No comment ...Many do not have a personal relationship with them, but our souls get used to their presence

No comment ...

Many do not have a personal relationship with them, but our souls get used to their presence. In some cases, our intentions are pureer than dew drops, but they are polluted by the thoughts of others. Wounds, are only .. Gifts from people .. They have a taste very bad .. When we cry (less words) it means that we either be: in the extreme cases of pain .. or in the most time of need. It is best to think of people as if they are all good, and rely on yourself as if it is not good in people. Only the life that one lives for others is a life of value. If someone misses a word that is not fitting for you, do not be sad, but smile because it has saved you the trouble of discovering his personality. Those who ignore you and boast about you do not act for it and use the rule written on the mirrors of the car: things you see smaller than it actually looks. When a memory hurts you, it does not mean that you are suffering. It means that when you loved it, I loved it sincerely. Ability can reach you to the top, but morality alone keeps you there. The most painful grief can not disclose the reasons and just say I feel bad and I do not know, although you know for sure what the cause .. But he does not say nor cry. There is no one in the world who is always wrong. Even the "stopwatch" will be right twice a day. What most hurts us ... are those things that we realize the truth, after .. it is too late. One idea you discover in one book can change the way the world sees it. Do not confuse people who do not find yourself in them .. Their personalities are made to be like them, so they are not existent, be you wherever you are. Destiny makes it may not expect shake hands closer people to you .. Respect everyone does not know the future who brings you if you hit a child a light blow and you (Tupah) to cry even if hit by a stronger blow and you (Tmazhh) Laugh moral pain more hurt from physical pain problem is not in a little The mind, but in the little mind that is certain of the greatness of his mind. If someone stabs you with his tongue, do not bite him with the same daggers ... as long as you can kill him with your smile. White does not mean beauty .. And black does not mean ugly .. The coffin is white and scary .. The Kaaba is black and beautiful. The calm waves .. Never make good sailors .. And the pure sky .. Never make good pilots .. And life without difficulties .. Never make a person strong .. So: Be strong enough .. And accept the challenges of life .. Our world strange: We love So sad that we .. go to solace without calling .. And do not go to joy but to call .. When the nearest people suddenly and without reason and away from you may be the reason behind not see .. The presence of a new person an alternative to you or you have continued to pay attention And appreciation for that person. Despite the disease and hostility Be like the eagle at the tops of the sky Nothing is regrettable and nothing to cry Crying Speak Do not be afraid as long as you dream to stay but your life and admitted that the will pride. Do not cry on a broken cup .. Do not despair on the heart of stone .. And do not pray for those who betrayed a day or treachery .. Do not say my beloved departed .. But say .. Who was an angel in my eyes, returned to print people. Do not be surprised if you see me I laugh a day and cry days I am a rose .. days I decorate a wedding day and adorn the grave. How can the impossible mean ... And our (Lord) say to the thing .. (Be and be).

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