reason for that, too, but sometimes we feel that the relationship is over, and no way to complete it, however important, life here stopped at this point, and Wrong to continue the relationship wanted owners We will talk about ways to help us forget old relationships and move forward in our lives away from the psychological and nervous pressures that have caused us problems and others. The most important of these are: Starting a new relationship, forgetting the old relationship is not necessarily entering into a new love relationship, But getting to know new friends and getting out of somewhere else might help you stagger in overcoming your failed relationship. Remember that without the failure of what we've never succeeded in, and being stronger than being crushed or destroyed by a passing relationship, that A brought you more bad luck psychological and nervous fatigue, and try to avoid thinking about it, and forget about it completely. Know that he is indifferent to the end of the relationship and what most girl can feel, is to truly believe that the young man with whom he had a relationship with love or marriage or even engagement engagement has completely forgotten, and today is free to practice his life in the way he likes, The result so far may make you get through this relationship much easier than thinking about the consequences, fatigue or distress, and try to convince yourself that you are stronger than him, and know how to spend your life ahead without being part of it, and make sure that losing it may mean to him Much in the coming days he feels he has become lonely, not yogged A man in his life asks about him or cares about him. Remember that you have been tired of this relationship more than rest time, and it is time for this relationship to end, and you should not think of it in any way, And imagine that you have been thinking and afraid of you again, what would be the solution in your opinion? Surely you will become more attached to it, and it is impossible for you. Tearing pictures and everything that reminds you of there are some gifts that the loved ones give to each other, and if you want to forget one, you only to tear all the pictures that you have collected, or even that belong to him, and try to forget him in any way, and do not have to justify Your behavior to someone, because you are the owner of the relationship and you are suffering from it, and I am confident that your decisions came at the right time, and came in place, and you can feel more comfortable than you feel now. If you want to forget him completely, Vance brothers also, and try to cut off your relationship to them completely, and do not say that they have no relationship, it is comfortable for you, to be rid of everything that links you, Even the people who remind you. Make yourself believe that you deserve the best and convince yourself so, and leave the space for your mind to think about you, and try to be confident in yourself, and be strong enough to eliminate any impact of this relationship do not have what you weep for, and make sure that you are a wonderful person and deserve the best always. Look at the words that were reminding you that there are those who sit next to the computer and listen to the words and songs that remember Habib, and this is a very naive step, and does not help in any way to get rid of this relationship, or forget, these things are not only by the weak, Absolutely, all you have to do is go beyond this ordeal, stop thinking, or recall what happens. This is something that may make things worse for you. Do not bother yourself by thinking about something that is over. Start by thinking about the beautiful things that are waiting for you, and get back to practicing your life. And do not hesitate to pressure yourself so that the disease will not get you. Ask for help from those around you. There are friends around you and your sisters. Ask them for help. Let them convince you that everything has happened to you. You are the only beneficiary of this relationship. You must be dead now. Do not bother you or squeeze your nerves, and you can control them in the way that suits you. Think about the good things that will help you reach a stage of good life, and make sure that your time is yours alone, so you must be able to manage your time, and fill your free time to fit Your life, and help those around you to support you in your difficult times, and in the management of some things that may be in your favor. Change your place of work if you are joined by traveling, for example, or changing your location

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