Not all experiences in our lives are successful or enjoyable some of them may be painful but useful

Not all experiences in our lives are successful or 

enjoyable some of them may be painful but useful

To light a small candle is better for you than to spend your lifetime cursing the darkness. Do not grieve that you failed as long as you try to stand on your feet again. The more one grows, the more miserable one becomes. The impossible asked: Where do you live? He answered in the dreams of impotent. The beta is devoid of the book is the house without a soul. It is not the strong who always win the war, but the weak who always lose peace. The titles are only a decoration for fools, and the great men do not need to name their names. Who loves loves the tree branches. We do not get peace by war, but with understanding. If justice disappears from the earth, the existence of man no longer has any value. It is not happiness to always work what you want, but to want what you do. The worst thing for a human being to be without work or love. Modesty in women's beauty and virtue in man. Your friend who tells you your mistakes, not those who beautify them to win your satisfaction. Friendship is a well that gets deeper as you take it. Smile a good word without letters. Do not think about the lost, so you do not lose what left. Who is satisfied with the little, will have no issues with hardships. the kind word is a passport to all hearts. If vanity increases lack of pleasure. Conscience is a comforting pillow for comfort. Who implants good reaps gratitude. the beautiful garden is not without snakes. Age is the only thing that the greater the shortage. The hearts are vessels, the lips are closed, the tongues are their keys, so every man shall keep his secret key. Experience is the comb that gives you life when you have lost your hair. Good money server, but he is a corrupt master. The greatness of your mind creates you the chastity, and the greatness of your heart creates you friends. Minute pain hour, and the hour of precise pleasure. There is no need to fear the sound of bullets. The bullet that kills you will not hear her voice. the wife stops rebuke her husbands to answer the phone. If you want to understand the reality of women, look at them when you close your eyes. If you have two loaves, each one, and buy the other flowers. Whoever falls in error is a human being, and whoever insists on him is a demon. Series strength is measured by its weakest link strongly. People can live without air for a few minutes, without water for two weeks, without food for about two months, and without the ideas of countless years. We spend the first half of our lives looking for money, success, fame, and spending the second half looking for doctors. Whoever buys what he does not need to sell what he needs. When people praise people, few believe it, and when they do, everyone believes. Sleeps deeply from someone who has nothing to fear of losing. Marriage comes without warning, as a point of black ink falls on human clothing. There is no failed man, but there is a man who started from the bottom and stayed in it. Money is often wasted, in search of money. If people refrain from talking about themselves and treating others badly, the great majority of people will be dumbfounded. The child has a small life, not knowing that life will play big. Our desires are as young children, the more tolerant we are with her. Choose your words before you speak, and give the choice enough time to mature speech, words like fruits need enough time to mature. Be wary of kareem if you insult him, and if he is deceived, it is wise if you embarrassed him, and foolish if mercy.

If you teach a man, you know an individual. If you know a woman, you know a nation. The Orientals did not lose the weakness of power more than the poor of vision. The most laziness is that it makes one work like a lot of work. If the minimum is accepted by one of his loaners, the other's merits, and if you manage to deprive him of his own merits. The best way to overcome difficulties is to break into them. Whoever trusts in the good choice of God is not for him other than God chose for him. Through the science of his uncleanness was not alone, and from Anas with books, Salwa did not destroy him. Be in distress and iniquity, and in the infidels of patience, and in prosperity and thankfulness, and in prayer humbled, and to charity fast. I know, my son, that the place in this world is small, and that it is an arrogance, and a joy in it is a dream, so let it be easy, soon, honest, and a university word: Fear God in all your affairs. Some righteous people said: "I am ashamed of God to see me preoccupied with him and he is coming to me." It is not the body that carries the soul, but the soul that carries the body. I know that your opinion can not accommodate all things, so it is important for him, and that the owner does not sing all the people, so the people of truth are dedicated to it, and that your dignity does not affect the public. Hakim said: Evidence that what is in your hand is not for you, you know that it was before you to others. Who thought of the Yes God, then thought of his shortness in thanksgiving, blush from the question. A little livelihood with the safety of the soul is much more enjoyable with the aches. Your enemy is between your feet and his beloved soldier, but his armor is destroyed, and his rod has escaped. By leaving what does not concern you is what you mean. Hide the flag of the dead, and hide the life-saving action. Repent your Hassadk charity to them. The jewels of morality are revealed by cohabitation. Yes sown ground yourself to the good things. The most likely people are mind and complete them as well as to accompany his days with the prostrate, and his brothers by peace, and before the time of his forgiveness. The incompetent is called Tukla surrender, and the shortness of elation is convinced. The wise man looked at his mind and his mind, and the ignorant saw himself and his eyes. Whoever starts consulting and pleads with discretion, do not make a mistake. He who is sown with the mind of himself is disobedient, and whoever is impressed with his opinion is astray. In life is part of the dead, and to stay a share of the courtyard, and in the youth Diba of the pyramid, and in health of the elements of the sky. Do not fear those who warn, but beware of those who believe. Take Action and lied Hope noted term. The happy from the look of the world as it does not Asttara, and the work of righteousness is not waiting. Sayings and judgment are famous for the knowledge of the river, and the wisdom of the sea, and the scholars around the river roam, and the wise in the midst of the sea are diving, and those who know in the ships of salvation will spy. In school we learn and then face exams, but in life we ​​face exams and then learn lessons. Wisdom is the loss of the believer. Be careful to keep things small about moving forward towards achieving your goals as you set for yourself, and remember that your age is the head of your owner, do not waste in hesitation. The only constant thing in life is that it constantly changes. Do not scratch your skin like your fingernails. Avoid the accompaniment of the liar, if you have to do it, do not believe it. I teach him to shoot every day. If you suspect a man in love with him, ask your heart. Fear your heart. Whoever does not have a secret in his secret will not be able to reveal his knowledge. Your patience from the incendences of God is easier than your patience on the torment of God. The length of the mind destroys the mountains. As arrogant as standing on the mountain, people see young people and see him as small. The day is two days for you and the day for you, if you do not have a good time, but if you do not be angry. Shawr in your order who fear God. The people act in the opinion of a companion, and the cast of the face is free. Do not flirt with Sharif, he will be angry with you, and do not despise you. Do not stop creating and come like him, shame on you if you do great. Ruling and poetic proverbs that do not cease to be created, and a shame is upon you if you do great. If you do not fear the end of the nights and do not hesitate to do what you want. Sword The truest news of the books is the limit between grandfather and play. If you are in all things your friend's letter has not received which you adore. On the fate of the people come resolute and come to the dignity of dignified. For those who can not find it difficult, or realize the dream, then what is the hope? If only young people would come back one day and tell him what he did. Do not count glory as you eat it will not reach glory until licking Sabra. Your brother is the right one who seeks with you and who harms himself to benefit you. If the opinion reaches advice, seek advice or advice. Those who did not pass through his days, blindness was better than guidance. But one is a modern one, so be a good talk for those who see. And the scourge of the mind of fancy, who is on the whim of his mind has survived. It is not your travel to earn riches, but your place in against is travel. I have seen that the promise of God is right and that the fire is 

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